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Character Build: The Unrelenting Aegis

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    June 1, 2014

    An effort to combine all possible knockback skills, items, and the like available in Skyrim. I present to thee:



    The Unrelenting Aegis

    Sithis, ever wanting, hath wrought the end of cycles, by his own hands. Though Life, ever undaunting, shall succumb ultimately to Fate's cruel will, Nirn itself protests against the unknown atrocities ever nearing.

    Come forth the united wills of those who wish not to see their demise, the wills of the mortals shall become Force! The voices of Those who ride through Time shall become Flame! And the shards of the dead will give birth to the Eternal Spirit!

    Now a secret war shall be fought which begins with the rise and fall of Destruction, when Day lest become Night, and when the Ashen Graves begin its Culling.

    "I am the Firstborn of the Mortals, I am a whisper that shall push aside all in his path, the wind that erodes the great mountains, I am Force, I am the Aegis."

    -----.:The Build:.-----


    This build is for people who:

    *like tanks, crowd controllers, and, tank-esque crowd controllers                                                         *like going in your adversaries' faces and pounding them for standing in your way                                 *like having the potential to rag-doll everything into oblivion                                                                   *like a bit of tactics mixed with pummeling through enemy lines                                                             *like having companions around

    Not for people who:

    *dislike poor early-damage output                                                                                                         *dislike having to work too hard to get the best outcome possible for their character                               *like ranged combat                                                                                                                             *like destroying everything with spells

    Alternative Character(s) (Tank/Spellcasters):

     The Obsidian Sentinel by Mason                                                                                                          The Bronze Sentinel by Mason

    Race: Nord is lore-accurate, and also has a good racial ability, and affinity. Orc has starting points in both Block and Heavy Armor is useful, racial ability makes your fists even pain-ier. I chose Nord though since Orcs have an unappealing Shout voice for me :( . Lastly, Khajit, very loose on the lore end, and doesn't have much starting perks to contribute to the build itself, but gives an awesome passive to unarmed combat.

    Stone: Warrior=>Atronach or Lord

    Stats: 0/2/1

    Major Skills:

    Block - The Aegis' trademark is his firm bulwark. He utilizes his shield not only to defend himself but also to send foes flying.

    Heavy Armor - The Aegis' mastery with defense and armor renders even the heaviest of armors weightless.

    Minor Skills: 

    Destruction - When his fists just don't do enough, the Aegis can call upon the power of Magnus to smite his enemies. 

    Restoration - Aiding the Aegis become even more hardy, as well as enabling him to heal his allies.

    Enchanting - The Aegis can give his fists even more fury by enchanting the armor that he himself wears.

    Equipment: (Aside from Kony and Auriel's Shield, everything else is just recommendation, you are

     welcome to use any equipment as long as they are heavy.)

    Auriel's Shield, Blades Armor, Nordic Carved gauntlets, Nordic Carved boots, Silver Ring, Amulet of Talos, Nahkriin => Konahrik (Some should be enchanted with magicka increases)

    Shouts: Unrelenting Force, Clear Skies, Iceform, Firebreath, Call of Valor

    Recommended Passives: Force Without Effort, Blessing of Talos, Agent of Mara, Seeker of Might, Companion's Insight, Sailor's Repose, Dragonborn Force

    Recommended Quests: Main, Companions, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, (possibly) College of Winterhold



    Go with Ralof so that you can get your hands on the heavy armor the captains wear, if you go with Hadvar, you will miss this opportunity, also, keep using flames instead of any one-handed weapon so that you can have a bit of progress in Destruction early. When you can, get any kind of rune, I'm fairly sure that Farengar in Whiterun sells these, so get it from him when you have the coin, rune spells do very good to level your Destruction more so than other spells.

    Once you feel that you've leveled enough, you can head on over to the Ratways and kill all the bastards in there, we're doing this because they are lowlives, but mostly because we want the Gloves of the Pugilist. This is all you really need here, just head back upstairs and unenchant the gloves to receive your Fortify Unarmed enchantment. If you don't have all aforementioned Enchanting perks, and a Grand Soul then I suggest taking a few Fortify Enchantment potions, if you have none of these, then do not bother with Enchanting your main gear, and only do so for leveling, its not worth enchanting your heavy gauntlets or ring with just 1 point of bonus unarmed damage.

