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Event Build: Wheedle, The Dark Prince

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    April 1, 2014

    *Resurrection Event

    Overhaul 4-2-15



    After originally creating this build, I realized that Wheedle deserved more than a simple thief skillset. This is my second attempt at a Wheedle build, but this time with a twist on roleplay and gameplay that's 30x better than the original. Wheedle isn't a member of the Thieves Guild nor is he/she a simple thief. Quite the opposite now. Also, if there is anything I can improve on, let me know. Onto the build.

    Wheedle, The Dark Prince

    Wheedle, was once a devout follower of Namira. After all, it was Namira who gave Wheedle the godlike powers of Disease, Pity, and Disregard. However, once Wheedle contracted vampirism, all of that changed. Wheedle had a growing hate of Namira. The feeling was mutual, since Namira despises the undead. But Namira was just a thorn in Wheedles side. All that really mattered was the all-consuming bloodlust. Wheedle manipulated his god given powers to become the ultimate assassin. Wheedle could remain unseen, through the power Disregard. Wheedle could evoke Pity in enemies, calming them down and keeping Wheedle unhurt. And finally, with the power of Disease, Wheedle gained vampirism with the added bonus of a vampiric beastial form, which makes open combat a breeze. Wheedle, over thousands of years, became an expert at necromancy, for it is useful for any vampire. Wheedle was once a prince of beggars. Now, Wheedle is the Prince of Darkness.

    The Beggar Prince

    Full Story

    Summary: Wheedle comes upon Namira and asks for gifts. Namira doesn't comply and Wheedle begs for over a month at her feet. She then gives him the powers of Disregard, Pity, and Disease.

    Wheedle Untold


    Wheedle was the Prince of Beggars and a worshipper of Namira. He could have nobles as cruel and selfish as Maven Black-Briar hand Wheedle handfuls of gold and gems. But it would all end too soon. Bosmers don't have the longest lifespan, living for less than your average Nord. Wheedle was growing old, but he/she didn't want to die. Wheedle needed to think of a solution, and eventually a solution was found. Vampirism. 

    This strain of vampirism was different from the rest. It gave him/her the ability to transform into this sort of... winged beast. It perfectly countered the fragility of Wheedles old body. It made Wheedle feel strong, healthy, and thirsty for blood.

    No longer did Wheedle beg for gold and diamonds. Wheedles thirst for blood was too strong. No longer did Wheedle worship Namira. 

    Wheedle's vampirism gave more than bloodlust and a new form, it appeared to give some of Namira's given powers greater strength. Perhaps even rivaling the power of Namira herself.

    The Gifts of Namira


    Wheedle manipulates Namira's gifts and uses them for his/her own purposes.

    Disease: I showed this gift through vampirism, the disease that forever (literally) changed Wheedles life. Although normally vampires cannot regenerate Health, Stamina, or Magicka in the sun, Wheedle counters this with the Lady Stone and the Mages Black Robes which has a regenerate magicka enchantment on it. Wheedle also has access to the Vampire Lord power, which greatly increases his effectiveness in open combat.

    Pity: I showed this gift through the Calm spell and Speech. I felt that with the power of Pity, Wheedle could stop any bandit from trying to kill him/her by making the said bandit pity Wheedle so much. If you pitied a child that was getting abused, why would you kill the child? The same reasoning went in here. As for Speech, the best I could do was imagine that shopkeepers pitied Wheedle and wanted to give him/her a discount price.

    Disregard: I showed this gift through Invisibility. "you may cause others to disregard your presence." That sounds like Invisibility to me.

    The Build


    • Wood Elf: Wheedle is from a family of Valenwood nobility.

    Major Skills:

    • Illusion: This skill is used almost entirely because of the Invisibility spell. It is extremely useful for taking out enemies and then slipping back into the shadows. If you ever get caught, you always have your calming spells to fall back on, too.
    • Conjuration: After you assassinate an enemy, what should you do next? Leave it there to rot? No, resurrect it from some dark corner. If there are other enemies around, they should start swarming towards your zombie and you can safely sneak behind them and slit their throats.
    • Sneak: This is one of your most important skills. The reason is because of the Assassins Blade perk. The Assassins Blade perk will allow you to do 15x more damage on a backstab. If you are wearing the Shrouded Hand Wraps, it will go from 15x, to 30x more damage! That's insane!

    Minor Skills:

    • One Handed: A pretty useful skill to have. You will max out the Armsman perk for more damage on your dagger.
    • Speech: Lower prices on spells and healing potions? Of course!


    • Mage/Lady: The Mage will make your Conjuration and Illusion levels skyrocket! The Lady Stone will give you health and stamina regeneration during the day since you are a vampire (I got Vampirism when my Illusion skill was level 90). Extremely helpful.

