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Skyrim Roleplaying - Please read before posting

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    November 7, 2016

    Hello dear reader, ZonnoSpark here, to welcome you to the Roleplaying group, the place of TamrielVault where you can find everything and anything related to roleplaying in Skyrim, character profiles and roleplaying guides.


    To keep this group as organized as possible, and to allow your contributions to be easily found, we invite you to follow these simple group rules for any new posts:


    1. Proper formatted titles:

    To keep posts in a uniform look, every discussion needs a proper title. These should be as following:
    We have 4 types of posts and the title starts with these, i.e:

    Discussion: Ideas to rp, questions that need dedicated posts

    Profile: Ulfric Stormcloak

    Guide: Roleplaying a Monk

    Other: this tag is for discussions that don’t match in any existing category


    2. Tags: Please add the following tags to your contributions. Posts can have up to 2 'official' tags and any additional tags

    First official tag:



    Second official tag:


    In the next few weeks/months, we will be explaining what the tag RP:Series means, but for now, we'll leave it a mystery.

    We will also be making a Roleplaying Archive, which will work with these tags, so we urge you, to update your own posts accordingly, to enter the archive. As hosts we will do our best to update older posts as well but more hands can accomplish much more.

    This post might be updatet, so feel free to check back every now and then. 



    Thank you for showing interest in the Roleplaying group and we look forward to read all your future posts, guides, discussions, profiles and contributions.


    Your hosts,