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Modder's Log - The Arch-Atronach

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  • February 22

    Hello everybody. Yes, still working on all my other projects, but I wanted to jump on this while it was hot and this is more of an ongoing project rather than something that will be done right away. As you know, when Henantier's writeup is complete, I will be switching my attention to my next build, The Arch-Atronach, a build based on my reimagining of Urag gro-Shub as he is portrayed in my long-standing fanfiction series Straag Rod.  The story's main protagonist, Aelberon of Dusk, is actually based on an old Requiem playthrough using version 1.73 and Azirok's Dragonborn patch. A Paladin build that vanquished Alduin, completed Dawnguard, Winterhold, and the Companions, and was heavily into the Dragonborn dlc when I started building more and didn't have the time to focus on an intense Requiem playthrough. This isn't a mod I play all the time, but I do like it. 

    Part of the interesting feature of Urag gro-Shub in Straag Rod is that he is born - in my conception of the character - under the sign of the Atronach, a bit before Aelberon of Dusk was in the Third Era.  In Morrowind and Oblivion, this stone, was a fascinating stone to pick, giving the character great power, but at a huge price. In Skyrim, this means little, simply a +50 to magicka, 50% chance at spell absorption, and a slightly - come on, we all know it is nothing - 50% stunt to magicka regen, easily offset by restoration perks and robes. While working on the current Vanilla mechanic version of the build, me and Golden Fool stumbled upon an interesting glitch that works with the Unofficial patches. You can obtain zero magicka regen through the use of the Atronach stone and the two versions of Witbane that you can catch in the game. I have play-tested two versions of Urag with Vanilla/patched mechanics, one up to level 26 and it makes for interesting gameplay. Magicka with penalty. But the Atronach Stone was still not the true stone. It is supposed to be a stone of great power. +50 magicka didn't cut it. Not for this crazy Orc. 

    So when Teineeva coerced me - it was a pleasant form of coersion, basically he was playing and talking about it, and it made me wanna play again - into updating my NMM, my SKSE, and then finally Requiem, I decided, after a silly false start with a Farnstien Guliouche that the Urag build could work extremely well as a Requiem build. Not the dragonborn, not the hero, but a mage, a mage who has to work against insurmountable odds to achieve his goals. Working, despite the limitations and the stereotypes presented by his race. Eventually, once this playtest is finished, probably way after the initial build is completed, I will update the build with either a Requiem version or complete the build with a Requiem section that includes perkspreads and approach to the overhaul. But for now, in this thread, I will chronicle the rise of... 

     The Requiem Roleplaying Overhaul: Version 1.9.4. A mod that like YASH, makes extensive modifications to the game. It delevels the world and  makes how you roleplay and the choices you make matter. Combat AI is overhauled, as are enemies, equipment, spells, perks, and the environment. One of the most important modifications are those made to racial stats and starting attributes. Also, standing stones are treated more like birthsigns and arranged in groups. Once you select from a group - either the Mage, the Warrior, or the Thief - you cannot break from your group. Urag will be starting off with the Mage stone which grants +100 to magicka and then moving on to the Atronach stone, which in version 1.9.4 grants +350 magicka, a 50% chance to absorb incoming magical attacks, and -100000 regen, which in essence, he will be unable to replenish his magicka through regeneration. In addition, his magica potions are nerfed by 33% and he no longer can replenish magicka through the intake of food, which is a standard Requiem mechanic. More on why I am doing this crazy thing, below. I will also be playing with Fozar's Dragonborn patch, which remakes the Dragonborn DLC to conform to Requiem. I'm running the game, for the most part on default settings, so broken bows, exhaustion, gold and arrows have weight, can't unlock locks without spells or perks, neither can you lockpick. 

     Campfire & Frostfall: Two mods that impliment camping equipment and weather conditions to the game making for a more immersive experience. In  other words, designed to make Urag's life more miserable. 

     Immersive College of Winterhold: A mod that makes the College of Winterhold grander as an institution of learning. You can actually attend morning  classes, conduct experiments, and even more secrets lay hidden in the Midden. A must-have mod for a mage in Skyrim. 

