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    November 16

    mitch blatt said:

    It fits my character to take Hadvar/Ralof's adivce to "probably split up" (or at least, I can't see a reason why he'd ignore that advice), and head east toward Riften. He'll pass by Treva's Watch and help Stalleo, but I need an RP reason for him to go from there to Halted Stream Camp. I don't think it's well-known that the bandits there have a tome that can turn iron to gold.

    Sorry, Mitch, didn't see this until now.

    Depending on the morality of your character, if a farmer in need or a recently robbed merchant asked for something that the bandits in the camp recently pilfered, a budding adventurer would definitely take up that opportunity to kick some booty there, even if it was out their way. IF they're a bit more dubiously inclined, maybe they see another group of bad guys as competition, or an opportunity to gain a foothold in the area. Maybe they were so desperate for food or water on their travels that they were forced to go out their way and arrived there by chance. The possibilities are endless.