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Ciel'nn's many houses

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    January 14, 2018

    Thank you guys! Thanks ShinJin for the feature!! :) You should see my SWTOR strongholds, but I don't play that game anymore... xD 

    I just love to decorate houses since I'm casual gamer and not raiding or doing trials in game. I thought to start crafting furnitures and selling them, too. I also plan to buy more houses and deco the hell out of them (when I get enough gold that is!)

    Renting's a good idea, but what about decorating other's homes for them?


    @Paws, I started playing since early-access, but I had a loong break before getting back for good. :)


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    August 28, 2018

    I did some updates for Ald Velothi Harbor House house.

    Added a new pet and a ivy-vine on the wall. Also, I removed almost all mushrooms to make space for other decos.

    I found midnight sages on CC store and had to buy them. There's 4 of them. I wish I had more space for them.

    On the side table has a hourglass, a jester's box. Below is a expensive cat statue. Ra Gada style I think. (Is this Ciel'nn's way to tell me he wants a cat?) And Redguard hanging thing. Forgot it's name.

    Basement level. Small. simple bathroom with candles, towel pile along with assorted bathing bottles.

    On the other side the room divider is a meditation corner. I wanted this so bad for Ciel'nn. xD

    Up in the bedroom, on the nightstand, another Jester's box and some spare coins. On the wooden shelf is Craglorn chest/urn.


    Balcony, but it needs something.

    The house isn't finished even though I have used almost all slots. :( I may have to get Lake Amaya Lodge at some point. XD





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    August 28, 2018
    Quality updates, Cal! I like your meditation corner, wish I'd picked those items up from the Luxury Furnisher a few weekends back. The midnight sages look good, nice buy.