    Before we head over to the Dawnguard questline, we you need all three words of Unrelenting Force first, this is your signature shout, and your main early crowd control tool. To be safe, just have a whack at the Companions questline until you can get your Fire Breath and your Lycanthropy

    Auriel's Shield

    Now I'm gonna assume you already finished most of the DG questline, and assume you're already Touching the Sky. Now unfortunately, my attention span is far too short and I am far too lazy to go into detail on how to get past the whole quest, as I've only gone through it once or twice, thankfully, you may search for walkthroughs on Youtube. As well, I shall provide you with a written link:

    It is good to note though, that for most of the DG questline, Serana will indeed be a pretty good follower, she compliments your ability to crowd control pretty well with her fair-ranged ice spells which slows enemies, you may also give her a better sword to use as once her mana runs out, she'll be using her dagger, and boy does that dagger do horrible DPS.

    If I provided you with the full instructions on acquiring the shield, then the page will be full of unnecessary length, and might cut into the flow. So I shall provide you with a link instead:

    All the Rest

    I have confidence that you'll be able to find all other requirements on your own, as for Konahrik, the final piece of the puzzle, I have not gotten to the point where I have acquired the great Warlord yet. I may update this when I do. Just keep in mind that it involves defeating all the Dragon Priests you can find in Skyrim, and some Priests such as Morokei are faction locked, this means that you cannot enter his dungeon without significant progress in said faction. This makes Konahrik fairly tedious to get.

    (You may skip the Lore or head directly to the Roleplay section. I'm not too proud of my lore.)


    The Aegis is the manifestation of the united wills of all mortals, he is the personification of strength and unwavering willpower, never backing down from a fight. The mortals themselves might be oblivious to the impending doom and the potential of the Aegis, but only the Aegis is capable or protecting the whole of Tamriel. He was sent first to pave the path for the other Guardians. He is charged with protecting the whole of Tamriel from the forces that wish to bring Nirn back into unexistence, forces such as the Thalmor. The other Guardians, the Magum and the Esprit shall be tasked with protecting Akavir and Yokuda, respectively when they rise.

    Though the Aegis is a demi-god by all means, he cannot protect all of Tamriel simultaneously, so he needs to start small, start somewhere in the center of the continent, a region like Skyrim.


    Before he was taken by the wills of the mortals, he was but a mercenary, one that could not do much correctly, though times were harsh and he was forced to get by with taking bounties and slaughtering, but his heart was that of gold, and he was determined to fix everything he did incorrectly. This made him a worthy emissary. Though misfortune finally got the best of him, his last bounty delivered him unto Darkwater Crossing. This part of Skyrim was isolated, so he thought that he could get the kill without having anyone to answer to. He was eager too, after all, most of his targets were bandits and other thugs, he only sometimes got a bounty to kill an innocent, which he did regardless. He knew though that whoever could be out here, deserved his death, most especially because of the hefty sum placed on the mark's head. He was only surprised and horrified that his target was a beggar, a lonely, emaciated beggar, just warming by the fire. Why would anyone want to mark such a man?

    Although, farther out on the woods, was the sounds of battle, clashing of steel, and cries of war, a lone arrow shot through and intended to land on the beggar, he would have none of it, this was enough, he need not another innocent die, he purposefully aligned himself into the path of the arrow and had it pierce through his heart, the beggar must have heard the commotion and thought to run. At that very moment, the man was dead. Though his soul was not heading unto Sovngarde as he did not die in a battle. His intentions may have been noble, but the laws of Shor can be harsh at times. This is when the wills took him.

