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Profile: Barbie

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  • October 23, 2017

    Name: Barbra Cassiana        Aliases: Barbie        Race: Imperial        Class: Mage (Restoration / Alteration)


                    Barbra “Barbie” Cassiana was born in the Imperial City in 4E 184. She’s the only daughter of Elen and Titus Cassiana, a very rich couple who owns a famous book store in the Imperial City. Since early childhood Barbie fell in love with books, especially adventurous and romantic stories such as “The Argonian Accounts”


    , “The Wolf Queen” series, “Silence” and “A Dance in Fire” series (her favourite book). Her tutors considered her a prodigy, and suggested her father to send her to a top college once she’d come of age. She’s also learned to play the lute at the age of 5, and has a beautiful soprano voice.

                    Her parents are worshipers of the divines, her mother is especially devoted to Mara. Barbie is not as devoted as her parents, but she does believe in the core values of the cult of the divines such as compassion, mercy and kindness to others. It’s important to note that since the White-Gold Concordat many worshipers of the divines do not worship Talos anymore, and as good law-abiding citizens Barbie and her family do not worship the Hero-God.

                    Despite loving her life of privilege in the Imperial City Barbie hates politics, and was tired of having to hear political conversations everywhere. By the time she came of age she chose to study at the College of Winterhold in Skyrim. Not only because she wanted to study magic but also because at the College she would be as far away from politics as possible. Thus, at the age of 17 she joined the College as an apprentice and her journey through Skyrim began…


    Alignment: Good, she only engages in combat with other people or beasts to defend herself. She also never steals anything. 

    Titles: Master wizard of the College of Winterhold                                         Level at the time this profile was made: 22
               Full-fledged bard

    Age: 17 at game start                                                                                       Apparel: Master robes (primary)

    Appearance: White, 1.80cm, 62kg, slim, blue eyes, blonde 

    Weapons: Spells (primary), Staff of Magnus                                                     Date and place of Birth: 22 Hearthfire, 4E 184 Imperial City

    Special Abilities: Voice of the Emperor                                                     
                               Imperial Luck                                                                           Residence: College of Winterhold
                               The Lady Stone
                               The Gift of the Gab

    Religion: Divines (except for Talos)

    Political affiliations: Empire, but not taking part in political conflicts      Occupation: Master wizard of the College of Winterhold

    Organization/Factions: College of Winterhold                                                  Favourite food: Elsweyr fondue
                                          Bard’s College                                  
                                          Vigilants of Stendarr (after Azura’s star quest)              Citizenship status: Immigrant from Cyrodill
                                           Dawnguard (after Azura’s star quest)

    Relationships: Stenvar – lover, follower                                                                Interests: Magic, Arts, Fashion
                             Tolfdir – friend, boss
                             Brelyna Marion – friend, follower
                             Onmund – friend, follower
                             J’zargo – friend, follower (deceased - Mzulft)
                             Meeko – pet, follower (deceased – Dead Man’s Respite)

    Qualities: Good, Affable, Trustworthy, Cheerful, Smart, Dedicated student, Confident, Creative, Polite, Courageous, Charismatic, Integrous, Helpful
    Flaws: Naïve, Immature, Vain, Shallow, Needy, Emotional, Ignorant to political issues


                 After joining the College of Winterhold Barbie and her classmates went to the ruins of Saarthal in an expedition. Under Saarthal Barbie got a mysterious message from a Psijic Order monk and deeper inside the ruins found the enigmatic Eye of Magnus. Her quest eventually took her to the Midden, where she received instructions from the ancient Augur of Dunlain about where to find the Staff of Magnus, the only artefact capable of controlling the Eye. The Augur told Barbie she'd get more information on the Staff at the Dwemer ruins of Mzulft.               

               On her way to the Dwemer city Barbie felt a strange and inexplicable urge to visit the shrine of Azura located near Winterhold. On the shrine she met a dark elf called Aranea Ienith, who claimed she had a vision that Barbie was sent by Azura to recover the mythical Azura’s Star from the necromancer Malyn Varen. Barbie didn’t give it too much thought at the time, but felt like the elf was genuine about her vision and promised to help recovering the artefact. 

                   The situation at the college was a much more pressing matter though, so Barbie and her friend J’zargo went to Mzulft immediately. However, the two college apprentices were no match for the ancient automatons, and J’zargo was killed before he could escape Mzulft. Devastated by the loss of her friend Barbie tried to drink away her sorrow and desperation at the Candlehearth Inn in Windhelm when she was approached by the mercenary Stenvar. 

             The strong and fair looking Nord offered to help her clearing the ruins, and with nothing to lose Barbie accepted. Together they destroyed all Dwemer automatons and Falmer within Mzulft, and finally met with the Synod monk Paratus Decimus at the Oculory. To use the Dwemer machine and discover the location of the Staff of Magnus however, Barbie had to learn the Frostbite spell (since she did not know any frost spell at this stage). It took her 3 days of intensive study to learn the spell, and during this time she got intimate with Stenvar and fell in love with the mercenary. 

                Upon returning to Winterhold Barbra found out that the Thalmor emissary Ancano had somehow activated the Eye of Magnus and locked himself away inside the College. Barbie, Archmage Aren and Master wizard Ervine tried to stop Ancano but in the middle of the fight Barbie was knocked down unconscious. After regaining consciousness Barbie found the Archmage dead, and the only way she could stop Ancano’s madness was by acquiring the Staff of Magnus as soon as possible.

