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Contest Build: The Unbroken

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    January 25, 2016

    This is my third build, originally a team build with Relycs. Due to time constraints, he had to drop out, but still helped me a lot continuing it on my own. He, in fact, had the original idea of a build that focuses on horse and dragon riding.. Without him, this build would have never gotten off the ground.

    Music for those who want it.

    A farmer from Cyrodiil, The Unbroken was a somewhat lazy man, though very hard-working at times. He was no expert with any form of combat, but was smart and very versatile, being able to wield bow, blade, and magic with ease. One day, he was run out of his farm by bandits. His wife and unborn child were killed during the bandits' rampage. As he snuck past them, stricken with grief, he heard one remark, "Shame, she was a beauty that one. I could use the 'exercise'." Filled with rage, he burst out of the shadows and burnt the man's head clean off, then went and killed all of the others, some with spell or bow, most with blade. After shaking off the last of his battle rage, he came to knelling in the middle of a pool of crimson blood, with the bodies of bandits piled around him. Shaken, troubled, he set off, not even paying attention to where he was going, striving only to escape the carnage that he had created. He was captured by Imperials at the border of Skyrim, assumed to be a Stormcloak. As he fell unconscious, he heard a whisper in the darkest reaches of his mind, "Escape from this, and you will never be able to escape again."

    Lore: After being captured by the Imperials, he was carted off to be executed. He woke up in a cold sweat, on his way to Helgen, his last stop. He was then saved the headmen's block at the last minute by a dragon, breathing fire and spewing death from the heavens. Running, he managed to escape the dragon's fire in the keep. After getting out with some help from a new friend, who was also a prisoner, he made his way to Riverwood, where his friend's relatives were, and the closest town. After they listened to his story, they gave him some supplies, and the key to the house. They asked him to alert the Jarl, and he, feeling in debt to them, agreed. "After all, what can go wrong?" He thought. It turns out a lot, as after he got lost, he was mauled by wolves. He just managed to kill them in time to save his life, but his legs were horribly injured. Stumbling, crawling, he managed to get to Whiterun, where he promptly passed out. He had a dream, a dream that he was visited by the Divine Stendarr, who spoke to him. "I have need of your services. My will is not being enforced. Bandits and other lowlife scum run rampant. Vampires haunt the lands. Justice is a rare thing. You must serve me, spread my will and your legs will be restored." "But, Stendarr," he spoke, as if Stendarr was an old friend, "You have your will enforced. An entire order has been founded in your name." "Bah! Fools. You summon one deadra, they hunt you down and kill you. I do not hate all deadra, although many work for evil. You cannot say all werewolves are evil, you must look at it case by case. You, you will enforce my true will. In return, your legs will be given back, but not in cities. In cities, it is your burden to bare." "It would be an honor." "Then wake, as my champion. Your legs may be broken, but your spirit is not." 

    Race: Breton

    Stats: 1:2:0  Put 1 in Stamina every other time you arrive at it.

    Stone:  Mage or Warrior at first, then the Lord Stone. Store the Steed Stone in the Aetherial Crown when you get it.

    Major Skills

    One-handed - This is the fallback for when things get too close to you, whether it be on horseback or on foot. 

    Destruction - Your main offense on the ground, fire spells are the only ones used. Light the place up!

    Archery - Weapon of choice when riding a horse, which is done quite often. Hard to aim, but requiring a level of skill makes the build more enjoyable and challenging.

    Minor Skills

    Conjuration - Used to summon familiars, mistmen, and bonemen. No necromancy is used, expect for the ritual stone. Also is used to summon your mount, because flaming purple undead horses are the latest fashion.

    Light Armor - Provides protection while still allowing you some free movement.

    Heavy Armor - This provides the defense when ranged attacks are not an option.

    Optional Skills:

    Restoration: Use this if you want, you would probably just use the healing spells and sun damage ones.

    Block: If you want, you can use this to couple with the Stendarr's amulet.

    Recommended Shouts: Become Ethereal, Bend Will, Disarm, Fire Breath, Frost Breath, Marked for Death, Slow Time, Storm Call, Unrelenting Force, Whirlwind Sprint

    Zephyr and the Aetherial Crown can both be obtained in the quest Lost to the Ages. An ebony sword can be found in a multitude of dungeons and caves, even at low levels, here are a few locations: A quest called The Wolf Queen Awakened, Valthume, Dustman's Cairn, Lost Valkygg, and Raven Rock Mine (Dragonborn DLC). Joining the Dawnguard should make it easy enough to net the armor you need. The Amulet of Stendarr is only for roleplaying purposes, you can find it as random loot and purchase it from stores occasionally. Your trusty mount is Arvak, you'll read more about him in the gameplay section.

