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Modder's Log - Derrani Relvir, Part 2

  • March 26

    Ah, it's good to be back, writing a Modder's Log. I was really tempted to write one for my Two-in-Two Event Build but since that got a bit mixed up in the end (and didn't work the way I wanted it to), I never really started it. However, starting up Derrani's second arc is something that I've been meaning to do for a fair while, because I love the fact that she developed enough that I felt like it was needed (and yes, the second part is definitely needed, otherwise I'll easily hit 6000+ words). Before you begin reading I'd like to get a few things out of the way

    This is the Second Arc of Derrani's journey, but is a prequel to the first part. This means it is somewhat possible to read this and then move to Part One but I wouldn't recommend it. Because this is so heavily split between in-character entries and just me blabbing about stuff, your going to read stuff that expects you to have read the First Arc. 

    How is it a prequel? Oh right, well this starts off during the events of Oblivion (Elder Scrolls IV), so it happens about 200 years before the Events of Skyrim, and thus 200 years before Part One. 

    It can be found HERE, along with the Mod List for this adventure.

    It was horrifying. My Lady Almalexia had banished me to the far reaches of Morrowind, stripping me of all symbols, anything that allowed me to say with some dignity that I represented the True Gods of Morrowind. Everything I had ever lived for was taken away from me, and for what? I had no betrayed her, nor had I betrayed the ideals that my Lady represented, I fought for the life of our land, for Morrowind. I travelled, giving food and water, money and shelter to those who could not afford it. I struck down those treasonous dogs who would dare defile the good name of the Tribunal by following the disgracceful Daedra who they thought brought them more than what the three could. Everything I did, was done for the glory of Almalexia, for Vivec and for Lord Sotha Sil. 

    And yet... she still exiled me, sent me to live amongst the Imperials, with next to no money to live off of, with all spells of Dunmeri nature being completely locked to me. I still have no idea what Almalexia did to me that caused that disability, but I know that I must...somehow regain my ability to cast spells from my homeland. These Imperial Spells are for me to get used to, they're all so delicately crafted, by intellects not Mages. By scholars who aim to create generic spells rather than craftsman who aim to create their mark.

    I have made port in the Imperial City (a name almost as horrifyingly unimaginative as naming Vivec City after the god living there, though I suppose Almalexi isn't much better) and aim to find whoever is supposed to have some knowledge on Magic. Or at the very least figure out a way to get a bit of money.

    The first part of Derrani's journey in Oblivion was actually rather fun. It took me around an hour before I even managed to get out of the Waterfront area (I know) because I was so enthralled by what Better Cities does to the place. Because I've dedicated most of my time to large quests when playing Modded Oblivion, I've never actually played with Better Cities and just explored the place but just the first changes that the game makes to the IC have amazed me. I spent 20 solid minutes just walking around, trying to see all of the new things, and talk to everyone new. I think the best little touch that I saw was the little graveyard that was added to the district. I don't know what it was but it stuck with me more than any change I've seen so far because it added something that I think just adds a bit of character to the place. 

    This was very much a... soft beginning. I haven't fought anyone, or really done much other than focus on creating my character, and I suppose I should talk about that. The first thing that I think is important to note is that I wanted Derrani to really feel like she's a weakened, but still rather powerful Sorceress, yes she has lost her massive spell pool (full of self-crafted, overpowered spells from Morrowind) but she still has an immense pool of Magicka to draw from, and more knowledge than most of the Imperial City's formost scholars. She is not some Hedge Mage, but a powerful Tribunal Sorceress.

    Because of this, I chose to run with two mods (Bladesman's Better Birthsigns and Class Advantages) which allowed me to pick some additional features for Derrani to start with. The Mage for example, gives a boost to Magicka, Resist Magic and Paralysis but also makes you weaker to Normal Weapons (only 10%). But the coolest thing it does is give you a Greater Power that allows you to regenerate Magicka, protect yourself and provide a small light. Class Advantages is cool because I get another Magicka boost, as well as extra disposition with all nobles, scholars, priests and similar 'higher class' people. 

    Note - I'm 80% sure that the only mod I have that effects Birthsigns is BBB but I've read what he has up on the nexus and it seems to be a very different mod than what I'm currently running. MOO and OOO don't seem to have made these changes but I'm a bit lost on what has. I'll let you know the minute I figure it out but I'm a bit... confused by what my Birthsigns currently give me.

    3 days, I lasted three days before running out of food, before I had to hunt down work. I...honestly didn't expect it to be this difficult for a mage to find any work, but after hours of search, I only found a single person that would hire me...Hunting Rats in the sewers.

    It's degrading work, but the payment offered is a fair bit larger than what I thought it would be, and the work is incredibly important. Apparently these rats might be plague carriers and anything that has the potential to cause as much damage to as many people as possible is most certainly important. But it, I mean, couldn't someone else do this? The rats are hardly deadly in a fight, in fact it takes a few basic Fire Spells to kill them and I wouldn't have to go stomping around in human waste just to do something any grunt could do.

    But, the pay is decent enough. It'll buy me a couple nights in an inn and food for the week, which is all I need for now.

