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Dragonborn's Banner Request Corner

Tags: #Request Thread 
  • October 31, 2016

    I just want to check in and ask if anyone was still waiting for me to do banners for them here? I feel like I've missed a couple somewhere, and I feel horrible about it, bug the shit out of me if I haven't done them yet please.

  • Lee
    January 3

    Hey Dragon, if this is still going I was wondering, if I could get some banners for the Master of Arms and Agent of Arkay? Not sure what you need though.

  • January 3

     Sorry Lee, I actually forgot I still had it up. I am still happy to do Banners for people, I have a request from John Leblanc that I'm working on now and it might take me a bit longer because it's a kind of tricky one, but I am definitely happy to take yours on as well.

    Basically all you need to do is provide me with the text to put in the banners (which I would prefer to be kept to no more than two words, but I can fit more in), a shape, I provide a couple examples of what I prefer to work with. If you'd like another shape (say a circular banner) it'd take a bit longer because I'm still trying to work out how to do them well (probably...mostly it's just circles and ovals). The final thing I need is just a theme to go with the banner, something like Darkness, Machines, Holy Magic, Blood Magic, Fire, Frost, etc. If you have a picture you like I can try and work that in too, but I would prefer to find one down and see if you like it. 

  • Lee
    January 3

    Thats alright Dragon, I don't really need it striaght away. Here are the details, the Text for each banner is different but I will give you the first text and go from there.

       - The Agent of Arkay (If can't fit let me know)
       -Holy/Solshtiem (if that makes sense)

    If you can't do it perhaps change the text from the Mage of Arkay banners?

  • January 4

    Hey Lee, sorry it might be a while. For some reason my pictures are loading on the site as super blurry and I want to figure out why. I might give a general size, shape, font and colour test but it won't have a central image quite yet. 

    Edit - It's strange but I just tried something and I think it's an issue with placing anything behind the text for some strange reason...The actual text seems to be fine but the moment I give it a background it instantly goes a bit fuzzy and strange. I'll drop in an idea I had that might make it acceptable. 

  • Lee
    January 4

    Fair enough Dragon. I had that problem with one of my perk spreads recently. Are you using any special effects such as glow etc? That makes me think, how do you create your Banners? Or is it a company secret? XD