     Spell Research: A mod based on the premise that learning spells takes time, mental energy and is something you can do on your own through the  gathering of materials, the study of your current roster of spells, and the acquisition of artifacts, not through just simply buying a spell tome from a master wizard and then just reading it. A comprehensive mod that works will with ICoW and Requiem to add to the magical experience in this playthrough. 

     Other mods: Immersive horses (makes horses better), Skytest (makes animals behave more realistically), Bandoliers Bags & Patches, Weapons and  Armors fix and Skyrim's Scholarly Adventures. The rest are simply either patches or texture enhancers. If people want, I can slap my load order and my rig information on this thread. 


    I am not approaching this Modder's Journal the same way Dragonborn approaches his, so I doubt I will be submitting any entries in character. What I will be doing is chronicling how I approached the game after each session. Good decisions I made and yes, bad decisions. I see it as sort of a written version of a let's play. I will not be updating entries on this initial post, but subsequently as others posts within this thread. This allows for more of a running commentary rather than having the initial post become bloated with information. Journal threads are something I am extremely familiar with, having run them before for a Requiem playthrough in the Steam Forums and then when I was an tropical fish enthusiast, I used to make journals of my aquarium builds, so this will be run along the same lines. Feel free to make commentary, especially those who have played Requiem. I have completed a Requiem build before, but I was extremely put off by the dragonborn patch that made me play differently than I wanted to to beat the game. I'm hoping that this Dragonborn patch will allow for some flexibility. 

       Race: Orc, giving you a whopping 60 magicka and boosts to none of the skills to be used except     One-handed. Yeah, you read that right. Sixty magicka to start off with. On the plus, he started with 130   health and 120 stamina. I did not opt to let level ups in stamina increase my carrying capicty. In fact,     most of my settings are straight Requiem default settings. 

       Skills: (Major Skills) Conjuration (Atronach, summoning, and Weapons branches), Alteration    (resistance and utility branches), Alchemy (potion and buffs, no poisons).  (Minor skills);  One-handed,  Marksmanship, Sneak, Enchanting. Conjuration, Alteration, and Alchemy trees will be  heavily perked.  When I did the math, this took me to level 48, which isn't bad for a Requiem  playthrough. 

       Stats: Since Requiem stats only increase by five on your level ups, some experimentation will    need to be done. I am currently thinking a 1:1 Magicka:Health ratio and ignoring stamina, as there are  other ways to buff it (Alchemy). Health for  survivability and magicka for the magic pool which needs to  be deep as it will be unable to be  regenerated. This old, old Orc has some tricks up his sleeve.

       Standing Stone & Shrine Blessing: Mage, then Atronach when Alchemy is high enough that I  can make decent  potions. Julianos for the blessing, until Urag pisses him off, which is entirely possible.  You can lose the favor of the gods in Requiem. While he's not evil, he is about getting the job done and  his beloved library and he's done some dark things in his past. 

       First three perks selected: After dying a bunch of times by selecting combat perks, I decided to    put two perks into Alchemy and then one on Conjuration. Might as well get to the crux of the build  already.

       Shouts: None. As in the Vanilla build this is not a dragonborn, which considering this is Requiem,    is probably a good thing. 

       Quests: Dungeon-delving, some Daedric quests, Book-related quests, some Black Book quests,    and some of Dawnguard, Artifact collecting, Blood on the Ice, and most importantly the College of  Winterhold questline. 

       Gear: As similar to the Vanilla build as possible which means Master robes of Alteration, ring of  choice, Ancano's gloves (A requiem thing), the Necromancer's amulet (which requires a base magicka  of 150 to wear  without penalty of death), Savo's arens boots or any resistance boots, and possibly  Vokun. Vokun grants a generous 20% cost reduction to Illusion, Alteration, and Conjuration. That being  said, it is also typically heavy armor, which would require that I either perk Heavy Armor up the left  side, not take mage armor perks in Alteration or I disable the heavy armor penalties for casting in the  MCM menus. The installation of Weapons & Armor fixes may allow me to designate Vokun as a mage's  mask, which makes sense anyway, since it's boosting three schools of magic! I dunno really, whatever  gear doesn't get me killed. :D

       Followers: Needed for this type of build. The Vanilla build doesn't need a follower, but Requiem is    a different animal. Gonna go with everybody's favorite Orc female. Borgakh the Steel-Heart, but in    the  beginning, any tanky Mercenary will suffice. 

