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Gallery: Ponty's Screenshots/Wallpapers

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    April 13, 2012

    All my stuff from the Wallpapers group, and a little more! All in 1440x900. I can take screens in 1920x1080 now though.

    If you're going to use any of these I ask that you include credit with a link to my page at the top of your build/whatever.


    Series 1 - Odahviing

    Series 2 - The Blade

    Series 3 - Sights of Skyrim

    Series 4 - Magic

    Series 5 - The Voice

    Series 6: The Holds

    Paladin's Destiny

    Series 7 - The Vigilant

    Nightingale's Strike

    The Conjurer

    The Priest

    The Elven Archer

    Khajiit Demonhunter

    The Death of Gareth Blackwolf

    Build Screenshots

    As I said, feel free to post your requests in the comments! If you're looking for more, my journal, Aedric the Hunter, has plenty more images to look at!