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The Adventures of San-daro

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    September 20, 2017

    Welcome to the homepage and table of contents for my (hopefully) long-running series, 'The Adventures of San-daro' - the complete beginners guide to roleplaying in Elder Scrolls Online

    There are a ton of different ways to play Elder Scrolls Online. The project is about just one of those ways. 

    Are you looking for:

    • Advice about how to power level your character in a few hours?
    • Details about “min-maxing” at Champion Point level?
    • How to get to ‘end game’ as fast as humanly possible?
    • Where to ‘farm’ those hard-to-get armour sets?
    • The locations of the best places to ‘grind’ levels?

    Then you should probably look elsewhere! But don’t be disappointed – there are a LOAD of YouTube videos that will tell you everything you need to know! A simple Google search will yield all the information you are looking for…

    This guide is aimed at those of us who have – reluctantly – come to accept that Elder Scrolls (barring some gigantic unexpected swerve by Bethesda) just won’t be coming any time soon. It’s for those who feel like giving Skyrim a break, or have maybe moved on from Skyrim entirely – but who still want to immerse themselves (again) into the rich world and lore of Tamriel.

    Over recent months I have invested many hours into playing ESO, learning the systems and mechanics. Numerous characters have been rolled, re-rolled – and discarded! But this has not been with a view to the typical MMO trope of blasting through to end-game. Rather I’ve been asking myself: ‘Can I have an immersive, engaging and enjoyable ‘Skyrim-like’ experience as a solo player within ESO?’

    My answer to that question is a resounding ‘YES’.

    So, if you are here on the Tamriel Vault, with Skyrim almost 6 years old, and wondering what you can do next to roleplay within Tamriel, then perhaps you could step into Elder Scrolls Online? This guide is intended to help you make a seamless and smooth transition from Skyrim into ESO, explaining the very basics as we go. I’ll go into the differences and similarities, and explain – in detail – how YOU can experience rich lore, engaging content and – most importantly – a bundle of fun in Elder Scrolls Online.

    Rather than simply writing another text-based guide, I’m going to develop this guide with a mixture of story, pictures and roleplay tips, all told through the eyes of a Khajiit called San-daro, a slightly unhinged Baandari merchant with a penchant for slipping an assassins blade under the rib cage of those who cross him. I hope you’ll come to love San-daro as his story unfolds.



    Roleplay Profile (posted in our Roleplay Group)

    Truth and Cleverness need not be enemies (my entry in the Tamriel Vault Book Event)


    Chapter 0:   This one is sleek and beautiful Khajiit: Character Creation, Race and Class

    Chapter 1 :  Siege at Firemoth: The Prequel

    Chapter 2 :  Touching base in Seyda Neen 

    Chapter 3:   On Warm Sands 

    Chapter 4:   When push comes to shove

    Chapter 5:   Bandaari talks tactics

    Chapter 6:   This one has a sweet tooth

    Chapter 7:   Ultimate Ultimates

    Chapter 8:   Getting active with passives

    Chapter 9:   Delving for fun and profit

    Chapter 10:  So, farewell then, Auridon



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    September 20, 2017

    So it begins! I will be following this closely :)

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    October 7, 2017

    Excellent job so far! Really liking this, good work.