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Blacklight the Oddball's Editing Thread

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    March 4

    Hello, Art Group. Blacklight here, and I wanted to set up a little discussion in the Art Group to help people out. In this thread, you can ask me,(or others, if they are willing to help) to edit images for you. Be warned, I can do basic edits, however if you want soemone to turn an Argonian into a Khajiit, you may have to ask someone else. 

    So, I can do a good few things. If you have read my builds, you will know that often I use little images to seperate the sections. If you are confused, I will show you an example of what I am talking about.


    ^Section Seperator ^

    It is made of two weapons crossed, swords, axes, or staves, possible bows too, with some icons around it. If you would like one of these made for you,  leave the weapons and icons you would like and I'll conjure you one up.


    I can also edit images so the edges are fading away, make the image blurred, make the image look like cracked rock, give an image a shadow, Increase/Decrease the color contrast in an image, and place smaller images on top of a bigger image.

    If you would like me to make an edit for you, please explain in detail what you would like. It can take from ten minutes up to a few days. Please be patient and polite of I will, quite bluntly, ignore you.


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    March 4

    I will leave links to examples tommorrow. Too tired today xD

  • March 17

    How have I been missing your posts in the group?

    Just thought I'd point out that these sorts of requests can be made in the Art Group Services Request Thread, although most people just use it for perk and equipment spreads, but there nothing stopping people from opening their own threads if they want.