    You see, the united wills is only based on instinct, and is not truly sentient, to become a true Guardian, it must first find a body in which it can thrive, it is instinctively drawn by acts of heroism and courage, Skyrim was not only the center of the continent, but was where a major Civil War was taking place, this compelled the wills to come here. But once united into the Aegis, it will inject its objectives as part of the host's memories

    After the Aegis had awakened, he was on a carriage, he remembered all, his life as a mercenary, his various kills, and dying in order to save a beggar that might have actually been a spy. Dying, that wasn't right, this is not Sovngarde. In truth, the wills that had made him into the Aegis revived him and now he was given power. All that mattered now was that he was alive and he could turn everything around, he will protect Tamriel.


    Out of the three Guardians, the Aegis is the most benevolent, though he can be a bit harsh or frank sometimes. Never back down from a fight, you may retreat a bit, but your sight should stay locked on the opponent, though you are the Aegis, not a mere brute, so battle with caution. Breaking the law is forbidden, you have done so countless times in your previous life, you don't intend to do so again. You may help the innocent, but you will not hesitate to put up a fight, brawls are also welcome, so find as much NPCs that challenge brawls (like Orc Chieftains and a few people inside some inns.)

    Attack Thalmor as much as possible, limit their influence in Skyrim in little ways. Though do not do it in front of guards, that will aid them, as it is illegal and will still go against your standards, however, if said area only has Stormcloak guards, then you may attack, as they will aid you.


    The Aegis plays like any Sorcerer, but flows into a sort of Juggernaught at a moment's notice. When engaging enemies, if you have any kind of elemental Cloak, then cast it and start punching away at your opponents, if you don't think you can finish them by just your fists, go ahead and unload all your runes, and/or continuous destruction spells (like Flames and Frost) and THEN run up and pulverize them with their little HP once you run out of Magicka.

    When facing more than three tough opponents though, initiate with Unrelenting Force to send them flying and fry or pound them while they're still trying to get up (dat innuendo tho). If you get swarmed, just power-bash with Auriel's shield to send them flying again.

    Once you finally get Shield Charge, everything will get significantly less deadly, especially if you have a companion. If you see a large gathering of anything smaller than giants (and are not Dwemer Animuculi), just take your shield up and sprint into them, if needed, just unload everything else in your arsenal into their ranks.

    The only real threat are enemies that cannot be ragdolled such as Dragons, Mammoths, and Miraak, enemies such as these utterly break your strategy. Whats a Crowd-Controller to do? Well thats where this next part comes in.

    --The Stagger Lock--

    You may have seen in the Shouts section that I included Clear Skies as a main-usage shout, this isn't just because you're going to be clearing up bad weather, no, its much much more useful than that.

    Now I don't know if this has been mentioned in another build before. Anyway, you see the full Unrelenting Force's effect on a Dragon? It doesn't get knocked away, but it does get staggered and takes a few seconds to recover (1.5 seconds at least). Clear Skies level one has that same effect. In fact, you can just stagger lock anything, as long as you can time it correctly.

    The things that makes this better than other shouts that stagger (such as Fus and Yol) is that its faster than Dragonrend. Dragonrend is already a pretty fast shout as to enable you to hit a flying Dragon in the air. Well, Clear Skies is faster, its not instantaneous, but its damn near. It also has a short cooldown time, further shortened by your blessing and amulet. It also has longer range than Fus, therefore, a larger AOE, and it staggers everything. Its like the Windshear, if it was an AOE and ranged weapon. Oh and you sound way badass with just the first word of the shout, it sounds like you're exhaling with effort and everything in front of you gets staggered.

    Not all is well with Clear Skies though, it doesn't do any damage, but the major flaw in this strategy is that you CAN NOT use this indoors, I've tried, you can shout and your screen turns blue a bit, but the enemies don't give a damn, at all. As a substitute for indoor dungeons though, you could use Fus or Rii (Soul Tear's first word) Rii may not have the same stagger magnitude as Clear Skies, but its cooldown is still pretty short, so you may still continue a stagger lock using it. Though, there is also the small bug that your shouts would become unresponsive and you cannot perform them until a little later on, so be wary when using this tactic.

