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Profile: Faire (Vanquisher)

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  • March 7, 2020

    Name: Faire

    Race: Best guess is a Falmer (Betrayed) shaman dam, a sacrificial Altmer sire.
    Age/Birthsign: Born far from the Light of any star First Seed 4E 30. Found the Lord stone.

    Appearance: Stature and appearance of a scrawny round shouldered Altmer. Early in her Skyrim story her pallid grey skin clung to her skeletal frame like thin parchment. Ravaged for a time by sunlight and frost into a peeling mess, slowly it healed to smooth alabaster underlayed with the shadowy blues of glacial ice. Claw marks still scarred her left cheek. Her eyes remained as they had at emergence, the milky white of a seer or an ancient. Her mass of snow white hair, partly tamed by side braids, fell to between her shoulder blades.
    Apparel: Intially scavenged "rags and leathers" to Novice/Adept Mage hood, (fine) scaled cuirass with leather/hide enchanted boots and bracers, to Ancient Falmor cuirass and enchanted light boots and bracers.
    Weapons: The best one-handed found, would be cold enchanted but NOT ancient Nord. Started with scimitar/silver sword. Pale Blade (level 27+) or Elven Dagger of Blizzards (Vyrthur) will be her ultimate weapon(s) when her story leads her there. Bow of Auriel+sunhallowed arrows if she truly finds the Light.
    Alternative Gear:(Hardened) Falmer Chest piece with  (honed) Falmer Sword ultimately the 2H Spear of the Snow Prince (legacy of Dragonborn mod)

    Skills: Strength come from the Snows and the waters that flow from Ice to Ice, and the Light of Auriel, tempered by the knowledge of shadows she was born to; self healing and the power of Light against Undead; conjuration of wolf familiar and, in the Snow Lands and the cold depths of the Nordic Barrows, Ice Atromancy. Listening to the songs of the land and her beginnings (Alteration) develops endurance against Cold and Poison and allows her powers to grow. Silent stepping, and recipes for invisiblity learned from a mentor in the Deep-under-Deep. She has little defense in the Deeps still controlled by the Machines.

    Religion: Hazy memories of sacrificial rites, or of a Prince of Outcasts, replaced by the teachings of a Cyrodillic Altmer. She claimed as her redeemer Auri-el, The First Spirit, First Ancestor, he who vanquished the Enemy and broke free, blazing a Path back to the Light. Eventually she may become his Warrior, a follower of Trinimac or maybe something darker.

    Books she has Read, or will Read.
    Songs of the Return ('19' found in Sinderion's lab); Falmer a Study and The Snow Prince (Calcemo's museum); The Unknow Books (Forgotten Vale); Wispmother; Lost Legends-the Pale Lady, Ghosts in the Storm, Scourge of the Grey Quarters (random places) ; Night of Tears (Fellglow Keep); Ahzidal's Descent (Solstheim)

    Interests/Hobbies: Food, especially meats and fruit. Observing the "free-living" inhabitants of the Surface, watching the winds and the waves of Snow and Sea. Reading books, especially those found in camps.
    Personality and relationships: Prey to Survivor to Pilgrim to Predator. Alone, apart and trusts no one or no situation . Is willing to form temporary partnerships with other outcasts and flawed ones (Erandur, Serana-though-Nord-ravager-ugh!-, Borgakh of Mor Khazgur. Her beginnings are in shameful fear and degradation. She is always less than others, yet she knows the strength of enduring the worst, thus rather than despising herself, she despises the Pridefull ones of the Surface. She feels at home in the Snow lands, vulnerable in other regions of surface Skyrim.

    Falmer were and are the Masters, the Ones who are the most cunning, perceptive and deadly, never to be opposed. Previous to them were the Betrayers, memories lingering in the great delvings and machines of the Deep. Later, she learns other names for the Ones- the Cursed, the Betrayed, the Rejected. The Fallen.
    Among the Falmer's Servants, their subjugated slaves, the orcs were the strong ones in their degradation, beastfolk men and other mer all alike in their weakness.
    On the Surface, she despises the pridefull scum of the wilderness. While not venturing into the deeps, she cleanses the surface runs of the Dwemer tunnels from interlopers and the Snows of any Nord undead .  She observes the civilised peoples, always hating the 'elf killers' of Windhelm as described in Songs of the Return, living dead or undead, most comfortable with khajiit caravans, solitary orsimer, and dunmer until their beliefs clash. While her theology may converge eventually with that of the Thalmor, she senses in them an all-knowing tyranny like that of her Masters. 

    Flaws/Fears: Perceives brightness and shadow in high definition but unable to see colours. Other senses remain heightened in dark, but the brightness and whiteness of sunlit snow diminishes her sensitivities. She feels oppressed by memories of fear and hopelessness when within underground delvings of Ancient Nord or Dwemer, relatively unaffected in 'natural' cave systems. Hope, reaching for Light, knowing a Destiny, can never displace the knowledge and darkness of past degradations. She may look like a mer of Altmeri, be favoured by Auri-el and inspired by Trinimac, but is she ever more than a beast of the Masters?