    Gameplay: The Unbroken is a build that focuses on riding, both on horseback and dragonback. You are always overencumbered, expect for in caves and the like, as explained later. You use Arvak as your mount, you can find the spell to summon him in the Soul Cairn (Dawnguard DLC). As seen in the lore, The Unbroken is crippled by wolves on the way to Whiterun, but has his legs restored by Stendarr. You use a horse for travel, whenever you can. Without a horse you must walk very slowly. You must have an unenchanted staff in one hand, otherwise you are forced to walk, (As in, hold the button that makes you walk) making you even slower. In caves and forts, however, you're legs are restored by the blessing of Stendarr. To activate this, equip the Aetherial Crown, which should have the Steed Stone on it. Once outside, however, you must unequip it. You can't have your legs back in a city, or other populated area, like Fort Dawnguard for example. If you wish you can modify that part of the build, it is mainly there for roleplaying purposes and to make you appreciate the horse and dragon combat more.

    Your mount of choice is Arvak, the undead horse found in the soul cairn in the Dragonborn DLC. On horseback, your main offense is a bow. It can be hard to aim, especially if you're moving, but if some practice it is doable. It also makes attacking on a horse a matter of skill, a refreshing change of pace from the usual 'slash, slash, slash, dodge, slash' that goes on. If something gets too close to you, switch to a sword and hack 'em up. On foot, a spellsword style is adapted. You cannot sprint even if you have your legs restored, so usually combat on foot is a sentry style, with a sword for things that get too close, like on horse. Use conjuration to summon some allies, like mistmen and bonemen. Dragon riding is used outside when a powerful offense is needed. On dragonback you just rain spells down, sending destruction from the heavens, far out of reach of any foe besides another dragon and spell casters. While on dragonback the combat is simple, on horseback and foot you need to have certain priorities.


    Mages: These are your first threat, any AoE spell like fireball can easily take out your horse, and warriors can be on you before you can summon it back. Luckily they are pretty weak to arrows, being clad in only robes. Flesh spells might make it tougher, but not too much.

    Archers: Your second priority, also because of their ability to kill your horse. While they usually fire fairly slow, and their projectiles are small, not area of effect damage, they can still kill your horse if their are a few of them. They don't have the best armor usually, so they aren't too much of a problem. In a bow vs. bow battle, you should win, even if their are 3 of them.

    Warriors: These are the last thing you should take out, and the easiest. They can't hope to match your horse, so just put some distance between you and them while taking out the others, then leisurely pick off warriors, riding away when they get too close.

    On foot:

    Warriors: Unlike if you can ride a horse, warriors are your greatest threat on foot. If there are just one or a few, you can usually kill them with fire spells before they even reach you. If there is too many to kill before they reach you, a step back during their power attack will let you exchange a sword thrust or take another shot at them with a spell.

    Mages: Whether they fling ice spells, or they summon atronachs, these are also a threat. Spells can make short work off you due to your inability to sprint, and melee summons like deadra can be even more a threat then warriors. Kill these in a spell vs. spell confrontation, sidestepping any spells that come your way. If they summon anything, try to kill them, unless you can't before it gets too you. Killing them should banish the summon, so focus on them if you can.

    Archers: These are dangerous, but simple. Sidestep an arrow, fling spells while they reload. Multiple archers are the same thing, just be more cautious and alert.

    Roleplay: The Unbroken is sworn to Stendarr's service, therefor you must protect the weak, as Stendarr has stated before. This, coupled with his conversation with you, can have a couple of meanings. The Vigilants of Stendarr have taken that to mean eliminate all that can threaten the weak, but there are several ways to interpret that. One could adopt their mentality, albeit less rigid. As Stendarr said when he spoke with you, you cannot group all werewolves or deadra summoners into one category. You could still, however, hunt them down and determine if they must be brought to justice. On the other hand, you could be just like the Vigilants, tracking down any werewolf or deadra worshiper and killing them, ignoring part of what Stendarr said. You could take his teachings quite literally, just travelling and protecting the weak whenever you can. No matter what you do, don't forget the Amulet of Stendarr, added in for roleplaying purposes.

