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Event build Ullicetta gra Kogg

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    December 3, 2016

    When the new hosts of Skyrim CB announced this event I knew I wanted to take part, an unusual event requires an unusual build, and so without further delay I am pleased to present:

    Ullicetta gra Kogg



    Ullicetta was the Archmagister of Orsinium during the Oblivion crisis and was an opponant of the total ban on Necromancy imposed by Archmagister Hannibal Traven who was the author of the Black Arts on Trial, he had this to say of Ullicetta.

    From the Black Arts on Trial

    I regret to acknowledge the truth behind the rumour that Master Ulliceta gra-Kogg was more than an apologist for Necromancy, she was a Necromancer herself. Upon this revelation, the Knights of the Lamp attempted to arrest her at the Guild house in Orsinium, but she made good her escape. We have every confidence in the replacement Magister in Orsinium.

    Though I disagreed, I respected her logical reasoning enough to include her arguments in this book, and I see no reason to remove them. It is disappointing, however, to see that her interest in 'the truth' was nothing more than a euphemism for her slavery to the Black Arts.

    Present Day

    After her escape, she travelled north toward Skyrim, having heard of the many Orc Strongholds there, she would take refuge among her own kind, but chief after chief rejected her requests for sanctuary, excommunicated by her own people Ullicetta retreated into one of the many caves in Skyrim and began to think.

    Many years passed and despite her skill as a Necromancer she could no longer prolong her own life, she sought out the Ideal Masters from the soul Cairn she often travelled to, and made a deal that would give her tremendous power but at a horrific cost, her very Soul.

    The Build

    Race: Female Orc Ullicetta was Arch Mage of Orsinium

    Standing Stone: Advanced Atronach up to 80% spell absorbtion, no more is required

    Stats: 2 Magic 3 Health 0 Stamina we do not use weapons, and we need a large health pool to use Equilibrium effectively.


    Ullicetta is not some vengeful mage running around Skyrim killing at random, however she does have enemies, she is a self confessed Necromancer and spends her time doing just that, raising the dead, preparing corpses, giving life to unlife she dislikes the Orc Stronghold cheifs for not allowing her access, but she will have her day when the time comes, I role played her in such a way as to make alot of what she did part of her Necromantic research, delving into caves and Dwemer ruins in search of Books, or Spelltomes, she killed only when attacked by others, and gave them new life under her control of course.



    Watch the skies traveller 


    Perked Skills


    Conjuration: The rotten core of the build, undead minions to do our bidding trapping souls, key perks are spell cost reductions up to expert, Necromancy and Dark Souls.

    Destruction: Fire and Lightning are the order of the day, many enemies are vunerable to fire, and almost all are to shock, key perks are up to expert and the Fire and Shock Augmentations.

    Alteration: Protection from damage is important, as is the ability to detect the living and the dead, the ability to paralize enemies is also useful.

    Restoration: we need this along with the modified equlibrium spell to fuel our health while we are turning it into useful magic, the Dawnguard spells are useful against Vampires.

    Alchemy: Potions and poisons are also usuful, as are resistance potions, some early effort into this skill will benefit the character.

    Enchanting: Spell cost reductions and skill fortifications are all useful to this character, as are enchantments on weapons combined with Alchemy makes some skills devestating.



     Blasphemous Revenants


    "Who can know the shame of the dead, the ceaseless weeping of the necromancer's thrall? Cruel enough is the ancestor's service given in love to Hearth and Kin. But ghost or guardian, bonewalker or bonelord, summoned by profane ritual and bound by force to the corpse miner's will, how may such a spirit ever find rest? How may it ever find its way back to its blood and clan?" 

    The Vile Art of Necromancy

    This characters Conjuration abilities are based on a Mod called the Vile Art of Necromancy, the Mod enables you to use the same dead bodies again and again as they do not turn to ash when they fall, with this in mind I dispatched Lydia and reanimated her as often as I needed to, there are of course many other characters you could use, I didnt as Lydia seemed to cope well if I healed her when needed.




    Straight out of Helgen, this character plays very much like any Mage, level Conjuration, and Destruction  as fast as possible, use your reanimated undead along with Destruction spells to dispatch your enemies, Modded Destruction damage actually scales with your skill, and using the Mod makes circlets and amulets of destruction available, backed up by Alchemy your spells are not just more more powerful and last longer, but can be devastating, keep a close eye on your undead follower and heal when required.

