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Roleplaying Guide: Daedric Worship

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    October 4, 2014


    "Madness is a bitter mercy, perhaps, but a mercy nonetheless."


    This guide will be running through the basics, nacks and crannies and the meaning of the worship of the Daedric Princes. We will be covering; Each of the Princes, what they are associated with and what worshiping them means. The difference between Daedra and Aedra, and a set of questions to further develop why you are worshiping Daedra.


    "We have been preparing for the coming of Lord Dagon for many months now. The time of preparation is almost over, and the time of cleansing is nigh."

    -Mythic Dawn Agent

    We will firstly start with the Daedric Princes, what is associated with them and what worshiping them means. Without further ado, lets begin;

    • Azura - The female Deity who maintains/draws power from the balance of night and day, light and dark. Azura is associated with the balance between day and night. To worship her, you should pray daily, or weekly, this is up to how 'devout' you are. Some over zealous mer or men might only wake during Dusk and Dawn as for that is Azura's time. Azura's priestess and priests wear robes, so you may want to wear robes, however it is not required. 

    • Boethiah - A Deity of deceit, secrecy, conspiracy, treason, and unlawful overthrow of authority. As a worshiper of Boethiah, you can complete the Civil War quest line, supporting the Stormcloaks. as Boethiah is associated with the 'unlawful overthrow of authority'. You would want to be a warrior, either wielding light or heavy armor and a weapon of some sort.

    • Clavicus Vile - A shape-shifter, who grants power and wishes through ritual invocations and pact. If your character worships Calvicus Vile, you will want to raise your speech and barter skills. If your character idolizes Calvicus lots, you might want to get Meeko or another dog as a pet to resemble him. When praying to him, you might even strike a wager, in which he would show great interest in.

    • Hermaeus Mora - The formless Daedra of knowledge and memory, seeks to possess all that is knowable. To worship Hermaeus Mora, you would have to be a scholar or a researcher of some sort and you would want to further extend your knowlage. A good DLC for Hermaeus Mora is Dragonborn, as it features his plane of Oblivion.

    • Hircine - The Prince of the hunt, sport, the Great Game, and the Chase. To be a hunter of Hircine, you might want to contract the 'gift' of  lycanthropy from the Companions or the ring of Hircine. You would hunt the biggest game possible, trolls, bears, sabre cats etc. Turn into a werewolf at night (if you have lycanthropy) and slaughter all in sight, embrace your gift. (see this)

    • Jyggalag - The Prince logical order and deduction, upholds strict order above all else. Jyggalag's followers have not been heard of since the Hero of Kvatch entered the Oblivion Portal into the realm of Sheogroath, however you could be the first in a long time. Uphold logic and order, this means you cannot join the Stormcloaks, as they are rather barbaric in their ways. You could support the Thalmor if you wish however, as they employ strict order. Pray to Jyggalag weekly/daily and hate the madmen of Sheogorath.

    • Malacath - The Prince whose sphere is the patronage of the spurned and ostracized. Malacath is the father of all Orcs, and to worship him, you should probably be an orc. Follow the code of Malacath with honor. Be a warrior, not some petty mage or archer. Perhaps you could become a chief of an Orc Stronghold?

    • Mehrunes Dagon - The Prince of destruction, violent upheaval, energy, and mortal ambition. There was actually a full cult devouted to this prince of destruction, however it was defeated during the Oblivion crisis, it was known as the Mythic Dawn. At the time of Skyrim there is only remanments, but prehaps you are one of them. You hear about the Mythic Dawn museum opening in Dawnstar, maybe its time to restart the Mythic Dawn and claim it for lord Dagon.

    • Mephala - The Prince of unknown plots and obfuscation, a master manipulator, a sewer of discord. Worshipers of Mephala embrace spiders and the like, making them rather, unsociable. You might want to have a low speech/barter. Many of Mephala's followers are prostitutes, courtesans, spies, collectors of secrets and assassins. 

