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ESO Build: The Shadow Mage

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  • May 7, 2019

    The Shadow Mage


    I've always loved the warlock/summoner class in the mmorpgs I've played (Minions of Mirth, World Of Warcraft (never again, damn subscriptions!) Maple Story Online, Allods Online, Perfect World and Forsaken World.) As such, I decided my third character in ESO, who is my main by the way, would be a nightblade because I love the idea of summoning creatures while I pelt enemies with spells or unsheath my sword and cut the to pieces while I have my pets distracting them. Now, I know the summoning class would be the magsorc in ESO the nightblade, I feel better fits the description of what a warlock is.


    Race: Dunmer 

               Levels: 1-20

    Class: Nightblade 

            Abilities: Strife,->swallow Soul Soul Siphoner, Consuming Darkness, Fortitude, Dark Veil, Summon Shade, Flood Magicka


    Stats: 8 magicka, 7 health, 0 stamina


    Skill Lines: To go with that classic warlock feel, I went with mostly the shadow and siphoning Skills that I felt gave the nightblade a warlock-y feel 


    Gulids: Mages Guild


    Apparel: Homespun Robes, later, get the Warlock set for the Selene's Web four-man dungeon, which you could do solo, it will be tough however. I have not tried soloing that dungeon with my nightblade character yet.


    Weapons: I would go with either a lightning restoration staff or staff with oblivion damage or poison enchant, for the sake of roleplaying this character


    Mundus Stones: the lady and the mage (again, for roleplaying purposes)


    Gameplay: At early levels, expect to die...alot. So do quests that you feel have more of a darker variant to them, don't forget to do the main questline as that will boost your leveling abilities alot. you can try soloing dungeons as early as level nine. Some enemies and bosses will give you trouble, but, as long as you have a sfilled soul gem in you inventory, you should be fine, just keep changing up your tactics. Do the mages guild questline as soon as possible so you can grow your repertoire of shadow and siphoning type spells. 


    Closing Notes If you play this build to its fullest potential, they is no emeny that you can defeat, even with a little practice.