    -----.:Special Moves:.-----

    Unrelenting Presence

    Tower of Strength + Force Without Effort + Whirlwind cloak + Konahrik

    The sheer power of your presence knocks away those that are weak-willed and ensures your unwavering stance.

    Unrelenting Assault

    Quick Reflexes + Enemy power attack -> Full Auriel's Shield Power Bash -> Shield Charge -> Unrelenting Force + Dragonborn Force

    Unleash all your unrestrained force unto your adversary. Sending them helplessly flying.

    Note: This move requires extremely precise timing to pull off well, I recommend having two enemies power attacking you at the same time, or having a dual wielding enemy do his power attack, before using this combo.

    Unrelenting Impact

    Quick Reflexes + Enemy DOUBLE power attack -> Full Auriel's Shield Power Bash/Shield Charge -> upward Unrelenting Force

    After sending your opponent backward, strategically relocate your presence behind them, and blast them skyward.

    Note: It goes without saying, but this move requires extreme precision and timing. In theory, this will work because the combined force of Auriel's Shield and Unrelenting Force would cause the Physics engine to glitch out and have the same effect as a giant's club, though, at least, the opponent would only be thrown up a few feet. At worst, the Shield Blast wouldn't affect the enemy before the reflex motion ends, ruining your ability completely. Also, this will only work when given enough reflex time such as those from either Troll power attacks or Dual-wielding enemy power attacks.


    Thanks to Mason for dem awesome photochops tutorials, the first image was made by referencing those. Mason, you ossum.

    I made the mistake of playing the character as a one-handed warrior/juggernaught of pain when before converting him into a juggernaught. Believe me, If you could use two-handed weapons on one hand, I would have done differently.

    I would add pictures to the skills once I can get my hands on some, also, as mentioned before, I might update this again once I finish defeating all the DPs

    I promised that I'll have another build before June, and here it is. EDIT: Aaaaaand because of time constraints and especially because of the horrible network difficulties I experienced, I wasn't able to release this in time. At least not in my timezone v_v

    Thanks to James for giving me Rii as a substitute for Clear Skies indoors.

    I welcome all comments

    Thanks :D

  • June 1, 2014
    You have a good build but here are a few things to work on. 1)You should just leave a link about how to get Auriel's Shield and don't bother with a long description it takes away from the build itself. 2) I would recommend not giving 'alternate builds' or mentioning other builds through your build especially at the beginning as above it takes away from your build 3)Your layout could use some work such as the way you've got the lore/backstory towards the end when usually it's toward the start so that you get the builds foundation finished before building it up with the rest of the information. But it seems like a good build and seems really fun
  • Member
    June 1, 2014

    Thanks for the input

    1) I get your point, it does seem long and drawn out, but it would seem that I'm being lazy and not putting much effort into that specific section if I just left a link.

    2) In my opinion, this is what makes my build a bit more unique, and it also gives people something else to play when they eventually get bored of my build, it also introduces people to other builds. Though, perhaps I should have put lesser known builds than those created by Mason

    3) This is a pretty good point. I can see how it flows into the next section better. I edited it.

    Thanks again for the input :D

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    June 1, 2014
    The Clear Skies really made my day ! +1 for clear skies !!
  • Member
    June 1, 2014

    Indeed, it was a great discovery. Though I can't shake the feeling that another build does this already

  • Member
    June 1, 2014

    Heh, I wouldn't mind a recommendation for a couple of different builds on every new one posted. The trick would be keeping them different. Maybe if they were always mythic or lower in rank.

  • Member
    June 2, 2014
    Teccam's Storm Chaser uses it I believe. But it's a very little known mechanic, so I'm sure you're one of the first to use it.
  • Member
    June 2, 2014
    This is very well done, though, you forgot a race tag.
  • Member
    June 2, 2014

    I would have added that, but I didn't know which race to put.

  • Member
    June 2, 2014

    Scanned his build just now, I didn't see any mention of Clear Skies being used to do the stagger-lock, but his build has staggering as a main mechanic, so it may be confused. Perhaps I am the fist to use this tactic :O