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Profile: Walks-In-Darkness

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    December 19, 2017

    This page is more of a personal reminder of my ever changing character, hopefully it'll function as an anchor as well so I don't stray too far off the idea. Don't be surprised if the information below changes a lot, though.



    Name: Walks-In-Darkness

    Aliases: Ebonslayer

    Sex: Male

    Race: Argonian Vampire

    Class: Nightblade

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Age: 64



    Skin Tone: Black and red in some spots on the face

    Height: 5'9"

    Weight: 180 lb

    Build: Broad shoulders and muscled arms and legs but not insanely large or muscular.

    Eyes: Glowing gold vampire eyes.

    Horns, Feathers, And Fins: Two straight horns pointing backwards with a dorsal fin between them.

    Scars: 3 scars across his left face vertically and a small scar across his forehead.

    Tattoos: Dull red tattoos that have ran in his family for centuries line his body from neck to foot. They were cut into his skin in his teenage years (if vampires even have those) with Nirncrux which makes him far stronger.

    Other features: Extremely smooth scales that don't reflect light. In fact, the scales are more skin than scale.

    Weapons: The shortsword, Chillrend, that he carries on his back, an ebony Blade Of Woe dagger sheathed on his right hip, and occasionally a katana and wakizashi carried edge-up on his left hip. He can also be seen walking around with a quarterstaff sometimes. He also carries a longbow on his back and prefers to summon Shadow arrows instead of keeping a quiver. On his back belt he carries a small, one handed crossbow with an automatic reloading mechanism replete with enchanted Ebony bolts designed for Daedra.

    Apparel: Akaviri-inspired leather armor with a light solid breastplate hidden under the chestpiece. He also wears a vial chest bandolier and a fur bandolier that holds his sword. During important events he may wear a ceremonial Akaviri hakama.



    Place Of Birth: Cloud Ruler Temple, Cyrodiil.

    Family: His mother was the 3rd Ebonslayer who taught him everything she knew about shadow magic and was slain 30 years after his birth. His father ran off when he heard Walks' mother was a vampire. His 5 siblings had died shortly after birth from powerful potions designed to enhance their capabilities.

    Birthsign: The Shadow.

    Religion: Has a bit of devotion to Akatosh but doesn't usually go out of his way to pray unless he's lost.

    Affiliations: Imperial Legion, the Blades.

    Tribe Of Origin: Kota-Vimleel or Black Tongues, master alchemists who are very loyal to the Shadowscales and even have potions that can influence female's egg-laying cycles to hatch under the Shadow constellation.

    Occupation: Former assassin in employ of the Emperor and technically a Daedra hunter.

    Residence: He has "resting spots" all over Tamriel ranging everywhere from abandoned Dwemer Ruins to defunct Dark Brotherhood sanctuaries, he uses these places as temporary residences depending on what province he's in at the time.

    Training: He has trained with the Blades in Cloud Ruler Temple in combat since he was a child, masterfully learning combat with katana weapons. He has also trained in Hammerfell with scimitars, Morrowind with polearms and staves, the Moth Priests in unarmed combat, Valenwood with bows and crossbows, and elsewhere in Cyrodiil and Skyrim with straight blades. He is dangerous with nearly all weapon types and even without one but has taken a liking to shortswords and quarterstaves. He has also trained with Legion generals in the art of war, learning leadership abilities such as formations, tactics, and keeping morale up. He also trained with a Shadowscale in stealth and has specifically mastered that art, this assassin has also taught him how to use the power of Moonshadow.

    Other Skills: Training with his mother has given him a deep understanding of Shadow Magic used by the Nightblades in the Second Era as well as advances to it over the last 1000 years. On top of this he also has substantial alchemical ability due to his ancestors passing down the knowledge of the Kota-Vimleel. He also has extensive knowledge in forging blades, bows, and armor.

    Special Powers: Besides his Moonshadow and the substantial abilities that come with being a vampire, shortly after birth he was given a powerful potion instead of Hist Sap, this solution is lethal to non-vampires and even has a high chance to kill vampire newborns like him but the survivors are given strength and speed enough to challenge the most powerful vampires, they don't burn in the sun like normal vampires but are still weakened, their skin becomes its natural color instead of vampiric pale in order to better fit in with the populace, and their Shadow Magic is highly strengthened. The Nirncrux cut into his flesh in the form of tattoos that greatly increase his strength.