    • Meridia - A female Deity, the patron of the energies of all living things, enemy of the undead and all who disrupt the flow of life. Meridia is considered 'less evil' then other Daedra due to her hatred of the undead and necromancy, this means you, as a worshiper, probably hate the undead and Mephala. You could be a paladin for example, and fight undead and the like in Meridia's name. You should have an pilgrimage up to her shrine every so often. 

    • Molag Bal - The Prince of domination and spiritual enslavement, seeks to ensnare souls within his domain. Molag Bal worshipers are usually vampires, because Molag Bal started the disease of vampirism. You should become a vampire and side with the Volkhair Vampires during Dawnguard. You should sacrifice people in the name of Molag Bal and send them to his ever growing slave pens, then feast from the sacrifice.

    • Namira - A female Diety of the "ancient darkness", the patron of all things considered repulsive. Namira's followers are usually beggars and cannibals, this means you should do her quest and get the ring of Namira as soon possible. You could also be homeless, then work your way up to be the champion of Namira. 

    • Nocturnal - A female Deity of the night and darkness, the patron of all things secretive. [SPOILERS] You should probably refrain from worshiping her in till you complete the Thieves Guild quest line, because that's when you become a follower of Nocturnal, a Nightingales. Continue your thieving business, because all Nocturnal wants you to do is to protect the Twilight Specular.

    • Peryite - The Taskmaster, the Daedric Prince of Pestilence, desires order in his domain. Peryite's followers bear a disease at almost all time, and use the poison runes and poison their enemies, this means they need good alchemy. Riften is a good place to live, as the atmosphere is great and there is a whole sewer system. When praying to Peryite, make sure you praise the gift of poison.

    • Sanguine - the Prince of hedonism, debauchery, and the further indulgences of ones darker natures. As a follower of Sanguine, enjoy all alcohols and drugs as you wish, perhaps have a party. This might seem all jolly, however Sanguine would wish you to something extraordinary, perhaps kill a wealthy guest or steal someones clothes, anything really.

    • Sheogorath - The infamous Prince of Madness, whose motives are unknowable. Sheogorath! Ah! My favoriute! As a devout follower of Sheogorath, do anything crazy! Murder a chicken and eat its guts raw while running around in circles. Wear no pants! EAT CHEESE! Charmed.

    • Vaermina - A female Deity of dreams and nightmares, a deliverer of evil omens and dark portents. As a follower of Vaermina, do things to spread the reach of Vaermina's foul dreams, make shrines around Skyrim, kill family members. Do things to make people scared, and make Vaermina feared. 


    "I smell weakness..." 


    Here are some questions to decide if your character should/shouldn't worship Daedra;

    • Is he/she a race that stereotypically worships a Daedra?
    • Has he/she has some sort of run in with a Daedra?
    • Has he/she evil by nature?
    • Does he/she seek power
    • What does he/she has in common with the Daedric Princes' goals?


    Thanks to: Tom for his Peryite suggestion.

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    October 4, 2014

    Awesome work, Alex, thanks for contributing a quality guide! I'll definitely see if there's some worthwhile feedback I can give when I'm properly awake!

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    October 4, 2014

    Thanks Boro, I'll probably make some major edits in the next couple of days. Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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    October 4, 2014

    For Peryite, contract a disease and use the Poison Rune spell and poisons.

    EDIT: Disease and Petulence have an order to them as they progress, as well as being something that affects the lowest of civilization which mirror Peryite's spheres.

    EDIT2: Molag Bal is an enemy of Mephala. You should edit the vampirsim bit (there really sin't a connection with spiders there anyway). I see worshipers of her being more like prostitutes, courtesans, and spies. Collectors of secrets, manipulators and assassins.

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    October 4, 2014

    Added! You have been credited. Thanks Tom

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    October 17, 2014

    Good guide. A couple of notes:

    The Morag Tong are Mephala worshippers.

    The daedra typically represent change while the aedra represent the established. Kinda like conservative party vs progressive party 

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    December 8, 2014

    Could you do a guide on Aedra worship.

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    December 12, 2014

    Loved this guide. It helped me flesh out my character, especially since Vaermina isn't my favourite Daedric Prince [that honour goes to Meridia]. Much thanks.