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  • March 8

    So this is the first time I've visisted the College in...about a month or so, and in that time one of the coolest mods that PS4 players get was updated heavily compared to where I saw it last to the point where it kind of seems like I'm on PC/Xbox, that mod is Magical College of Winterhold

    The Coolest feature of the mod is that it does something fairly similar to what you might have seen in Immersive College of Winterhold and makes training skills in the College viable, it does this by adding an Enchanted Golem that acts as a training dummy for offensive spells, allowing you to level up anything that targets another character by attacking an enemy that can't die. This is a really awesome thing for us PS4 players and really helps this character along. 

    Anyway, Update 4 should be coming relatively soon (next 6 hours for sure), just gonna...and I regret saying this, take the hike back to Whiterun from Winterhold to do some quests down there quickly (including a delivery for the Enchanter Dude who's name I can't remember.) before starting up Saarthal and hating everything.

  • March 8


    Please tell me that the Modder's Log isn't still at one entry? I'm really hoping that it's just me having some weird glitch because otherwise I've lost about 3 hours of typing and I'm not sure if I can really re-do it, or at least I won't like it as much as I did. What a fucking bummer man, last time I popped in I could swear it had three entries and now it's nearly empty...

    I might do some other stuff now, thats really bummed me out.

  • March 9

    Oh right, forgot to update this thread. I finished Entry 4 last night and worked on getting Entry 2 back up to...a decent starting point from when it was wiped out the other day. It isn't perfect, nor is it as good as it used to be but it'll do for now as a decent introduction to this character's main goal in Skyrim (getting Savos Aran to strip a curse from her) which I think is always an important thing to add. 

    I've started work on Entry 5, but to be honest I'm still very early in how far I've played (If I was to update it now, it'd be something like...Derrani walked down the road. :P) because I kind of got back into playing NBA 2K17 last night so, you know, can't update it with information from that game. 

  • March 11


    Alright, I've finally kicked my ass into gear and played Derrani for a bit longer today. BUT SAARTHAL WAS EASY, I'm just so dissapointed with tonight's gaming that I'm ending early, I was expecting a grand fight but I blitzed it easily.

    Anyway, Entry 5 is up and I might fix up Entry 3 tonight (we'll see, I doubt I'll have the time). Oh and by the way I've decided that I'm going to end Derrani's story for now after The College of Winterhold questline. Consider it a Book One of sorts, but for now I have to plan something out for what I'll do after completing the questline but none of them will really fit except maybe Raven Rock and Neloth...I dunno, Derrani won't be Dragonborn here so I won't be able to do as much as I'd like on Solstheim but I'll give it a shot. 

    I expect that means I'll be done at Entry 12 or maybe a week if I play this enough over the next few days.

  • March 13

    Excellent. Alright, so I've finished Entry 6 and 7 since I last updated the Hub and finished the atual playing part that should finish it up (I beat Morokei and Ancano). I expect there to be...1 entry for the Archmage's death (which will be purely in-character), another for Labrythian and the final one to kind of finish it off (so three more.) Basically I'll end up with 10 Entries for this Arc, after that I was thinking about adding more to each of the in-character bits and posting them as a story (I doubt I'll be including any other characters so they'd basically just be journal entries but it seems like a fun idea). 

    Anyway, be on the look out for Updates 8 and 9 tonight and most likely the end of the Arc tommorow. 

  • March 13

    Whoo, there we go. The second kind of (sorta, mostly) completed Modder's Log. Derrani Relvir's Journey has finally reached, well not an end but a brief pause and I've completed the first Modder's Log to go along with her journey.

    I realised awhile ago that if this ended up as long as it's going to, it just won't really work if I continue to use the current system of just adding entries (I could easily hit 20 by the end of the overall Log) so I decided to split it into multiple parts. This was the First Part, the College Arc if you want to call it something else, and it's technically complete at the moment (though I will be adding banners, and doing some small presentation alterations to the Log)

    This Modder's Hub will still work as a Hub for the following entries and anything else that branches off and thus will be updated further in the future. 

  • March 28

    Ah, blast, I forgot to leave a comment here. I've recently posted the second part of my Modder's Logit's set during the events of Oblivion, and I've just recently posted the Second Entry (or at least I'm writing it right now). I'll be giving it a quick comb over soon because I think I've mixed some things up (like writing about Vivec City and forgetting that Mournhold is just a part of the city of Almalexia). That and the fact that I think it was a little tone death, with me just trying to put as much information down without having it make sense.

    Anyway, it's up now and I'll be steaming ahead with Entries all week. I'm a grand total of Level Two (woo) and I have to say that Oblivion is far, far, far, far better than Skyrim in regards to it's locations. I just, love the Imperial City even without Better Cities and some of the ruins are so much more epic than anything in Skyrim. Everything just kind of feels more grounded there, if that makes sense.

  • March 30

    I posted a little mini-entry today to celebrate the fact that I hit Level Two, and I should be posting another today. Here is the link just in case anyone has missed it