    Magic: He has learned many powerful shadow abilities such as shadow summoning, stepping through shadows, siphoning, and some other extremely powerful Shadow Magics such as the ability to pull a part of another Shadow Realm into his own temporarily, he usually prefers to choose a Realm where magic is non-existent, basically creating an "anti-magic field". Being a vampire he also has Vampiric Magic such as mist form, turning into a swarm of bats, and drain magic which is far superior to his siphoning but prefers to avoid using it as he finds it gruesome. Unfortunately, both of these are hated in some parts of Tamriel, Shadow Magic is hated and sometimes even illegal in some parts of Skyrim and Hammerfell so he needs to use them sparingly in those provinces and using Vampiric Magic will get you executed all over Tamriel. He is also taught basic restoration magic to heal wounds mid mission.

    Combat Style: Walks-In-Darkness attempts to take advantage of his extreme speed and strength to quickly overcome enemies be it with blade or blunt weapon. If worse comes to worst he will attempt to use shadow or vampiric magic to gain the upper hand.

    Flaws: He's very quiet from years of being on the roads alone, very paranoid and typically tries to drive people away, a full-blown pessimist who always expects the worst to happen (though that might also be a good thing), and the mutagens he took as a child make him more susceptible to shadows, such that his grasp on reality is slim, making him a borderline depressed person. Besides this he is not accustomed to consuming large amounts of blood and using drain magic or draining a victim dry through their jugular can quickly put him in a blood craze. He also has a phobia of slaughterfish so he tries to avoid water when possible.

    Interests: Meditation helps push out negative emotions. He also likes alchemy and will brew potions whenever he can, even being one of the few people to carry a mortal and pestle around after the alchemical laboratory was created.

    Citizenship: Has legal documentation to go anywhere in Tamriel but takes care to avoid the Thalmor since he's still a Blade.

    Personality: He is a Nihilist, and cares not about lives he takes or wastes in his goal: protecting the Empire. He is a very "ends justify the means" type person, which makes him very effective.


    Backstory: Born to a family of Shadowscales-turned-Blades, Walks-In-Darkness was the 4th Ebonslayer serving the Emperor of Tamriel for the last 200 years since Hides-In-Shadow, the last Champion Of Cyrodiil, swore his oath to Martin Septim in the great hall of Cloud Ruler Temple. He was one of six other siblings but after birth the children were given very powerful solutions that were intended to replace Hist Sap in the birthing process but also make the already vampire hatchling drinking it far stronger and faster than normal, all but superhuman. In exchange survival rate is low and he was the only survivor of the six.

    For the next 30 years after birth he was trained all over Tamriel in combat, stealth, and magic, rapidly becoming a very dangerous combatant and possibly one of the most dangerous to walk Tamriel in the past 200 years. At the end of those 30 years of training his mother had died on a contract and he swore his oath to the Emperor in the great hall of Cloud Ruler Temple like his mother before him.

    After the White-Gold Concordat was signed he continued serving the Emperor in secret for the next 20 years, his identity was a secret to all but the Blades from Cloud Ruler Temple and the Emperor. Eventually though, the Thalmor caught on to some of their agents disappearing and started pointing fingers. Not wanting to risk the Emperor's life the Ebonslayer dropped contact with the Emperor but not before getting one final contract: assassinate Ulfric Stormcloak.

    Once in Skyrim, the assassin appointed General Tullius in charge of the Imperial troops there and together they turned the tides against the Stormcloaks and eventually came up with a plan to capture Ulfric. They'd send a courier ahead saying "an ally" had vital information on Imperial activities and Ulfric was to meet him at Darkwater Crossing. Once there, Walks-In-Darkness had called for their unconventional surrender while Imperial troops surrounded them, Ulfric ordered his men to drop his weapons and they were tied up and prepared to be taken to Helgen for execution.

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    December 21, 2017

    Huh, I swear I replied to this yesterday...

    Eventhough you're gonna change parts of the profile I really like the character, Ebon. Very detailed and interesting, plus like I said to Delidas we don't see enough Argonians around these parts. Oh and also the inclusion of Shadow Magic is awesome, love that stuff!

    This is stickied btw :)

  • December 24, 2017

    Sorry, I've been working on Urag and I missed this. Neat profile Ebon.

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    January 28, 2019

    Edited this as well, though not as much as the others. He did undergo an alignment change like Hides, though, in that he was changed to Lawful Evil, which again I feel may need to be justified. I chose Lawful Evil because, unlike Hides, he actually looks at what he's doing and decides "it's necessary". He accepts the fact that he murders people to protect the Empire, and many of his marks aren't even bad people, just ones that pose a threat. His ends justify the means mentality is what makes him Evil in my eyes, though he does it all in the name of the Empire hence Lawful.