    Stat Allocation:

    • Pure Magicka: We have no need for Health or Stamina. 


    • Black Mage Robes
    • Shrouded Hood
    • Shrouded Hand Wraps
    • and Shrouded Shoes Mainly for the enchants on the clothes, but it actually looks pretty nice.

    -Mainly for the enchants on the clothes, but it actually looks pretty nice.


    • Blade of Woe: Tied for the highest damaging dagger in the game. You get the same damage as a Dragonbone Dagger, which is amazing for a non-crafting build.
    • Ebony Dagger: Due to a glitch, I couldn't complete the Dark Brotherhood questline. If this happens to you, use an ebony dagger (or Blade of Sacrifice, or Nettlebane), or just kill Astrid in the abandoned shack.
    • Bound Sword: Really only used early on, if we get caught sneaking around and we don't have Vampire Lord form or strong enough calm spells.


    • Calm: If you ever get caught sneaking around, a good calming spell could fix that for you. Why only use Calm and not Pacify, you ask. For one, with the Illusion Dual CastingHypnotic GazeAnimage, and Kindred Mage perks along with the Champion of the Night vampire bonus, the simple Calm spell can affect almost every enemy in the game! Two, Calm is a lot cheaper to cast than Pacify, and three, it makes gameplay more exciting. You cannot miss with your Calm spell or you'll die. See? Exciting.
    • Muffle: Used for training Illusion to 90, since we have no use other for it because our shoe choice has a muffle enchantment on them already.
    • Invisibility: One of your most important spells. Slit someones throat, and then cast this. You win. Most of the time.
    • Bound SwordRead above.
    • Necromancy Spells: Very useful. If there is a room crowded with enemies, you no longer have to risk getting in someones field of view right as your invisibility wears off. Just kill the outlier of the group, and resurrect him/her and watch as he/she hopefully takes at least one other person.


    • Wheedle is not Dragonborn: No shouts.


    • Vampire Lord: Wheedle has to have one disease on him/her at all times. He/She chose vampirism to live for eternity.


    • Adept: No health and no armor rating, and you still want to do decent damage to enemies. 


    You may be wondering why I have a perk in Lockpicking, but that's because there was nothing else to perk at that point in time, and I felt like it.

    Level 25:

    After level 25, key perks are Expert Conjuration, Dark Souls, Armsman 5/5, Haggling 5/5


    The gameplay for this build is extremely fun and tactical! The assassin+invisibility+raisingthedead combo is extremely fun. You have to rely on your schools of magic as your defense, because you have 100 health (less in daylight) and 0 armor rating. It has this sort of high-risk high-reward type feeling as you're playing. Even if you are invisible and crouched, walking into one enemy will cause an entire room of bandits to know where you are. Most of the time you'll die because Vampire Lord form takes too long and it's easy to miss with Calm. So next time maybe you should start up Vampire Lord form before you go in there, or maybe sneak attack someone who you won't bump into. 

    Early Game


    Early game is played a lot different than late game. I grinded sneak to level 50 on Ralof in Helgen for the Assassins Blade perk. You will be able to one shot weak enemies from stealth, but it is not too efficient. If you see a mage, it's best to take them out stealthily. I mainly went berserk with a Bound Sword and the Raise Dead spell to level my Conjuration skill fast. When walking places I spammed the Muffle spell for Illusion leveling. At this early point in the game, enemies are weak enough that you can take hits with low health and low armor rating. That said, just use Bound Swords on warriors, sneak attack mages, and archers do so little damage you can just walk right up to them and kill them easily. I barely used any health potions at all. 

    Late Game


    This is where all the fun begins. By this point, your Illusion should be level 90 at least, you should have all of your apparel, a decent dagger, Vampire Lord, the Lady Stone, Invisibility, Calm, and a good Necromancy spell. You should be around levels 15-20.

    First things first. Scout the area. You need to plan your attack beforehand, because if you mess up, you are probably going to die. Say you're about to raid a bandit camp. Cast Invisibility and see how many enemies there are and how close they are to each other. If they are spread out, then recast Invisibility and assassinate a single enemy. Resurrect the one you just killed, cast Invisibility again, and sneak over to the other enemies. They should aggro on your zombie, giving you free access to slit their throats, one by one. Once your zombie dies, simply resurrect another, from the shadows, far away. If an enemy somehow manages to survive your backstab attempt, or if you are spotted, quickly switch to your Calm spell and it will hopefully stop their onslaught. 

    If there are a ton of enemies clumped together, I usually back off and use the Vampire Lord form. The Blood Magic AOE spell is great here, as well as Summon Gargoyle, to keep the enemies from surrounding you. If you are near a cliff, simply use Vampiric Grip and toss them off the ledge. The Supernatural Reflexes ability is very useful once you run out of Magicka, since it is essentially the Slow Time shout.

