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ESO Homes: Autumn's Gate garden Halloween Style

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    October 11, 2018

    I think I read somewhere once that if a visual concept needs explanation then it doesn't really work very well as a concept. Totally disregarding this, a bit of r&r was what the doctor ordered, and so I came up with a spooky, Halloween-y concept for my Nord Warden's home which needs some explanation.

    Mostly using Luxury Furnisher items, I wanted this garden to have a bit of The Hunting Grounds look to it, so luminescent plants and fungi along with Tamrielic trees make up the flora, while the massive mammoth skull conveys a Hircine theme.

    Hircine is seen again with the totems either side of the front door...

    ..And with the sheltered elk to the right of the house.

    Craglon Braziers and Serpent motifs define this end of the garden...

    ...Leading to an altar against the far wall.

    On the left is a bit of inspiration from Golden Fool's use of green light from a Hagraven's Cauldron. By placing the Everlasting Waterfall achievement item so that the water illusion flows in front of the flames and using the luxury crystal colums, I was hoping to convey a sort of otherworldly door from which an ice Wolf can be summoned.

    The altar, Craglorn motifs, and sacrificial Orc Skeleton from a Holiday Achievement Furnisher is the centre-piece of the concept.

    In her journies across Wrothgar to help rebuild Orsinium, my character learned about the weird, twisted magic the Reachmen use such as growing briarhearts from trees fed by corpses, or twisting vines into creeping tendrils. Inspired, she sought a means to see if the primal element, Nirncrux, could be similarly "grown" by feeding vines the hearts of the fallen. Incorporating ancient, Nedic rites along with modern Reach magic, the stars shine down on the red brittle, pushed up from the earth...

    ... To be transported and sold across the land.

    Opposite the shrine in the other end of the garden, this statue commemorates Baloth Bloodtusk's duel with Gaiden Shinji. Both warriors fell in this combat, interred in Honour's Rest.

    Finally, a shrine to Hircine featuring a statue of the Huntsman and an achievement item depicting a wolf hewn from rough rock.

    Video walkabout.

    Thank you for reading :)

  • October 11, 2018
    Nice. Makes me want glowing plants at my own house.
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    October 11, 2018

    That discord overlay XD

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    October 12, 2018

    ilanisilver said: Nice. Makes me want glowing plants at my own house.

    Thanks! Also, agreed it would be cool irl. Until then we must make do with ESO houses. Still not tempted to try, Ilani? :D

    Golden Fool said:

    That discord overlay XD

    Yeah, effing thing. I was in a hurry to dismantle everything to send to the Hunter's Glade. I didn't even notice it was there until I started uploading pics for this thread, and couldn't well go back to reshoot. Meh, spilt milk now and lesson learned.