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Epic Custom Text Tutorial

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    November 12, 2014

    Welcome picture manipulating apprentices, to a tutorial on how to create your own epic looking text.

    This tutorial is a simple guide for beginners that are wondering how some people make truly amazing looking titles and all that kind of jazz. However some of you more experienced guys may be able to pick up a few tips that can help you in the future.     

    As far as software and editing-programs concerned, well not to fear; for this tutorial we will be using as our workbench.

    So without any further explaining let me jump straight into the first step of this short tutorial.

    Step 1) Go to this link takes you to this homepage.   

    Step 2) Pick what sort of text-effect you want to work with. Forget the fonts, forget the colours, at this stage you should only be looking for the text-effect, the rest can easily be changed later.

    For this tutorial I will be using the text-effect Epic Stone (holding your mouse above each logo will reveal the name and a larger picture)

    Step 3) Press on the logo that shows the desired text-effect and your screen should look something close to this (depending on the text-effect you have chosen):


     From here on you can chose to do a load of different things; change what it says, change the pattern, the colours and much more.  But before we do anything else, lets change the font.

    Step 4) Do this by clicking on the black text that is displayed underneath Logo Text and beside Font (the text that says BATMANFOREVERAL...), this takes you to a menu of links:   

    I usually press on Top 100 because the coolest looking fonts usually lie in there. 

    Step 5) Search for a font you like and select it by clicking on it. I chose the font Cenobyte that I found under Top 100. Once you have selected the font you want, you should automatically return to the screen shown at step 3. 

    Step 6) I think its about high time we change what the text actually says. Do this by clicking on the Logo Text Box and put in whatever you want. For this tutorial I wrote The Skyrim Blog (very original I know).  

    Already now you can see a big difference from the original text: 

    Time to play with gradients - a big part of the text creation process since this will have a bi impact on the look of your text. 

    Step 7) Click on the Text Gradient Box - this takes you to a menu of all the available gradients. Chose one that you like, play about with things till you find one that hits the spot. I ended up choosing the Golden gradient for my gradient number one (Epic Stone text-effect allows me to chose two gradients) and Frost Black 01 for my second gradient.

    As you can see the gradients have made my text look a lot better than it did before. The next step is all about deems shadows. Scroll down till you see a menu that looks like this:

    Step 8) Chose what type of shadow you want - do this my clicking on the Shadow Type drop down menu and choosing the one you want. You can now adjust the placement of the shadow by changing the values in the Shadow Offset X drop down menus. For Epic Stone text-effect shadow has a very little impact so I won't be changing much here. 

    Besides its getting kind of late so I will rap up this tutorial by pressing Create Logo and saving the image to my desktop. The end result looks like this: 

    I hope some of you found this little tutorial helpful. See ya round ThePuppetMan signing off... 

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    November 12, 2014

    Nice tutorial PuppetMan! A great addition to the Art Forums. :)

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    November 12, 2014

    Yeah thanks... I rushed it to fast though, Its full of spelling mistakes and embarrassing faults. I guess thats how it goes when you work late.  

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    November 12, 2014

    No problem, just edit it at your own pace if you feel you need to. Personally, I think it looks good.

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    November 13, 2014
    Haha I will and thank you again Alice!!!!!!