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Profile: Hasir, Family, Friends and Enemies

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  • December 11, 2018

    Here is a guide to my main character in Call of the Wolf and his family, friends and enemies.

    Name: Hasir

    Sex: Male

    Race: Argonian

    Age: 7 (argonians age different than humans, roughly equivalent to 21 in human years)

    Alignment: Chaotic good

    Appearance: forest green Argonian. His head is adorned with a black leaf-like haircut behind two small bone spikes. He has blue eyes. He also has a scar over his left eye from a werewolf attack.

    Weapons: Silver katana, An-Xileel Bow

    Apparel: Armor of the Hunting Grounds

    Background: Hasir was born on Blackmarsh under the sign of the shadow. He had to flee to Morrowind because a fire destroyed his home. He journeyed to Akavir with his family to unlock his true potential. He loved the water ever since he was an infant. He is a hybrid wolfbat due to the fact that his mom being a hybrid and his father being a werewolf. Despite that fact He leans more toward his wolfblood. His mother was also a mystic in the psiijic order. She taught Hasir to use his mind to his fullest potential. Juleen taught Hasir how to catch fish. Hasir is a stubborn reptile with a fiery temper.

    Strengths: His greatest strength is his mind, His mother taught him to try to control his emotions. He is known to be quick witted and can anticipate an enemy's move before they even make it. He also sees his pack as a strength because he knows that they are always there when he needs them.

    Weaknesses: being part wolf, he is weakened by silver. His other weaknesses iare his bull-headedness, arrogance and fiery temper

    Fear: letting his negative emotions (his yin) overwhelm him

    Favorite food: Fish. He also loves meat of all kinds and various berries. 

    Personality: The combination of vampire and beast blood makes him a loose cannon and a wreckless soul. His mom taught him how to keep his dual nature under control though disciplining his mind. His mom also taught him how to better control his emotions. Hasir is a rebel and does not always approve of what Hircine asks of him. 

    Dislikes: Molag Bal, his aliies and everything they stand for

    Divine Purpose: to rescue Hircine's children from Molag Bal's curse and defeat Bal ultimately by obtaining information from the Akaviri and the shadow wolves who witnessed the curse being performed


    Frost, Hasir's positive emotional wolf

    Related image

    Frost is the yin (his positive side) part of Hasir's soul. Frost is an arctic wolf who stands at a height of three feet, weighs forty pounds and measures five feet from nose to tail. he weighs eighty five pounds.


    Inigo, Frostmoon Pack

    Apparel: Hunting ground outfit

    Weapon: ebony sword, Inigo's Ebony Bow

    Inigo is a bluish-purple khajiit who had an argonian father and a khajiit mother. His having blue fur was said to be a 'bad moon omen and as such, he cannot contract lyanthropy as he was already affected by the moon. much like all of the Frostmoon Pack. He got the scars on his nose by fighting with draugr. He got thrown in jail by the riften guards because they think he murdered his brother in cold blood.


    Relationship with Hasir: Ever since Hasir freed him from his cell in the jail in riften, he and Hasir have been best friends. 


    Khash, Hasir's Cousin



    Apparel: Fur armor


    Weapons: Bow and arrow


    Khash isthe offspring of Drujeeta and Juleen. She is thirteen years old and is the cousin Hasir never knew he had. She like braiding hair and trying her hand at different jobs. She also does not mind werewolves and despises the silver hand because her father and mother was killed by Hasir's brother Tulen for impeding an 'important' mission. She considers the companions to be her new family. 



    Ocheeva, Hasir's grandmother, werewolf



    Apparel: Black and Red dark brotherhood jumpsuit

    Weapons: steel bow and iron sword


    Relationship to Hasir: Grandmother, she is the leader of the Cheydinhal sanctuary in Cyrodiil, she also has a secret that she has yet to tell Hasir of her lycanthropy. 

    Mai, Ocheeva's wolf spirit

    Mai is an elderly werewolf who enjoys her condition and she has lost alot of hair do to the wolfish aging process. She is a grey wolf that stands seven feet tall when on two feet and when quadrapedal, she measures just shy of five feet tall. She measures eight feet from snout to tail.

    Hircine, father of manbeasts

    Image result for hircine

    All werebeasts hunt and kill in his name. If they die while on a hunt, they go with honor to his realm, the hunting grounds where different great hunts are held every day. A day in his realm is far longer than it is in the mortal world. He does not care if one of his creatures turns on the other, all that matters to him is that when his creations kill, they skin the animal and offer their pelt to him as a sign of praise. 


    Relationship with Hasir: Hircine and Hasir go together like Skyrim and arrow in the knee jokes. If you take away one, the other would falter. Hasir prays to Hircine before every kill Frost makes, and before hunting with Rakel. 


    Molag Bal is Hircine's sworn enemy and sends Hasir to deal with Molag Bal and his minions


    Hircine's spirit form is not a wolf but, instead a great spectral stag


    Iskenaaz, Hasir's father


    Leader of the bright-throat tribe of Murkmire. He is the fater of Hasir, even though Hasir do not know it. Iskenaaz is a level headed Argonian who is slow to anger. His wife Haxara and son Xukas taught him how to control his temper so that it does not overwhelm him.


    The companions of Jorrvaskr:


    Kodlak, leader of the companions

    Weapons: Steel greatsword 


    Kodlak is the leader of the companions, he has a wolf spirit, but in his advanced age, he did not like being a lycanthrope like he once did. He seeks Sovngarde, an ideal afterlife for a son of Skyrim. He does not care that Aela likes her werewolf form.


