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Tip: Spider Scrolls

  • Lee
    January 7, 2017

    Hey guys, while play testing my Agent of Arkay, I had come across the Spider Scrolls, which are found in White Ridge Barrow, in the Dragonborn DLC. Over on Ning, I had found a discussion made by (a) Theodorus, regarding Spider Scrolls. I can link the post here, if requested.

    Spider Scrolls

    In White Ridge Sanctum, (inside the Nordic Crypt of White Ridge Barrow), lies a unique, yet under-estimated crafting station called Imbuing Station. All over Solsthiem, in most ruins/forts, there are special types of Spiders, which are hostile when met. How this creatures came to be is a mystery, was it a side effect from the Red Mountain, or is it something caused by a magic experiment. No one knows, however, we can recreate the same, yet mysterious process, of creating this spiders in White Ridge Sanctum, using the Imbing Station.

    Each Spider has its' own strengths and weaknesses in combat. Some Spiders explode upon death, while dealing damage, others latch onto enemies and 'control' them for a period of time, which after that time, the spiders die.

    There are 3 types of different attack moves, they are; ExplodingJumping and Cloaked.  There are also 6 types of Spiders, they are: FlameFrostShockPoisonMind Control and Poison spiders. The reciepes for each spider are below;

    3x Jumping Flame/Frost/Shock/Poison Spider

         -Albino Spider Pod
    3x Flame/Frost/Shock/Poison Spider

         -Salt Pile
         -Albino Spider Pod
    3x Exploding Flame/Frost/Shock/Poison Spider

         -Damaged Albino Spider Pod
    1x Mind Control Spider
    Any Soul Gem

         -Albino Spider Pod
    1x Oil Spider
         -Dwarven Oil

         -Albino Spider Pod

         -Using flawless versions of the required gemstones doubles the number of spiders produced

         -The Soul Gem used for Mind Control Spiders doesn't need to be filled.
         -The type of Soul Gem used has no effect on the number of Mind Control Spiders

    Albino Spider Pods can be found all around Solsthiem, however, once the initial supply of Spider Pods runs out, they won't respawn. However, there is a single respawning Spider Pod, in Solsthiem roughly South of Bloodskal Barrow, near a Shrine of Kynareth.

    Spider Scroll Statistics Part 1

    Name of Spider                              Level                   Health                                Stamina                           Magicka                       Damage
    Flame Cloaked Spider                      12                        111                                     80                                    4                                   20 per sec

    Frost Cloaked Spider                        12                        111                                     80                                   4                                    20 per sec
    Shock Cloaked Spider                      12                        111                                     80                                   4                                    20 per sec
    Poison Cloaked Spider                      12                       111                                     80                                     4                                  20 per sec

    Jumping Flame Spiders                   30                         301                                    175                                  4                                    ?
    Jumping Frost Spiders                     30                        301                                     175                                  4                                    ?
    Jumping Shock Spiders                    30                        301                                     175                                 4                                     ?
    Jumping Poison Spiders                    30                       301                                     175                                 4                                      ?

    Exploding Flame Spiders                  0                         0                                        0                                     0                                     50
    Exploding Frost Spiders                   0                          0                                         0                                     0                                    50
    Exploding Shock Spiders                 0                           0                                       0                                   0                                       50
    Exploding Poison Spiders                0                           0                                        0                                     0                                    50

    Mind Control Spiders                       0                           0                                         0                                      0                                   0  
    Oil Spiders                                      0                           0                                         0                                      0                                   0 

    Those statistics are without any Illusion spells casted onto the Spiders, and the character was at level 30 when tested. Tested on PC, with no mods.

    Spider Scroll Statistics Part 2

    Name of Spider                    
    Jumping Flame/Frost/Shock/Poison Spider

         Health: 301.00
         Courage -> HP;334.00
         Courage and Rally -> HP: Fail. Explosion kills Spider
         Call to Arms -> HP: Fail. Explosion kills Spider

    Flame/Frost/Shock/Poison Spider
         Courage -> HP:144.00
         Courage and Rally -> HP:177.00
         Rally -> HP:144.00
         Call to Arms ->144.00
         Courage, Rally, Call to Arms -> 210.00

    Oil Spider
         Health: 301.00
         Courage -> HP: 334.00
         Courage and Rally -> HP:367.00
         Rally -> HP: 334.00
         Call to Arms -> HP: 334.00

         Courage, Rally, Call to Arms -> HP:400.00 

    Those statistics are WITH Illusions spells casted onto the Spider. The Character was at Level 30 when tested. Tested on PC, with no mods.

    Spider Scroll Statistics Part 3

    Name of Spider
    Jumping Flame/Frost/Shock/Poison Spider

         HP: 301.00
         Buffing Poison -> HP: Dies once hit. Fail

    Flame/Frost/Shock/Poison Cloaked Spider
         HP: 111.000
         Buffing Poison -> HP:151.00
              NOTE: Spider will attack once hit with Dagger. Sheath Dagger to stop Spider from attacking.

    Oil Spiders
         Buffing Poison -> HP: 340.00
              NOTE: Works, however, Spider will attack Player. Dual Casting Calm, ONLY, works until it wears off. Resulting in the Spider attacking you again.           There is currently no known fix.

    Buffing Poison Used:
         -Ingredients: Blue Mountain Flower, Nightshade, Wheat.
         -Effects: Decrease Mana Regen by 100% for 49 seconds
                       Fortify Health by 40 points for 60 seconds
                       Restore Health by 62 points
    Perks used when creating Buffing Poison.
         -Alchemy (Skill Level) 81
         -Alchemist 3/5
         -Physician 1/1

    These statistics are with ONLY Buffing Poison (mentioned and listed above), with a Character at Level 30. Tested on PC, with no mods.


    -You are able to have up to 6 different Spiders at one time.

    -Mind Control Spiders take control of enemies they latch unto, for 30 seconds. If 'casting' another Mind Control Spider onto another enemy, the other Mind Control Spider, will die instantly along side with the enemy they had control of. (Tested by Ponty on Ning)

    -All Spiders do Unarmed Damage (Confirmed by Ponty, on Ning), however I am unsure how much Unarmed damage.

    -'Casting' a Spider on top of another Spider, will kill the Spider below it. (Unsure why).

    -Noticed that Flame Cloaked Spiders, when attacking activate a 'Flames' effect found in the Active Effects, stating it is the normal Flames (Novice Destruction spell), being casted onto you.

    -Adding a larger Soul Gem, or having it filled, will NOT increase the quantity of Mind Control Spiders created.

    -Exploding Spiders, act as Runes. Once stepped on, they explode dealing damage to near by NPCs and enemies. 

    -The Jumping and Oil Spider variants, level WITH the Player, increasing their HP each time the Player levels up. It is unknown if there is a Level Cap on the Spiders.

    -Jumping/Cloaked Spiders are resistant to their own 'element'. E.g Flame Spiders are resistant to Fire spells and so on.

    -There are Glowing Spiders and Pack Spider in the game data files. However, due to reasons unknown, the Spiders were not added into the final release.

    Well, I suppose that's it. Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!