    If you ever get caught sneaking around, the best thing to do is kite the enemy until you calm them. If you get hit and survive, don't worry. It takes like 3 small healing potions to fill your health back up, even less during the day. It is possible to be running around with 40 Health. That's why when I am walking places during the day I always have Calm in both hands, ready to dual cast, in case I run across a Sabertooth Cat or something.

    The great thing about this all, is that since we aren't fighting dragons, this playstyle works on almost everything!  Draugr, Giants, Falmer, Orcs, Centurions, Dragon Priests, Cave Bears, you name it! 

    Roleplay and Quests

    I didn't really do any quest lines. I just joined certain factions for the benefits you get when you join, such as the Shrouded set, and access to Expert level spells. But really, I just did what this game does best. Exploration. No need to do the same quests we've all done over and over. Make your own quests. You're a bloodthirsty vampire, go get some blood. That said, there is one quest that is required, although there's no need to do it quickly:

    The Taste of Death: Cannibalism isn't needed, but the ring that allows it is. The reason for this quest is to obtain the Ring of Namira so we can perform a ritual of sorts with it. After you "eat" Brother Verelus, I disrespected Namira by choosing the dialogue option that complains about the size of your reward. She'll threaten to kill you with another champion. To make sure this didn't happen, I killed all of her worshipers (Eola, Lisbet, all of 'em). I used the Vampire Lord ability.

    After that, I travelled to Dawnstar and dumped the ring of Namira into the Sea of Ghosts.

    Other Quests (No need to complete the quest lines):

    Dark Brotherhood: Just kill Astrid for the Blade of Woe.

    Mages College: Just join for spells and training. 

    Dawnguard: Just for Vampire Lord form.

    "To this day, it is said that if you really want to know something, go ask the beggars. They have eyes and ears throughout the cities. They know all the little secrets of the daily lives of its citizens."

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    April 1, 2014

    Nice cool text  

    First, you should call it Character Build: The Beggar Prince or something similar.

    I was pretty confused on who and what this character was. Yes, he's a dirty beggar, but what does Narmina have to do with him? I was personally expecting him to be a cannibalistic evil man who preyed on those richer then him. Diseases seem to be more of Peryite's realm.

    The idea is cool, but I think you have also fallen into the too much backstory, not enough build ninche.

  • April 1, 2014

    That one's a great story, I really like it...

    "Finally, I grant you the power of disregard. You may cause others to disregard your presence."


    Would have only cost four perks to be able to cast muffle/invisibility, you have no need for the rest of the tree.This was a power handed down by a daedra lord, not a practical ability like sneak...

  • April 1, 2014

    That story is actually copy/pasted from an in-game book Tae...

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    April 1, 2014

    Well, no one's perfect  

  • April 1, 2014

    I agree with you though...

    I'd love to see this one fleshed out and presented better, keep working on it Gullum!

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    April 1, 2014

    One of my favorite books! 

    "Difficulty: I was on Apprentice, too much higher is suicide," LOL!

    But Tae and Mason are right, he's missing that special something that makes him unique, such as utilizing the ring of Namira to feed on corpses or specializing in Illusion magic. Speech is also a poor choice for a Namira build as her followers are notorious for being despised by the general public, although at the same time I guess it's also appropriate in order to be pitied. Alchemy may actually be a good fit for the poisons and maybe even conjuration to raise undead or summon Daedra; undead are disgusting and this seems to be a Daedric themed build so they'd both fit in nicely.

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    April 1, 2014

    Hey man, i like your idea! Maybe he could infect people with his deseases (Marked for death, sanguinare vampiris), conjure seekers, have a dog (barbas is awesome), poison rune, necromancy(the necromancer's amulet fits the role with its malus), calm spells, Blade of woe and Shrouded Hand Wraps!!!!!

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    April 1, 2014
    Feeney was just about to start working on this very build. He had some really great ideas too :p
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    April 1, 2014
    Pure thief builds, while difficult, are an awful lot of fun! :)

    The Beggar Prince is a cool story, but a summary might better serve you. Perhaps you could also include some info on how you played this character. For example: how are you unloading all your stolen goods? Fences are fine, but somewhat limited. Do you plan to get the Fence perk at higher levels?

    Speech is definitely a huge part of a build like this... how are you leveling it up? Perhaps including a link to Ben C's incredibly informative Pickpocketing Strategy Guide might prove useful (sorry I can't link it, I'm on my phone... Any information you give us that lets us know how you successfully played the Beggar Prince will help us know how we can be successful playing the Beggar Prince.

    This is a fun build... just let us know how you played it :)