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  • March 21

    Before I had to pause the playthrough to pick up my current 2-for-2 Event Build thingy, I'd found a really fun archery mod for my heavy-armored archer:

    This one, to be exact. It allows you to craft torch arrows and bolts for setting off fire traps, lighting up rooms from a distance, and dealing mild fire damage. It's a lot of fun for a build as focused on archery combat as the one I'm using it on.

    Man, that mod seems really awesome, I'd love to be able to really do some fun stuff with those. 

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    March 22
    I made a lot of use of them in tandem with oil spiders, to the point where it basically turned into a build constant.
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    March 24

    I have just downloaded King Crusader Mega Pack for Xbox One and am looking forward to trialling it. It is basically a small weapon/armour mod with a Summon Locust spell, and it looks freakin' awsome. Could be a potential Pelinal-inspired sort of thing for those who can dl (PC and Xbone) as the Song of Pelinal has the Whitestrake casting plague spells and summoning moths:

    Pelinal called out Haromir of Copper and Tea into a duel at the Tor, and ate his neck-veins while screaming praise to Reman, a name that no one knew yet. Gordhaur the Shaper's head was smashed upon the goat-faced altar of Ninendava, and in his wisdom Pelinal said a small plague spell to keep that evil from reforming by welkynd-magic.

    ...whether or not Pelinal was indeed the Shezarrine is best left unsaid (for once Plontinu, who favored the short sword, said it, and that night he was smothered by moths).

    Locusts, then, are not too much of a stretch. Combine that with some of the mods Pestilence recommends in his Character Build: The First Horseman of the Apocalypse (Modded), and I reckon a Pelinal build actually inspired by the ada as portrayed in the book could be achieved very nicely indeed. Forget the holy crusader shit, eating neck veins, smashing heads on goat-faced alters, and doing this...

    [and Pelinal] came to Perrif's camp of rebels holding a sword and mace, both encrusted with the smashed viscera of elven faces, feathers and magic beads, which were the markings of the Ayleidoon, stuck to the redness that hung from his weapons, and he lifted them, saying: "These were their eastern chieftains, no longer full of their talking."

    ... Is what Pelinal the Blamer is about :)