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    April 20

    Chris said:

    Hey guys, can I get a perk an equipment spread? Same image if possible


    Equipment Spread:



    Diadem of the Savant

    Hoplite´s Lorica Segmentata (Penitus Oculatus Armor w/ Fortify Health Regen)

    Arena Champion´s Bracers (Elven Gauntlets w/ Fortify One-Handed)

    Gilded Caligae (Elven Boots w/ Fortify Stamina Regen)

    d´Arc Promise Ring-(Gold Diamond Ring w/ Fortify One-Handed)

    Mistralis Amulet (Gold Ruby Necklace w/ Fortify Block)

    Milo (Imperial Sword w/ Absorb Health)

    Ballistarium (Dwarven Crossbow w/ Fire Damage)

    Imperial Sword 

    Akouo (Blades Shield w/ Resist Fire) 






    If anyone's taken this, take as much time as you need. 

  • April 26

    Quick Special spread request! If anyone is able to help me out, here are the stats: (one color for original, one color for bobbleheads, and one color for the Special booke)

    S 8+ B

    P 1

    E 6+ B

    C 3

    I 1+ B

    A 4+ B

    L 5+ B = Special book 

    And the symbol: (the left skull with crown)

    And the background:


    Thank you so much to anyone who can do this! Let me know if anything needs to be changed to make it possible. Cheers

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    April 27

    Normally I can make my own perk spreads and such, but this time I really messed up and it didn't work out. So, I'm looking for someone to make one for me. The perks are listed here and I'd like this image, preferably with red text. And, if possible, try not to cover up the upper half of the werewolf too much. But if you have to, it's no problem. Thanks in advance to whoever takes up my request :)

  • May 3

    Okay I need some one to make the art of a guy in the NCR veteran ranger (or which ever one you see on the cover" either snapping a guys neck from behind or suffocating him from behind. I want it to look like one of the modern age batman comics if possible but that's just a preference. And the guy preferably a person that's part of ceasars legion if this isn't enough info let me know and I will try to use more. Also I would like if it was either indoors or at night

  • May 13

    Can someone fix this perkspread for me? All i need are these following changes (I'm not the best with my editing software available)

    1.) More evenly spaced between the perks and PerkChart heading

    2.) More Easily reconizable coloring (prefer the same blue type of color just maybe a bit more bold)

    3.) Keep the Background image kind of like that if you have to change it please


    Thank you all for the help!! 

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    May 27

    Apparel Set

    Weapon set


    Chris, you appear to have neglected to offer a Perk spread image. I didn't want to use a My Little Pony image, so you can have this one of Ladybug instead. Neither could I fit the weapons and armor all on the same image, so I split them up (and sourced for an appropriate picture, since that's not really your fault).

    I have the .pdn files saved, so if you do offer me an image, I can change the background in about five minutes. Please try to pick an image which has good colour contrast with the font colour used, because changing that is the work of an hour.

  • May 29

    Regarding my earlier post feel free to ignore it, I figured it out on my own! :) thank you

  • June 8

    Haya, it's me, back again. I've got a pretty simple/specific request this week for a Perk Spread that I'm just having trouble with (and when I can't do it myself, I send it off over here). It's an Ordinator Perk Spread, if that changes anything, but the biggest thing is that I'd like a specific font used any of the 'titles' (the names of skills, the level, character's name, etc.) with the perks themselves being in just about any font.

    Here's the Picture

    The font is Mikadan (I'd link but I can't remember where I downloaded it). 

    The image below shows off the colour scheme of the build (especially the bit that says Karliah), with the font below being the Mikadan font.


    Archery - Archery Mastery 2/2, Wingstrike 2/2, Steady Hand 1/3, Crippling Shot, Pinning Shot, Clean Kill, Qucik Shot, Hailstorm and Deadeye

    Light Armour - Light Armour Mastery 2/2, Light Armour Fit, Initiative 2/2, Keen Senses, Windrunner, Wardancer and Glancing Blows

    Lockpicking - Lockpicking Mastery 2/2, Bear Traps, Lockjaw, Big Game Hunter and Bushwhack

    Sneak - Sneak Mastery 2/2, Tripwire, Infiltrator, Silent Roll, Dynamic Entry, Spot Detection and Dodge Roll

    One-Handed - One-Handed Mastery 2/2, Disciplined Fighter, Bite Marks 3/3, Furious Strength, Rogue's Parry, Savage 2/2, Twin Fangs, Swaying Cobra, Death Adder, Coiling Python and Wandering Warrior


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    June 8

    I googled it - the font appears to be locked behind a paywall, and even if there are any ways to go behind its back, I'm not going to. Do you have any other font preferences?

  • June 8

    Well fair enough. Really anything that's somewhat similar would do I guess, I had a quick look through my fonts and didn't see anything that really screamed at me that I needed to use it (but AR Julian was probably the closest if that helps).