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    May 8, 2017

    Welcome to the Art Group's Tag Archive. On this page every discussion ever posted in the group can be found by clicking on the Tag that applies to it. If you want to make a post in the group make sure to include the tag that best fits your post and if everything works as it should then you will be able to find it by using the link to the tag you used.

    Request Thread

    Anything with this tag is as the tag suggests a request thread. Request Threads are discussions either posted by members or hosts where you can place a request for a piece of site related art to be used in your posts across the many wonderful groups on this site. Just a warning before you go in search of a request thread, pay attention to when the last post on the thread was made and try to judge whether it is still active from that.

    Character Chronicle

    Character Chronicles are a gallery of sorts, which focus on a member's playthrough of a single character from any game that the site covers. They can contain either screenshots or short video clips both of which are accompanied by a short passage describing what is happening written either in character or out of character.


    Galleries are discussion in which members have posted all the artwork they have posted to the site. Unlike the Character Chronicles these are not restricted to art related to a single character, and instead include art to do with anything Tamriel Vault related.


    What would a group be without events? Anything with this tag is an official event created by a host of the Art Group, be it a competition or simply something done for fun.


    These discussions were posted with the aim of teaching other members how to create various pieces of art, with most focusing on the creation of Perk and Equipment spreads for use in the character builds this site built itself around. Unfortunately most of the images contained within these tutorials are broken, however the descriptions which accompany them are still in tact so you may be able to discover some helpful tips with a little bit of digging.

    Apparel Catalogue

    In the ages past one brave member set out to document the possible apparel combinations that are possible within Skyrim and this for the most part are where he compiled them. Unfortunatly during the site move from Ning to our current platform the images across the site broke, including those contained here. We have however reached out to the creator of the Catalogue in the hopes of getting permission to use his screenshots to restore the discussions, if this does not come to be then we will work towards creating new screenshots to replace the old broken ones.


    The Misc tag speaks for itself, it is anything posted within the group that does not fit into one of the other tags.

    Broken Gallery

    Unfortunately when the Tamriel Vault moved from Ning to Social Engine most of the images in the site's discussions were broken, and so this tag is for those galleries that suffered this fate and have not been restored. Should you have a gallery from before the move and wish to restore it to its rightful place in the Gallery tag, just swap out this tag for the correct one once you are happy with your gallery.

  • May 8, 2017

    Oh snap, this is so nice and clean, Goldie. :D

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    Clean in a Superior sort of way.