       Home: College of Winterhold & a shack for the Hearthfire homes may be built for alchemy. 


    It's certainly been a while since I've played... ouch! 

     Dragon, schmagon. This is someone else's problem! I followed Ralof to avoid hammer and battle axe wielding Nords that come for you when you follow  Hadvar. Selected, as I said before, one perk in Conjuration (selecting Bound Sword & Summon ghostly warrior as my two spells to study) and two perks in Alchemy. Alchemic lore I believe they are called. Orcs don't have the benefit of bonuses in alchemy in Requiem, so basically, I can't make potions worth a sheeeeet unless I perk Alchemy. Initially, I was going to perk combat skills, as I usually first do in Vanilla, but my archery skills and one-handed skills were still poor and I didn't have the magicka to cast a basic mage armor spell or restoration's healing aura. Coincidently, I died a lot, until I did a third attempt where I perked Conjuration and Alchemy. Then I let Ralof and my piddly ghostly warrior do the work while I took advantage of my nice 146 starting carry-weight to harvest any alchemical ingredient I could find for later. And go figure, I select non-combat skills and this is the attempt that gets me through Helgen alive. I even managed to shoot some spiders with an Imperial bow and kill the bear. Following Ralof also gives the key carried by the torture master, which opens the cell with Novice robes and a Novice hood, finally givinng me enough magicka to cast a basic spell. Otherwise, you have to kill him and he's not easy. Magic really hurts, like warhammers and battle axes do. Took the ebony dagger and any gold. FREE STUFF.

    After Helgen, I harvested more ingredients along the path to Riverwood and avoided death by wolves and mudcrabs. Didn't take the Golden claw quest. No need and helped nobody in Riverwood. He's an Orc, not a saint and he probably deserved to be on that cart. See, he was sneaking across the border, but not heading to Skyrim, he was heading to Cyrodiil, to the Synod, thinking that they perhaps took it from him.  Urag is looking for something. Something that was stolen from him. Something that gives him the power he needs. Something he safeguards so that others will not do harm with it. A powerful relic he has had since the third Era, when he refused to return it on a quest for the Mage's Guild.  He will learn later who actually took it from him. Someone with Winterhold connections, not their rivals in the Synod, as he originally suspected. And this someone has dark plans for this special artifact indeed, dark plans to bring back someone dear to him. 

    With enough supplies from Riverwood, including a tent (Campfire), a research journal (Spell Research) and a bandolier (Bandolier Bags & Pouches) to help him carry all his alchemical supplies. Urag made the journey from Riverwood to Whiterun, letting his ghostly warrior kill all in his path. He helped... a little. Some useful ingredients he nabbed; snowberries, mudcrab chitin, all color varieties of mountain flowers, mori tapinella, salt, garlic, and thistle. The trip earned him a level up and I selected Alteration, choosing to study Mage Armor I and Absorbing Grasp. Believe it or not, he helped the Companions kill a giant and then promptly told them to tusk off, he's got better things to do. Spent two whole days in Whiterun. Told the Jarl about the dragon and said "sure" to a quest he'll never do. :P No dragon slaying for him, but oh boy, did he bring Farengar's Frost salts to Arcadia like a good biatch! There, he grabbed all her FREE STUFF and tried several potions. In fact, he grabbed everybody's FREE STUFF because this is Requiem and he wants to get to Winterhold without dying. Spent his nights for free at the Bannered Mare because he can chop wood and studied his bound sword spell over a hearty bowl of Bestial stew (wolf heart, milk, salmon meat and Malacath only knows what else). See, it's what real Orcs eat 'cause Requiem gives them the "Strong stomach" power. Who cares if he scared off half of Hulda's guests with the smell. He chopped wood for her, she can deal. He wants to eventually use the Spell Research mod to construct a bound bow spell, because he's too tuskin' cheap to spend the money at the vendors and when you see Requiem prices, you'll know why. On day three, he, like a total boss, took the tuskin' carriage to Winterhold. Take that Teineeva! :D He is currently warming up by the fire at the inn. Like a boss. 

