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Workshop/Roleplaying Team Event - Heretics

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  • January 26, 2017

    Welcome everyone to the first ever Roleplaying/Workshop Event brought to you by the wonderful Wu, amazing Allspark and...something with a z for Zonnonn (And me of course). This is a unique event for the Workshop, because of instead of working on any type of build you'll be working on a Roleplaying Profile,  and you'll be doing this in small teams. 

    So, because they've allowed me to write up the main thread for the Event, your going to have to deal with the traditional bit where I go on for a little too long. The idea behind this Event is two-fold, one Wu, Allspark, Zonnonn and I really wanted to make an awesome event, which is a given but Wu and I did have a secondary motive. We really want to promote the idea of people posting non-Character Building content in the Workshop more, and with Zonnonn being one of the most active members there it really was just a perfect match to start an event up.

    The Event:

    There are two major things for the Event that I'll need to explain, the first is the theme. We've gone with Heretics for the general theme of the event, which by our definition here doesn't mean religious heretics (though it absolutely can) but instead focusing on something that your character would have been brought up hating, distrusting, having firm social views against, and so on. For example, a Redguard raised in a traditional Hammerfell household would most likely abhor Necromancy so completely that it could be the basis for their entire life, or that Nord could be a Mage-Hunter due to the Nord's less than friendly relationship with Mages since the Oblivion Crisis. The four hosts in charge of the event (Zonnonn, AllSpark, Dragonborn1721 and WuYiXiang) will all be ready to help out if you need some inspiration or aren't quite sure if your idea fits in with the theme. 

    But, perhaps the larger element of this Event is that this is a Team Event, and we wanted to add a little bit of fun to that idea. For this event, instead of making teams yourself, instead you'll simply express interest in the Event and then we're going to randomize you into teams of three  and set you on the world. This means you might not be working with someone that you've worked with ever before, and maybe even someone you haven't even talked to before.

    If your worried about potentially being put into a team of three where none of you have ever made a Roleplaying Profile before, well don't worry about that. To hopefully get people to try something new, we'd like to place an experience Roleplaying Profile creator to work as a kind of Team Captain, giving advice to everyone else on the team and generally using their experience to try and get people into the idea of making this type of content. 

    If anyone would like to offer their services to be a Team Leader we'd be fairly grateful, hopefully it would inspire more people to try out making RP Profiles so it really is a positive force on the team.

    Rules and Regulations:

    1 - All participants must sign on before (During either the sign up period, or the end of the first week), if we get a lot of people wanting to join after this then we can think about either adding you into an existing team or creating some new ones, but we'd like to get the teams set up before then.

    2 - All entries must be posted between the 21st and 28th of February, any Profiles posted after this will be considered regular RP Profiles unless you've made previous arrangements with a Host.

    3 - While working on your content, it will have to be up as a WiP in the Workshop (we'd like these posted ASAP). Other than that being the point of the event it is pretty useful to all be able to see what your working on when it's set up in a discussion.

    4 - The title for your WiP should be WiP Event Profile: [Project Name Here] while the final discussion should have hte title Event Roleplaying Profile: [Project Name Here]

    5 - All WiP's or RP Profiles should use the tag Workshop-Roleplaying Event

    Useful Links

    Guide to Daedra Worship

    Profile Creation Guide

    Alternate Profile Creation Guide

    Assassin Guide

    Vampirism Guide


    Ben W - Team Leader

    Golden Fool - Team Leader



    Ronny Philange




    Spotted Fawn


    Team Ben- Ben W, Mercurias and Tenebrous The Wolf of Stendarr

    The Foolish Team : Golden Fool, Zonnonn and Dragonborn1721

    The...Third Team? : Lissette, Spotted Fawn and Ronny Philange

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    January 27, 2017

    I'm interested in participating in order to lend my goofy head-thinks to a team in exchange for learning how to construct a profile from someone more experienced. 

  • January 27, 2017

    Awesome Mercurias, I've added you in and it's great to have you sign up :D

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    January 28, 2017

    Sweet! I'm writing down ideas now before bed, and most of them are better than my initial idea, which was "The Vardenfell Vegetarian". :p

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    January 28, 2017

    So just to clarify, as while you say Heritic a lot, the examples you gave for the definition don't exactly take that into account. These would be profiles for characters that go against those beliefs, so using your examples; a redguard necromancer or a nord mage? If so then I'm certainly interested.

  • January 28, 2017

    Golden Fool said:

    So just to clarify, as while you say Heritic a lot, the examples you gave for the definition don't exactly take that into account. These would be profiles for characters that go against those beliefs, so using your examples; a redguard necromancer or a nord mage? If so then I'm certainly interested.

    Nord worshipper of Trinimac, that´s heretical.

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    January 28, 2017

    Karver the Lorc said:

    Nord worshipper of Trinimac, that´s heretical.

    Well naturally, although I don't know why you had to specify Nords, anyone worshiping anything other then Sheogorath is heretical :P


  • January 28, 2017


  • January 28, 2017

    Well, yeah basically if it's against the Racial/Cultural beliefs, or morality of the character's race would be what we're aiming for but of course good old fashioned Religious Heresy can be worked in (That Nord worshipping Daedra or a Nord that worshipped the Tribunal). Obviously it might get a bit tricky because you can always have small groups that worship different gods (Morrowind is an easy example, with multiple major belief systems) but we're kind of gooing with the stereotypical/wildly held beliefs of a Race. 

    Bah, now I'm confusing myself, you've got the right idea to it, and if your interested I'll throw your name in :)

  • January 28, 2017

    Nord worshipping Talos is heretical too. From certain point of view.