    Or, you can go.... wait for it.... ROGUE. Duh-duh-dun. You could turn your back on Stendarr, get rid of his amulet, go to the abandoned house in Markarth. Betray Stendarr, and chose Molag Ball over Stendarr, get him to restore your legs. Molag Ball, however, will permanently restore your legs. You must use deadric weapons, and only shock spells. You also add illusion into your arsenal, particularly fury spells. Go around, subtly corrupting cities. When they realize what you are doing, usually after you have completed any quest that could weaken the city and you start casting spells on people, massacre them. If you wish to be redeemed, there is but one way. Reequip an amulet of Stendarr, go to the Dark Brotherhood, and kill them all. To pay the price for your actions however, you must then find a person who is in grave danger, and sacrifice your life in their defense.

    When going along without betraying Stendarr though, there is a "questline" to complete. First, join the Dawnguard to inforce Stendarr's will, as those vampires killing people are definitely evil. Find the book The Aetherium Wars next to the Arcane Enchanter. Investigate the ruins, and start "Lost to the Ages". Here you will find Zephyr, your bow, and you can get the Aetherial Crown at the end. Join the Imperials to help drive out the Stormcloaks, as you believe that the Imperials have the better chance of wiping out bandits and other criminals, like the ones that killed your family. Cultists attacked you after news gets out that you are Dragonborn, saying you are a false one, and a liar. After defending yourself you follow the trail to an island, and help save the inhabitants from Mirak. Afterwards, you discover a secret truth. The Dark Brotherhood were the ones that killed your family, no mere bandits! 

    You investigate a house in Windhelm, which rumor has it a child lives in, trying to summon the Dark Brotherhood. You find the rumors are true, and reluctantly go to see the person whom the child mentions. You hear her talk about extra beatings for the kids, and angrily go to hurt her, to teach her a lesson. You go a bit over the edge though, and accidently kill her. When you go back to the kid, he thanks you. Discussed by yourself, you lay down to take a nap. When you wake up, you found yourself kidnapped by the Dark Brotherhood, and when they try to recruit you, you kill the Dark Brotherhood member recruiting you, and then go to destroy their organization, once and for all. When you succeed, when they are no more, you know you have avenged your wife's death.

    Special Moves:

    So close, yet so far:

    Requirements: Ice Form Shout, Flame Cloak

    Description: When on foot, if a warrior manages to get to you, use Ice Form on them. Then, cast flame cloak and focus on the other enemies while your frozen foe is cooked.

    You can't get me:

    Requirements: A dragon, Bend Will Shout, Firebolt

    Description: Use Bend Will on a dragon, mount it, then while above your foes rain firebolt or other similar spells down apon them.

    Let's play tag:

    Requirements: Arvak, Zephyr

    Description: Ride around your enemies while pelting them with arrows until they no longer chase you, due to a minor case of death.

    Double Fire:

    Requirements: A dragon, Bend Will Shout, Flame Breath

    Description: When your dragon uses it's voice to rain fire on your opponents, you do the same with your thu'um, your combined fires cooking anything below you to a crisp. 

    Quests: Lost to the Ages, Dawnguard DLC, Destroying the Dark Brotherhood, Civil War (Imperials), Dragonborn


    Thank you Relycs for having the idea to do this build, letting me do it with you, allowing me to continue when you had to drop out, the perk and equipment spread, help with the build, and just generally being very nice and helpful.

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    January 25, 2016
    Awesome! Horse/dragon-combat is seriously something that should be used more in builds. You did an really good job in making it a part of the build.
  • January 25, 2016

    Nice!  I only recently started to appreciate mounted combat myself and like Relycs said it's something that should be seen in more builds.  It just sucks that you can't cast spells from horse back. 

    One thing, you should probably list Dragonborn in your quest section, since you don't get the third word of Bend Will until the end of that quest.

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    January 25, 2016

    Wow! Pretty darned cool. Mounted combat has always intimidated me a bit (3rd person Archery seems hard xD) and your roleplay of a partial cripple is a pretty good mechanic to help force the issue, and after years of Skyrim, I'll bet it's a refreshing change of pace. This may be the motivation I need to finally give it a whirl :D

    But those trips in town must feel like they take forever xD

  • January 25, 2016

    Great build, Lyall! Mounted I still don´t understand how anyone is capable to fight - or even shoot - from a horseback in Skyrim, but this looks so dam cool! 

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    January 25, 2016

    Nice equipment picture you have there! 

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    January 25, 2016
    This is a cool build, I was thinking about the Undertaker Ghost Rider for some reason. Glad you had Stendarr saying that not all Daedra are bad. I personally would wear heavy armor,always, but that is just me.
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    January 25, 2016

    Awesome job, quite unique with the over encumbered thing, good work.

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    January 25, 2016

    Well I mean, you were the one who had the idea and such.

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    January 25, 2016