               With the Staff locked away inside the dangerous ruins of Labyrinthian, Barbie once again asked for Stenvar to be on her side. Together they dealt with the draugr inside the ruins and finally killed the terrifying Dragon Priest who wielded the Staff of Magnus. Back at the college she managed to stop Ancano and put an end to the crisis. With the deaths of Archmage Aren and Master wizard Ervine the two positions became available. Barbie was granted the honour of being the College’s youngest Master wizard in its history, while Tolfdir was chosen as the new Archmage.

               After dealing with the crisis at the College, Barbie and her friend Brelyna went to Ilinalta’s Deep to find Azura’s Star. She never considered Azura to be evil, but after seeing the corruption the Queen of the Night Sky caused to Malyn Varen she changed her mind. Barbie realised that all daedra are evil and they should not be allowed in this world, so she hid away the Broken Star and Malyn Varen's Grimoire deep inside the Midden Dark, hoping no one can ever find them. After this traumatic experience Barbie decided to join the Vigilants of the Stendarr and the Dawnguard, and made riding the world of daedra and undead her life mission. (to be continued)

    Barbie uses spells and staves, and only wields weapon as a last resort. This video shows how Barbie fights a tough battle. 


    If you can't see the embed video, try this:



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    October 23, 2017

    The presentation is really good and the video is a nice added bonus! Dat nickname though! :D I might be mistaken but I think this is your first post in the site so well done and looking forward for more! 

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    October 23, 2017

    Well I can't say I wasn't surprised when I saw the title, and maybe a tiny bit of scepticism crept into my mind, but consider that completely washed away! This is a crackin' profile Sarah. I always say I like a bit of comedy and this definitely delivered that and more, you took a fun concept and turned it into something high quality, and most importantly enjoyable to read. Plus I have a soft spot for inserting things into Skyrim and justifying it via RP, it's my favourite thing to do.

    As far as content is concerned there's nothing to add. I really, really like stuff like the 'Relationships' and Events in Skyrim' section. Not necessarily vital but adds loads of depth, and so makes the profile that much more interesting and believeable. You've included everything needed to tell me everything about the character and done it concisely, no complaints here.

    And then there's presentation... It's amazing! I really like the format for the 'Appearance and Personality' section, nice little change to the norm, you've obviously put effort into the pictures and they fit the overall theme of the profile well, and given that this is not only your first profile but your first contribution to the site I'm bloody impressed.

    Very well done, Sarah, I think it's great, and I hope you have many more character's to show in the future! Oh, and I'm stickying this :)

  • October 23, 2017

    Thank you guys, I'm very glad you liked it! I feel pretty excited now to work on my future builds!  :D

    And for Barbie it’s like, it's the first (and possibly last) time I'm playing Tropical Skyrim and I just wanted to create a girly character that would sorta fit the ridiculousness of the setting lol I mean, I think the mod looks amazing, but it just doesn’t fit Skyrim, obviously.

    And I always create evil or morally dubious characters and with Barbie I can play with a character that’s 100% good and innocent, which is something I rarely do in an RPG game (with all the character flaws that comes with being a good, innocent and privileged in this case).

    Anyway, I’m having a lot of fun with this character, I have the Vigilants, Dawnguard and Undeath questlines to do, but after that I really don’t know what else would be there for her to do really… I could start the main quest, but Barbie as Dragonborn seems a bit far-fetched hahaha

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    October 25, 2017

    Just thought I'd pass it on: Barbra Cassiana made the Vault's Twitter page.

    Great profile, BTW! My gut reaction was, "Great, and what next... My Little Pony?" But this is fantastic, and the accompanying vid is awesome! ;D

  • October 25, 2017

    ShinJin said:

    Just thought I'd pass it on: Barbra Cassiana made the Vault's Twitter page.

    Great profile, BTW! My gut reaction was, "Great, and what next... My Little Pony?" But this is fantastic, and the accompanying vid is awesome! ;D

    Haha, I just saw the tweet, lovely! Thank you :) 

    You just had a great idea for a mod! Convert all game horses to Ponies from My Little Ponies xD (Shadowmere = Queen Chrysalis) 
    And all wolves could be converted into the Diamond Dogs lol

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    October 25, 2017

    Sarah Lannister said:

    You just had a great idea for a mod! Convert all game horses to Ponies from My Little Ponies xD (Shadowmere = Queen Chrysalis) 
    And all wolves could be converted into the Diamond Dogs lol

    Just had to check... alas, any good ideas I ever have come waaaaay after the fact... Skyrim My Little Pony Mod - companions - summons - mounts - etc xD


  • October 25, 2017

    Holy Gzuz! That is the cutest thing ever!!! <3 Guess you can never underestimate the modding community lol 


    Update: downloaded the mod and I'm definitely installing it in my next playthrough lol 

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    October 26, 2017

    Congratulations on a well-deserved feature. Amazing format, amazing character depth, amazing everything. Well done!

  • November 16, 2017

    Rogue said:

    Congratulations on a well-deserved feature. Amazing format, amazing character depth, amazing everything. Well done!


    Thank you! :)