    The aquisition of a modded Equilibrium spell at a very early level  means you are almost never without magic to raise the dead, and either eletrocute or burn your enemies, this Modded spell does not deplete health any more than 25 points regardless of the difficulty you play on, wonderful.

    Different enemies require different tactics, Mages as we know are vunerable to shock magic, whereas the undead Drogr are weak to fire, as are Vampires, let your follower or minion take the fight to them, and back them up with your fierce spellbook.

    For more durable enemies Enchanting and Alchemy come into their own, potions of fortify Destruction/Conjuration coupled with armour enchantments mean you use very little magic to dispatch the most difficult of what Skyrim has to offer.

    I also kept a steel Mace handy in case anything got to close, by activating the Orc racial power combined with enchanting and Alchemy an unperked strike would do the job in good Orc style.


    List of Mods

    The Vile Art of Necromancy,

    Mage Grip and Absorb Spells,

    Deadly Destruction,

    Magical College of Winterhold,

    Phenderex Magic Sounds,

    Elemental Destruction Magic,


    I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Mod makers for their generousity, and fantastic work which has transformed Skyrim into a whole new dimension.

    Some Useful Potions Used with the Build

    Fortify Destruction Glowing Mushroom/ Nightshade, Fry your foes to a crisp with this concoction.

    Fortify Conjuration Blue Mountain Flower/ Bonemeal, Minions last longer if you drink this brew.

    Fortify Alteration Grass Pod/River Betty, Flesh spells will go the distance with this potent liquid.


     Dragon Rising: just to have Dragons in the sky, after all they look cool

    College of Winterhold: Become the Arch Magister as befits your station

     Orc Strongholds: Destroy them, and make their cheifs pay for their arrogance

    Neloths Quests: and any other involving Necromancers and Black magic, role play them in such a way like you want to be part of them, when you are attacked, kill without hesitation, and bring life back to the dead as if in sorrow for having to kill them, we are looking for acceptance here not infamy.




    Enchanted Steel Mace and any clothes of your choice, Early on I used Black Mage Robes, Shoes, and Gloves all self Enchanted, I swapped the Robes out for Cultist Robes later on, then again self enchanted college Robes for late game.



    Perk Spread


    The Last Words 

    This has been a lot of fun to create and play, playing an almost pure Mage is never easy, I would like to thank Blooded for the amazing Perk spread, thanks mate, I hope you all enjoy reading perhaps even playing this build, thanks for reading,  I wish Lissette and Vargr all the very best of fortune for their future plans for the Skyrim CB Group, last but certainly not least thanks go to Dragonborn1721 or Deebs as he is sometimes known for his superb work in the workshop without which this build would not have been possible, thanks man.Noodles you are a genius, thanks man.












  • December 3, 2016

    Hi, Bonelord. Nice to see everybody's favorite She-Orc Necromancer brought to life. Bet she was a hoot to play. 

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    December 3, 2016

    Lissette Long-Chapper said:

    Hi, Bonelord. Nice to see everybody's favorite She-Orc Necromancer brought to life. Bet she was a hoot to play. 

    She was indeed Mrs, I changed the original concept to develop a more freestyle play it was as you say a Hoot

  • December 3, 2016

    Good to finally see this up. Orc female Necromancer straight out of the Lore to kick your arse and then ressurect it so she could kick it again. Gotta love Orcs. :D Well done, mate. 

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    December 3, 2016

    Thank Karver, very much appreciated

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    December 3, 2016

    Were do you find the events at? I'd like to do an event build

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    December 3, 2016

    All Events are announced in the Skyrim Character building page, keep an eye out for the next one my friend we would love to have you enter your work

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    December 3, 2016

    okay! Are there like any specific times and what not to keep an eye out for? 

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    December 3, 2016

    No mate no specific time, keep an eye front page and of course Skyrim CB.  However if you have a build idea post it in Skyrim CB, we would all love to see it especially the CB hosts Lissette, and Vargr

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    December 3, 2016

    Okay! I'd do something like this... But I'm a crap drawer and no one is willing to draw for me and my original artist does everything paper and pencil..... And never colors them....