    Aela the Huntress, companion


    Weapons: Steel Sword, Nordic Bow

    Aela is Rakel's long lost sister that her mother, Sigried, never told her about. Aela is able to keep all of her wolf's features when she is not in her wolf form, and even has the mark of the wolf across her face. She is fiery, both in hair and attitude and is really quick to anger if something or someone upsets her.



    Red, lead wolf of the circle of companions


    Red stands three feet tall, measures nine feet long and is three feet from shoulder to shoulder. She is an accomphlished killer and tracker. She has been awarded various boons by Hircine for her exceptional job in numerous hunts in her lord,s hunting grounds. She offers to show Hasir what being a werewolf is all about.



    Vilkas, member of the circle

    "My brother got Ysgramor's brains, I got his muscle' this line perfectly describes Vilkas as he is a strong nord that wields a heavy two hander. He is also fiercly loyals to anyone who calls themselve a companions and will be willing to defend that person to the death if the need arises.


    Midnight, Vilkas's wolf 

    Midnight stands three feet tall, measures eight feet from nose to tail and measures 3 feet from shoulder to shoulder. He is the beta in the companions pack with Ruby being the aplha and Coal being the hunter class wolf.


     Farkas, member of the circle


    Weapons: Steel sword


    Farkas is Rakel's long lost brother and also brother to Vilkas. He sometimes bullies his siblings, but in a fun and light hearted way. He is also loyal to the companion and he likes to drink mead with the companions and bet on fights, whether with the fist, sword or bow.


    Coal, Farkas's wolf


    Coal stands three feet tall, measures eight feet from nose to tail and measures three feet from shoulder to shoulder. He runs faster than midnights, but is slower than Red since he has no boons whereas she has alot.



     Twilight, Hasir's yin and yang reformed

    Twilight is what is revealed after Hasir comes to terms with his positive and negative selves. Twilight is the last thing the enemies eyes will ever want to see. He is nine feet from nose to tail. He has powerful claws that can rip through flesh and his paws can stamp straight through bone. He is a natural born killer. Moreso than the other wolves in his pack. He weighes in at a whpping one hundred and seventy pounds.


    Mere-Glim, former silverhand assassin and best friend of Hasir


    Apparel: Imperial light armor

    Weapons: Bow and imperial sword

    An argonian resident of Iskenaaz's village of Lilmoth in Murkmire, a city in the continent of Blackmarsh. Chocolate-brown spines run

    along his head.  


    Hasir's enemies:

    Molag Bal, Daedric lord of domination and schemes

    Image result for molag bal eso

    He is quite displeased with Hasir for him forsaking the gift of vampirism for the gift of the wolf. He and Hircine have been at odds ever since before Mundus was formed. He is one of the offspring of the Doomstrider.


    Tulen, Dark brotherhood, shadowscale, Tigress' and Iskenaaz's son


    Tulen fled Morrowind after the deaths of his aunt and uncle and joined Madanach's forsworn tribe in Skyrim. He quickly became acquainted with the silver hand and rose from being one of the appendages to being the leader of the silver hand, even surpassing Krev the Skinner. He has, and still has, deep seated hatred for his brother, Hasir after switching from worshiping Molag Bal to worshiping the false god, at least that's what he calls Hircine. Who knows? He might even replace Adrian as Molag Bal's new favorite.


    Bloodfang, werewolf, Hasir's dark emotions rolled into one


    He is falsely believed to be the wolf aspect of Molag Bal. He has sharp fangs and equally sharp claws. He stands at three feet tall and measures five feet from his nose to his tail. Bloodfang is Hasir's yin (negative) part of his soul. He weighs in at eighty five pounds.


    The doomstrider, evil shadow spirit


    The Doomstrider is part of a triad of Aedra, Daedra and shadow. He is older than the dread father, Sithis. He is the shadow that birthed the Aedra and the Daedra/ He is the nothingness that everything comes out of, the void itself. Everyone thinks that Sithis is the void. Sithis is only a weaker cousin of the Doomstrider. The Doomstrider strives on the death and destruction of nirn and more importantly other people. It inhabits the body of the kindest soul on Nirn with only the slightest bit of darkness with. Once in the body of a slighly damaged kind soul, it twisted the being into the mirrror of their true self. Since Inigo has a dark past, he is the natural choice for the doomstrider whenever he takes a corporeal form


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    December 17, 2018

    Shit sorry I haven't got to this sooner mate, been super busy.

    Really interesting Profile, especially because I find Argonian-Werewolves awesome, if a little confusing :P. One thing I noticed is that his mind is mentioned as a strength, but his emotions getting the better of him a weakness. This seems a bit contradictory to me, do you mind explaining further? I assume the mind bit is in terms of academia, where action isn't required, but it'd be great to see this clarified.

    The Wolf Spirit idea is amazing, and very original. I love that each person has a different capacity to control their wolf form, and that their role in the pack is translated to their wolf. Brilliant.

    As the pack is such an integral part of this Profile, I'd love to see their relationships with Hasir expanded - who gets along with who, if their goals conflict, any interesting stories from their past that define their relationship with Hasir etc. Bloodfang as well would be interesting to see in a little more depth.

    Also I think the presentation might be having some issues? It seems that there are two pictures that aren't loading properly - at the beginnning and for Molag Bal. If you like I could help with this.

    An incredible idea mate and the execution is excellent, this is now stickied!

  • December 17, 2018
    Any help you can provide with the pictures not loading would be perfect. Thank you and I will expand on their relationships. I thought I would use actual wolves instead of wolf-men. I got the idea after watching ‘bitten’ on Netflix. I loved how that show handled werewolf transformations.
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    February 19, 2020

    Took me a while but here I am....

    Nice profile with a good selection of chars too. I like the intergration of the wolf spirits. Nice to see what they look like.