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ESO Character Profile: Morihaus

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    September 2, 2017

    Legends speak of a time when the land will be given unto cold harbours, an age in which a lion, a dragon, and an eagle vie for a seat of sundered kings. It is said that when people pray for liberation, Kyne herself will send her son. I believed such myths to be little more than bedtime tales, fables to give hope to the young when the winds outside howl on cold, winter nights.

    I was wrong.

    I have made it my life's work to identify and detail the stories surrounding a figure people have taken to calling Morihaus, The Bull of Kyne. Below are a few of my notes.


    Name: Morihaus 

    AKA: Mor, The Bull of Kyne, First Breath of Man, The Bull of Heaven, Son of Kyne, Bull of the South

    Race: Nord

    Class: Warden

    Age: Unknown

    Stone: The Lord

    Skills: Medium Armour, Dual Wielding, Bows, Winter's Embrace, Persuasion, and dancing.

    Is this the same Morihaus to be sent down in the ancient days of the Imperatum Saliache? I cannot tell, for each place I visit where rumours and stories of his passing stem - from Bleakrock Isle to Vvardenfell, Stonefalls to Deshaan - accounts differ. Some say he is a bull, gore-horned and winged. Others that he is a minotaur, humanoid and bellowing with fury. While a few more swear that he is just a Nord, from Morthal, who simply wants to find his way home.

    However, the reports I have recorded all seem to share a few common elements. Those who have witnessed him liberate captives destined for Telvanni chains, or claimed to have seen him fighting for both Almalexia and Vivec, and even those few who stand by their assertions that they observed him destroy the legendary Brothers of Strife; all say that he is a master bowman capable of pinpoint accuracy. They say that he wears armour of the suplest leather and hide, and seems to bear Kyne's blessing for no cold wind or ash storm bothers him.

    In close combat he wields two weapons, a match for his horned head, goring and bloodying his enemies with brutal strikes. Either at range or in melee, this Morihaus carries the Goddess of Storms with him as the weather itself comes to his call. Shrouded by icy armour or surrounded by a roaring gale, even cooled by healing winds or freezing his foes in place, Morihaus seems truly born of the sky.


    Yet for all that ferocity and prowess on the fields of war, one charming Dunmer lady told me with fiercesome vehemence that this figure is a true Hero, and proudly calls him such. She said he is an eloquant speaker, a hopeless romantic, and a skilled dancer. I asked her if he was, then, human after all. She replied by saying, "it matters not whether he is man, bull, or bull netch. What matters is the heart that beats in his chest."



  • September 2, 2017

    OHMAGOD. That, just that animation there makes it all better, sorry Phil, I haven't actually read it, just wanted to scroll down and it's just amazing. 11/10 for gif alone :P

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    September 2, 2017
    Well atleast we can confirm gifs work, at least on forum posts. I'm interested to see how he dances. :P
  • September 2, 2017

    My apologies Phil, I meant to leave my serious comment as soon as I posted the joke one but I got called away. Anyway, this is probably one of my favourite profiles ever, the artwork is just great, the character is really interesting and I think you just perfectly captured Mor in a really short period of time. Obviously, I'm kind of interested in a longer version if you were going to make one some day. But this is a really cool profile in its short form, and I think you did the 500-word challenge really well.

    Awesome profile Phil :D


  • September 2, 2017

    An ESO Profile you say? Well I'm straying from my comfort zone a bit here, but I think its great anyway. You've really captured the character in my eyes, especially with that quote from the nice Dunmer lady, and the rest of the profile backs it up brilliantly - appearance doesn't make a hero, it's character. I'm sure you can say it much more eloquently, but thats what I take on it. God job Phil!

  • September 2, 2017

    Oh, this is just fun and the gif is priceless. 

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    September 4, 2017

    I owe you guys an apology for ignoring your kind words. I burned myself pretty nastily at work the day I posted this, haven't really wanted to think about any of my creativity over the last few days as I process. But I do appreciate the kindness and wanted to say the 500 word challenge was fun, I thoroughly recommend it as a form of small creativity that anyone can do.

    @Kais, I will get you a dancing gif if needed :D

    @Zon, thanks man. That kind Dunmer lady is pretty hot and she does legit call the PC "Hero" :D

    @DB, t'was a good event dude, challenging due to work, but fun :)

    @Lis, haha! Giffing was fun, too :)