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No Shortage on Shout Usage

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    November 30, 2015

    This discussion features how you can get more out of the 'shout slot', to improve your overall gameplay- and build-mechanics. The following tip is especially useful for builds with high shout cooldown reduction, but is also very nice for builds that do not use many shouts at all, because it makes the few shouts even better.
    I didn't see this on this site before so... be surprised :).

    Basically, this tip is just shouting while switching weapons. Sounds common, right?
    Well, no one is using this for reasons I can't understand, so I guess no one knows it?!

    What you need:
    At least 2 weapons/spells/shield, hotkeyed
    1-3 Words of a shout

    The way it works:
    Spam the shout button while switching your weapons (this does not consume any time). If you hold the button down, the shout will be stronger (more words) but will also take longer to execute (this does not work with 3 words, if you're switching to a bow).

    How Is this useful?
    Let's take a look at this scenario:

    We are shooting with a bow/crossbow from distance at an enemy with a warhammer, until he is reaching our range and starts his powerattack.
    Because we don't want to get hit, we equip our greatsword and combine it with one word Become Etherial, right after pressing the hotkey. This will allow us to avoid his attack and at the same time save the stamina from our next powerattack.


    There are plenty of combinations possible and since this works with shields too, you can (for instance) chain it with the Quick-Reflexes perk. Because this mechanic is so versitaile, it can be adapted to almost every playstyle.

    Here are some useful combinations:
    1. Start with a bow or spells and use Become Etherial/Unrelenting Force while switching to your secondary weapon for saving stamina and/or avoiding attacks

    2. Right after staggering your opponent with a one-/two-handed weapon, use Whirlwind Sprint to get away while switching to your bow/crossbow/spells

    3. Start with a bow/crossbow or spells and when your enemy comes closer, use Elemental Fury while switching to your unenchanted one-/two-handed weapon to boost it's dmg or apply poisons faster

    4. After doing dmg/paralyzing your enemy with a meele weapon, use Cyclone while switching to a bow/spell to attack from a save distance

    5. Start shooting with a bow/crossbow until your enemy comes closer and use a word of Slow Time while switching to your dagger. Crouch (with Shadow Warrior perk) and sneak-roll behind your enemy where you use a sneak-attack

    6. After using turn undead/fear weapons or spells on your enemys, use Aura Whisper while switching to a bow/crossbow/spells. This will allow you to stay at a safe range and shoot your enemys even in the dark

    7. A special for all you guys that love sneak: Attack your enemy with a bow/crossbow/spell until he comes closer, then crouch (with Shadow Warrior Perk) and use one word Throw Voice behind the enemy, while equiping a weapon. When he turns around, use sneak roll + critical charge for a nice finisher

    8. Right after knocking your enemys away through casting Whirwind Cloak, use Become Etherial or Storm-Call while switching to a Master-LvL Spell

    9. Use the fully-charged power bash from Auriel's Shield to knock your enemys in the air, right before using Slow Time/Cyclone/Unrelenting Force while switching to your bow/crossbow/spells for safe distance

    10. Right after Shield-Charge, use Cyclon while switching to your bow/crossbow for safe distance

    All combinations are working properly (at least on xbox) and this mechanic is confirmed on pc
    (by Ry Williams ).
    That's it for now. Please leave a comment if you see something that could be improved (or ideas for combinations).
    Thank's in advance.

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    November 30, 2015

    Nice, looking good so far. I think you should add a bit more to it, about different shouts usages and good combos, but like it said, it is pretty cool for now. Oh, by the way, you put in noone, it's actually no one, two separate words. But otherwise, pretty good.

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    December 1, 2015
    Thanks a lot :). I'll add more combinations later.
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    December 1, 2015

    To add to this, i've found that you can do this very same thing for spellcasting too. You can't shout while actually holding the button to cast a spell, but you CAN save it up as soon as you let go of the button, and the shout will go off as soon as the casting animation is finished. This is particularly nice for fighting dragons who've landed and are about to breathe on your face (become ethereal) or other nasty casters who just won't seem to put down their frickin ward spells (unrelenting force is especially good for this). I hope this helps as well :)

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    December 1, 2015
    This addition rather belongs to Dragonborn1721's discussion about Shout Preparation .
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    December 1, 2015

    Awesome stuff, Relycs 

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    December 1, 2015
    Thank you.
    Do you have any combo-ideas? They aren't that easy to invent^^.
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    December 1, 2015

    I'm afraid not, but I'll inform you immediately when I do.

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    December 1, 2015
    Nice! Dont forget to like if you think it's worth it :D.