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Vampirism & Forgotten Magic Redone

  • August 8, 2019

    Hello all, 
    I have noticed that some of the spells from Forgotten Magic Redone (FMR), can provide a lot of benefit for a vampire but specifically during the day.  I specifically would like to call out the spells Earthbound Weapon & Healing Touch from FMR.  Either of these spells can provide a massive benefit to dealing with the regeneration issues caused by sunlight, although the primary use for Earthbound Weapon with this tactic is to cast Healing Touch even when out of mana.  

    I have included the advancements for these spells that I think will be the most helpful.  It should be noted that I haven't yet tested out whetherthese buffs apply during a Sacrosanct playthrough.  

    Here are the basics, with 3 perks into Healing Touch as long as your Stamina and health are no more than 150% of your magicka, the Healing Touch spell will fill your Health & Stamina to maximum, and with the 4th advancement your likely to fill up your magicka as well.  If you include the 1st & 2nd advancement from my list you will also be set up rather nicely to improve the speed or maximum return on both.  It is very very nice to have these set for Occato's Recital if you include the Apocalypse spell mod in your build.  

    Healing Touch: Restoration Apprentice

    Heals the caster 5pt per sec. for 15 sec.

    1) * Bloom: increases duration 100% and magicka cost by 50%.
    2) * Healing Stream: each tick restores extra health equal to 5% of your base magicka.
    3) * Accelerated Growth: each tick restores stamina equal to 5% of your base magicka.
    4) * Tranquility of Water: each tick restores 4-6 magicka.

    Either of these...I personally prefer Oak Flesh.
    5) * Nature's Touch: instantly restores 30-40 health.
    5) * Oak Flesh: if your health drops below 30% while Healing Touch is active, increases your armor by 500pt for 10 sec., with a 30 sec. cooldown.

    Earthbound Weapon: Alteration Apprentice

    Imbues the caster's weapon with Earth magic, increasing magicka recovery by 50% for 60 sec.

    1) * Natural Fusion: increase healing from spells by 25%.
    2) * Earthbound Fortitude: increases you health by 25%.
    3) * Wild Growth: whenever you get hit, applies Healing Touch to you. 30 sec. cooldown.

  • August 9, 2019

    There is also a useful Cryomancer spell called Ancient Lich for regenerating magicka during daytime.

    * Icy Resonance: whenever the lich casts a spell, restores 10-15 magicka to you.

    * Ice Surge: whenever your magicka drops below 20%, drains 10 health per sec. from the lich and restores 10 magicak to you.