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Rules for Posting a New Tip - READ BEFORE POSTING

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    August 12, 2016

    Like the rest of the site, we at the Tips and Tricks group believe in making quality content. Because of that, there are certain things we expect of tips posted in this group, so please be mindful of the rules listed below.

    1. Make sure that your discussion is a useful piece of information about Skyrim.
    This may seem fairly obvious, but on numerous occasions we’ve had people post a simple gameplay-related question or request as a discussion. We ask that you not do that and use the Questions/Request Discussion for that purpose instead. Discussions that do not abide by this rule will be deleted.

    2. Your tip must contribute something new to the group.
    While we don’t expect you to go through the entire group to check and see if the tip you plan on posting has been posted before, we don’t want to have several tips explaining the same thing. That isn’t to say that multiple tips on the same subject aren’t allowed, but each discussion must contribute something new to that subject. For example, we don’t need a tip that explains a method for performing the item duplication glitch that was already explained in another tip, but having two different tips explaining two different methods for performing the item duplication glitch is fine. Duplicate tips may be deleted at a host’s discretion.

    3. Don’t post something obvious as a tip.
    Whether something is obvious or not is subjective, of course, but we do want you to ask yourself whether or not your tip is something that most people could easily figure out on your own. If it is, then there’s no need to post it in Tips and Tricks. For example, something like “dodge enemy attacks to avoid taking damage” isn’t a worthwhile tip. If your tip is deemed too obvious by the hosts, it may be deleted.

    4. Formatting your tip is always nice.
    While we won’t delete tips with bad formatting, it’s still a nice thing to have to make it easier for people to read your tip. You don’t need fancy text, cool images, or anything like that, but stuff like proper grammar and spelling, punctuation, breaking up walls of text into paragraphs, and headings where necessary is always good. No one wants to look at a giant wall of text with no punctuation that’s filled with spelling and grammar errors.