     Amount died: Alot, until I started over for the third time and let Ralof and Mr. Ghosty do ALL THE WORK. Then none.  Level Reached: 2, put the  ever-so-precious, precious stat points into magicka, he's gonna need it. 



  • February 22

    Done with this, and now I'll play Mr. Buttons! Lol, told you this will take me a while. Look, I got Henantier to write up, Straag to work on, art to make for the RP profile, I'm collaborating on with Ronny Phelange and Spotted Fawn.  I will update, cause I really want Urag's build to have both perkspreads, a true hybrid build. 

    But this tooks a lot of writings and I's tireds. :(

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    February 22

    Taking carriages is for the lazy and the unadventurous I tell you!

    My Requiem mage: Floating-Frog (Or Setha-Shap in Jel), walked from Helgen to Winterhold. Accompanied by his trusty man-servant Hjoromir (Interesting NPCs for the win!) he eluded death by frostbite, death by sabretooth (three in total), death by frost troll and death by pretty much everything else the world had to throw at him only to finally falter when some bandits supposedly detected him (note that the bandits were outside at the base of wayward pass while Floating-frog and Hjoromir were passing some quality time in the Nightgate inn) and decided they would camp at the pass for a good week just so they could kill that one lizard they somehow smelled or something...

    That death was inevitable but as a vengeance I decided I wouldn't take their shit anymore and consoled them to oblivion. The rest of the trip was smooth if one ignores the horrifying effects of Frostfall beyond Wayward pass.

    See Liss, that's an epic worthy of the bards! Not like some silly orc taking a carriage from Whiterun to Winterhold!

    As to your perk choices: yeah guess what? picking non-combat perks actually reminds you that you're not worth shit in a fight and as such you tend to make absolutely sure you don't get involved in any. I went with resto, alteration and alchemy (then perked alchemy as soon as I could get that second perk into it) from the get-go and survived for far longer than you while taking more risks xD

  • February 22

    lol, I see this turning into a pissing contest between Urag and RUNNING-Frog, as we like to call him, eh Teineeva?  

    And we both know neither one of us are leaving the college until we have done some learning. 

  • February 22

    Awesome Liss, I wasn't expecting to see this one up for a couple weeks but this really is a pleasent suprise :D

    I love running atypical characters in overhauls for a reason that this shows excellently, you really do have to work extra hard to make it viable to run them even beyond what Requiem (or YASH) force you to do anyway. I really do think I have to side with Tein though, taking the blasted carriage is for wimps and weaklings, lose out on all the adventure and (minimum) 300 deaths along the way. If you don't die on your journey, it doesn't build character, a well known fact. :P

    Anyway, awesome Log so far Liss and I'm really looking forward to seeing it progress and watching the mighty Urag's journey across Skyrim (even if it is mostly on cart :P) 

  • February 22

    Just for shits and giggles Imma gonna get the bloody cart mod that makes it worthwhile. 

    But hey, there IS a reason why Urag is still alive. 

  • February 23
    Urag's on and the bloodletting can begin! Yay! Still want to play Grulmar in Requiem one day, so I'm gonna to pay close attention to this Broody Orc. :) Speaking of Broody, when is he going to get Necromancer's Amulet? And does it work the same way in Requiem? I mean that reduced Stamina regeneration...that has to hurt as a kick in the tusk in Requiem.
  • February 23

    Necromancer's Amulet - 

    • Effect : +200 fortified magicka, 30% cost reduction for Conjuration spells, -75% health&stamina regeneration.

    • Requirement : 150+ base magicka

    So, you need to have 150 base magicka to even wear it.  But that 30% cost reduction is gold and +200 magicka? At five points per level up? That's like 40 level ups! It's insane.  I'm not quite sure if base magicka is your naked magicka level without gear and includes STanding stones though. We'll find out, the amulet is really easy to get. :D And the health and stamina regen can easily be offset by alchemy. 

  • February 23
    +200 magicka. Well damn! That's not a little spit into a pool.
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    February 23
    Malacath's armpits! +200 magicka and a base requirement of 150 magicka. That's more than what most mage players would expect from an amulet.