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  • October 27, 2017
    Name: Rovaan Aliases: The Wanderer Sex: Male Race: Nord Class: Warrior Monk Alignment: Neutral Good Title(s): Dragonborn. Honorary Skaal Age: 31 Appearance Skin Tone: Fair complexion Height: 5'11" Weight: 170 lbs Build: Athletic. Capable of wielding heavy weaponry, yet has the stamina of an ultramarathon runner. Eyes: Light Blue Hair: Auburn Apparel: Master Robes of Illusion, Enchanted boots and jewelry. Aetherial Crown Tattoos/Scars: Scars on left side of face from a bear attack. Weapons: Ebony Daggers, Dragonbone Greatsword, Stalhrim Battleaxe, Daedric Bow, Dwarven Crossbow, assorted scrolls and Shouts. Background Special Abilities/Skills: A master of sword, axe, and bow, this warrior crafts his own weapons and embues some of them with devastating enchantments and poisons. He wears no armor, instead choosing to utilize his knowledge of the Alteration school to protect himself from both physical and magical damage. He has rudimentary knowledge of Destruction and Conjuration, but chooses to utilize Master level spells in the form of one off scrolls. He has been gifted by Kyne with the power to project his voice into a Thu'um. This gift must not be misused, for doing so is against his personal code of ethics. Place of Birth: Bruma, Cyrodiil Religion: The Nordic Pantheon of the Divines. Ysmir and Kyne are central to his code of morals and he distrusts Daedra. Residence: He rarely stays in one place long enough to feel at home. However, the College of Winterhold and The Bard's College are two places where he keeps possessions. Political Affiliations: He views the current conflict in Skyrim with ambiguity. He sees the pros and cons of both sides, but views the return of the Dragons as the most pressing matter. Occupation: Warrior and Monastic wanderer Organizations/Factions: Bard's College, College of Winterhold, The Greybeards, Skaal Village. Favorite food/drink: Venison and the various potions he makes to improve his prowess on the battlefield. Interests: Travelling, Hunting, Researching the various traditions and histories of Skyrim. Flaws: He is very ambivalent and a bit too curious for his own good. Nonetheless, he strives to do the right thing and feels compelled to help anyone who crosses his path. Citizenship: As a foreign born Nord, he is a citizen of Cyrodiil, but calls Skyrim his home. Relationships: He keeps to himself, but helps anyone who crosses his path. Personality: Ronaav is a quiet soul. Receptive, perceptive, he goes about his daily life with one foot on the ground and his head in the clouds. Those who cross his path are engaged cautiously, for he never knows if he needs to draw a blade. As a monk, he has been called for a higher purpose, and part of that purpose is being of service to the various communities he visits. He strives to live honorably, but knows that sometimes you have to compromise and bow to the wisdom of the moment. Backstory Ronaav was born in the city of Bruma, Cyrodiil to a Nord legionaire father and Skaal mother. The father was a very stern man who had equal parts Nord ferocity and Imperial Legion discipline. The mother was a seeress of sorts. She often had visions and intuitions that seemed to come from nowhere, but they always rang true. An adept Alchemist and healer, she traveled to Cyrodiil for a better life, and to further educate herself. Dovaan's father was born and raised in Windhelm. He joined the Legion upon reaching adulthood, and met his future wife when her boat landed in Windhelm. A few years later, they both settled in Bruma, not wanting to be too far from the wintry landscape of their homelands. In 170, Dovaan was born. He was given the name after his mother had a vision of a stone etching bearing the word whispered to her that her child would grow up to be a wanderer. Exactly one year later, the Great War began. While his father was deployed to the frontlines in Cyrodiil, his mother took him to a cabin in the remote mountains of the Jerralls. It was here where Dovaan spent his youth. 5 years later, Dovaan's father returned scarred and shellshocked. He lived out the rest of his days in fear of Thalmor agents. One night, the unthinkable happened. A band of Thalmor justiciars descended upon their cabin. Dovaan was able to escape, thanks to his mother's vision of what was about to happen. She gave him a bow, an axe, and a handful of coins; telling him to follow the path of Kyne, and to never return home. Dovaan was hesitant, and hugged his mother before fleeing. The following day, he reached the ruins of Cloud Ruler Temple. When he looked back towards his childhood home, he saw a plume of white smoke. From that day on, he began his studies. He wanted to know more about his culture and history, so he spent every spare septim he could on books. He trained in swordsmanship and learned a couple of spells. He lived as a monk in a temple venerating Kynareth, but his heart yearned for adventure, his mind for knowledge, and his spirit for connection to his matron goddess. Kynareth was not the Kyne he was reared with, so he hung up his robes and set out for Skyrim. He crossed the border through a remote pass and headed east. While searching for game, he came across a standoff between Imperial soldiers and Stormcloak rebels. He was spotted and arrested for treason. Confused and hurt by this accusation, he just meekly laid down his weapons, stripped off his ragged clothes, and quietly got onto a wagon with three other prisoners, and went to sleep. The rest, as they say, is history. Skyrim [A separate section can be handy for talking about how the character fits into the stories of the game.Major choices, or objectives, or where they find themselves when you're finished playing them.]
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    October 27, 2017

    Hey Kodaav! Always good to see a new profile, and this sure is an interesting one. You've got all the vital info, which is great, and for a first profile its even better. If I had to request something, would it be possible to format everything a little neater? Adding lines in between info to make it easier to read, subtitles for different sections, a few images to make everything look a little nicer etc. Good start though!

  • October 27, 2017
    Sure thing! I'm still in the process of figuring things out, but I appreciate the compliment.