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Would there be interest in a 'Complete Beginners Guide'

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    July 24
    Having a beginner's guide is great for this site! :D I myself am planning to buy ESO sometime soon for the sake of loooaar.
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    August 5

    OK, let me update where I am with this.

    I haven't forgotten the idea or shelved it. I've been playing the game whilst making copious notes and screenshots, all the while cross-checking information with sources across the Internet. So it's taking time - but I hope that it will produce something worthwhile in the end.

    At the same time I'm enjoying playing the game (Daggerfall Covenant, not a faction I'm overly familiar with) with a character that I'm really finding works for me - so there's always the temptation for me to just go off questing!

    So the guide (or the first part of it) will be coming soon - hang on in there