    Before the day of the birth, the shaman knew the child she carried was different. After birth, touch and the blind's enhanced scenting could not differentiate this one from any other squalling infant, but she knew, and delayed discovery of the mutations during its infancy and early childhood. The child too, adapted to the enviroment its kin ruled over, unconciously aware of his unique set of senses.
    With discovery came the hatred of the different, and more intensly, the loathing of the blessed by the cursed ones, the dispair at the could-have-been. With the condemnation however, came the awareness of the uniqueness, like a dark jewel. This one would they keep until the bones called for a great sacrifice in Xrib's Hall. They let the mutant be, its taint kept safely isolated from its kin with placement among the other Servants in the Silent City. Its dam left it with an amulet to remind it who it should have been.
    With the onset of puberty, late as it was compared to the Fallen's, its months were numbered. The slave community all knew the signs of a coming sacrifice, a mer who had become as a parent to him guided her through secret ways to a small escape. Later, the hunters located a chewed mer corpse wearing a shaman's amulet. There would always be doubt as to its identity. In retribution they purged the City, every last altmer, bosmer, dunmer tortured dismembered sacrificed. For a generation  those merfolk were not part of the slave comunity in the Deep-under-Deep.
    The fugitive lived. Eventually she found refuge in a stone dwelling overlooking the Upper Falls and learned to avoid the eratic patrols of the automatons. For a few years she was joined by an old mer, who revealed to the young stranger her true Ancestors, the Fallen and Ascended spirits of Nirn and Atherius, and Auriel the First. He named her Faire, the pale one and taught her to read.
    In turn the native youth taught her mentor how to survive, for a few years, in the unforgiving -Under-Deep, the patience needed to avoid the Watchers, the discernment needed to gather the fungi. Inevitable came the day that the old one crawled through the door, a dwemer bolt lodged in his shoulder, a killing poison stealing his last moments.
    She lingered, living once more as a Cursed fugitive and the decades passed. Decades passed. Freedom remained on the shelves. The outcast matured, her mer's mind,spirit and body stunted by solitude and the subsistence fungal diet. Periodically, the automatons locked into patrolling her door. Periodically she thought of Freedom, of true Light, but remained in the warm darkness she knew.
    An automaton took up "guard duty" outside the door, and remained. Venturing outside for scavenging required payment of an invisiblity potion, which in turn demanded the stealing of chaurus eggs. Death waited.
    Wrapped in an old robe, she took with her a dwarven dagger, and the small sphere that had unlocked the way to the Deep-under-Deep for her mentor, the Journal, a handful of books, Sinderion's map of Skyrim and potions made with the last of his ingredients. She relied on invisibility potions, and the single scroll remaining from a former stash of summonings and attempted her final escape to a Forbidden Lift.

    Game path.
    Triggers and Quests (not necessarily in order)
    1. Sinderion's teaching of Auri-el. Through Darkness reach the Light. Quest Dawnguard.
    In the battle with the Arch-Curate she is likely to be infected with Sanguinare Vampiris. Whose words will she heed (whether or not she accepts the ancient falmor's "gift")? Is there hope for the Betrayed or has Auri-el rejected them eternally? Regardless of which path she treads, she will become a worshipper of Trinimac, warrior of Auri-el who was destined to become a Prince of outcasts.
    2.Elder Scroll (Dragon) The Mzark Lift carried her to the Light. Scroll Scouting led her back to the depths and a Dragon Scroll. The Moths touched a vision of a town at the base of a high pass. She watched a Black dragon disappear behind a ruined Barrow. Quest Dragon Rising.
    3. Songs of the Return 19 (maybe Avrusa Sarethi's attempt to educate Sinderion on Nord history?) found in the Laboratory.
    "The elven captives were set to work, bringing forth stone to build in their conqueror's fashion. As many elves died in the building of the city as had the crew of the Ylgermet slain while on way to its site, and Ysgramor drove the wretches ever more, to build higher, to lay a claim to the river so that none might pass into the interior of this land without first showing due respect to its rightful claimant."
    The Unknown Books, The Night of Tears, and more Songs. Sooner or later, Windhelm will fall. Quests Forgotten Vale Books, Civil War (Empire).  
    3. Lost Legends, The Wispmother, the Unknown Books (Diary of Faire Agarwen)
    "For generations, the people of Morthal have told whispered tales of the Pale Lady, a ghostly woman who wanders the northern marshes, forever seeking her lost daughter... ancient records speak of 'Aumriel', a mysterious figure Ysgramor's heirs battled for decades, and finally sealed away."  Quest The Pale Lady

    4. The Falmer a Study, The Snow Prince. A pilgrimage to Solstheim and Moesring Pass/Jolgeirr Barrow and the finding of a Spear. A new weapon, or just the instrument to spill the guts of Ulthric Stormcloak? And, while she's there, Quest The Chief of Thirsk Hall.
    6. Ahzidal's Descent. The power behind the slaughter of her kin and their fall into the depths. Quest Unearthed.
    7. College of Winterhold Quest. Will she leave after reading the Night of Tears and realizing the implications for the Falmer? Will she want to take control away from Men? Will she let the Thalmor claim it? Will she seek the Staff of Magnus and turn her back on Skyrim leaving the story of Saarthal and Men to reach a fitting end?
    8. Miraak. Will she slay another of those damned not-dead Atmoran ravagers, bringing peace to her kin's last home, and personal reconciliation with -these- Nords? Quest Dragonborn MQ

    Dragons. Needed for Miraak, and to make a glorious battle on the ice in the Forgotten Vale. I would like to give her the option of leaving Alduin to grow fat on  Nord souls but there is just too much to swallow (Ysmir!) to get to that point in game. So her soul has kinship enough for Frost Breath but she's not stepping into the second Dragonborn's story. She can let the Eye of Magnus bring judgement.
    Or will a peaceful resting in the Solstheim snows bring a different perspective enabling her to take up the Bow against the Eye's dragons?

    Perks: Intially 1-3 Perks in Destruction, Restoration, 1 handed. To Forgotten Vale aiming for maximum Ice destruction, Alteration without Mage armour or Vancian perks, and Restoration to Exorcist, Respite. Sneak, 1handed, Light armor well used but all perks to Magic skills. Moving on, more development of Weapon, Armor and Speech (Speak with the animals, shout perks)

    Mods: Life another Life (Blackreach start); Ordinator; Legacy of the Dragonborn.