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So... How was Morrowind?

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    August 3, 2017

    Curious, because I don't own it and I haven't seen a topic about it. Was it any good? Was it worth the cost of entry? And how did it stack up to TES III?


    From what I've heard, the Orsinium DLC gives you more quests and is overall a better bang for your buck, whereas the Morrowind expansion is worth it if you are nostalgic, can't live without the Warden class, or enjoy PvP. 

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    August 3, 2017

    It is dripping with nostalgia, that is very true and it has the same charm TES III did. Ultimately that's not what makes it great, though. While it isn't as long as Orsinium, what it does offer is quality over quantity in many ways. I might have a different perspective so this is entirely from my pov, but the more recent additions to ESO have been very setting and character focussed, whereas I felt that only the AD questline in the base game came close to that due to the connection and storyline focussing on Razum-dar and Ayrenn. In Orsinium we got to experience that same thing with the likes of Eveli and Bazrag, while also having the option to make meaningful choices along the way, and it gave us so many setting details like the role Trinimac worship played throughout history.

    ESO Morrowind continues with that focus and helps the game feel like traditional TES. What's more, it offers one of the best storylines in any TES game: The Telvanni quest-arc. The power games and might at any price mentality of the magisters is finally shown to us through the eyes of the most unlikely wizard, a former Argonian slave called Sun-in-Shadow. Her rise to power and the lengths she will go to in the name of ambition reveal why she has that name. When the curtain finally falls on this act, we see the price of power and how much she has lost, how much she has changed. That one quest alone was worth the dlc.

    The others side quests are also very well done: the Morag Tong arc is clever and sexy, while the settlement quests reveal new lore aplenty. The MQ has us soak up lots of these things while we solve the mystery of what is ailing Vivec, who is one hell of a character.

    I also quite like the way it's integrated into the base game. For those starting out with a character, the game takes you through a new tutorial featuring the delightful Naryu Virian. The lack of Dark Anchors is explained away as being the power of the Tribunal's protection, and your character doesn't start off as the Vestige. Rather, if you go to the mainland, you'll trigger an interaction that sees you get sacrificed, end up in Coldharbour, and the normal version of ESO then picks up. In terms of continuity, there need be no immersion breaks as you go ffrom one zone to another as the backstory unfolds if done right.


  • August 4, 2017
    Most of the times it feels like nostalgia cash grab of a DLC sized content sold for the price of expansion. Very often it feels like they are trying to literally shove the nostalgia of TES down your throat, like the Nerevarine stuff and such. It has its bright sides though, the new Lore is interesting, Sotha Sil and all that, Telvanni questline as Phil mentioned, Warden class is quite good. It is quite good, but overally it's overpriced DLC. Expansion seems to have a different meaning for Zenimax. In no way you can compare it to Old Republic or WoW expansions.