    Ah, so this was pretty much my first delve into Better Cities (The Imperial City), with my first quest and new area to explore. The Rat Catcher quest (which I cannot for the life of me remember the name of) is available almost as soon as you make port and is kind of difficult to miss. I stumbled into this (and added some RP elements to it all so it fits the character more) quest and just felt a bit nolstalgic, I mean, killing Rats is like RPG 101 and here is Better Cities throwing me into the quest straight up. The quest felt real, and it kind of felt like there might be consequences if I skipped it. These are potentially plague rats, who could kill dozens of people at a minimum if something goes wrong.

    I also stumbled across an incredible item down in the sewers. The Tattered Robe of the Traveller, which gives 3% Shield, 10% Fire Resistance Athletics boost. I'll check up on that and fix this entry up when I see what exactly is boosts but those first two are really awesome for a lower level character. With Alteration we can easily get pretty close to 25% Armour from Level 1 which is a lot better than even some Warriors will be able to reach.

    So...anybody that's read my work knows that I'm great at making freaking horrible decisions with these difficulty enhancer mods activated. Dustman's Cairn in the Wrath of Hircine Modder's Log...umm, well actually Arc One for Derrani went fairly well but I do have a history of it. For Oblivion, the first (of several) horrible decision I made was trying to fight my way through Vilverin. Now, I want to point out that I'm running Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (OOO) and basically what it does to the normal enemy is make them a lot tougher. It also does add a few 'newer enemies' that are tougher just because they're higher level but on average enemies do more damage (most do about 20 a hit) and have more health, making them a pain in the ass to deal with.

    But honestly, I didn't have that many issues. Flare + Shield + Shocking Touch + >200 Magicka works pretty well for dealing with your average Skeleton, Bandit or Zombie. Out of the three I found Bandits almost childishly easy to defeat (nice bow mate, take a FIAHBALL to the face), they just kind of suck because they're alive or something. Anyway, what really rattled my bones was how difficult Skeletons are now. These are not Oblivion or Skyrim's cannon fodder of destruction, and you rarely fight them 1 at a time. No Skeletons are deadly fighting machines that don't really stop (I mean, they can't feel pain and don't have  flesh...) and some of them are just dishing out massive blows with Steel Weapons.

    I actually managed to get pretty much all the way through the dunegon. But caught up in the fight with the Necromancer at the end. For whatever reason Oscuro has decided that the fight isn't hard enough (note...Mage's suck too) and added Specteral Warriors and Hounds to the last room. Now, the Hounds are terrifying, because they have the speed of a wolf, the strength of...something really strong (I dunno, a zombie?) and are pretty damn hard to damage. It took me about a dozen Flares to kill one and by that point I'd been set upon by three other enemies and died.

    I have to say, I cut my losses and ran. Does it fit Derrani's character. Absolutely. At this point she's more 'scholarly' than anything else and is used to a pretty cushy lifestyle. While she did occasionaly fight enemies it was

    a) with her powerful Dunmeri Magic (which is just an excuse for me to create a mage based around the different spell systems)

    b) With Ordinators around her, and those guys are deadly warriors. Even though she's a tough (ish) mage, she isn't that strong.

    So, it's not like she should be powering through these dungeons, so she was just exploring it for research reasons (Oooh, Altmer Ruin, cool) and possibly for a bit of money. Good news, I did get the Ayelid Statue, so from a gaming point of view I do have a decent change to get some money there.

    Entry 4, LEVEL UP!

    That's right, after about 5 and a half hours of gameplay I finally hit the coveted level that most Oblivion players dream of hitting. Level Two. No need to applaud so loudly, I'd just like to take this time to thank my family for always...well I guess not supporting me in the art of playing video games, but not...Alright, I'm just gonna skip this little introduction and move on to the meat of the matter.

    So, I know that reaching Level Two might not seem like an achievement, but with Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul (OOO) installed, and with the additional options that slow down levelling. Well let's just say that the game is beyond slow in regards to how fast I can level. So, it was an actual experience when I was hunting down Goblins and I managed to get that little announcement at the bottom of my screen. I have to say, I was reminded why I hate the Oblivion system, at least in comparison to Skyrim's. The whole thing just doesn't work for me because, well I'm not entirely sure. I'm not a fan of the skills = level up (but then again, that's a personal thing, I'm an EXP fan myself), not really a fan of how dumb the whole Major/Minor skills thing is and how that effects your attributes. Not really sure why Attributes couldn't level up in some other way but anyway enough about that rant.

    So I picked up Willpower, Intelligence and Personality. Mostly because they're magical skills (none of which will level up very well sadly), but I just think that Intelligence and Personality are extremely fitting, Derrani is an intelligent person and she's fairly used to working with people as a priestess. Willpower fits too but it's more of a gameplay related choice than anything. So yeah, I'll have a real entry up later today, just wanted to announce that I finally levelled up. I'm at 6:36 hours of gameplay so far, meaning I'm more or less on track with my writing, fell a bit behind but I do love doing it. 

    So yeah, new entry should come about later today, so I'll see you then.