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Skyrim Character Portrait Showcase

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    May 14, 2015

    There's an Argonian above your post... And my Argonians are on the 5th page 

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    October 7, 2015

    Well I feel a little under rated due to my sucky camera, but here is a little sneak peek on a character build im play testing/making 

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    October 12, 2015

    Sandis Haril Top is Him when he gets Old Bottom is him Now

    This is My Current Character My First Warrior in a long time.

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    February 14, 2016

    Eek, so many cool characters! : D 

    Here are some of mine. I make way too many, but I'm only going to post those that I actually did something with, as many are forgotten before level 5 (I just like designing characters a lot)

    Eriseya, Altmer Dragonborn
    Eri was one of my first roleplay characters. With characters before her, I just did every quest, regardless of what kind of character I had. 
    She's a bit on the insecure side, escpecially for an Altmer. Having had multiple attempts at her life didn't make things better. After all; she is only trying to do good, then why do people want her dead so badly? Still, she tries to be kind and helpful, even though at times anger does get the best of her. 
    She is a warrior, onehanded. Truth is; she has hardly any magical talent whatsoever. She has no feeling for politics. She prefers to surround herself with other warriors, as she finds them far easier to get along with. Not that she's hostile towards mages and politicans, it's just that they are often on such a different wavelength than her, that it just doesn't really match.

    Serion, Altmer, vampireslayer and Dawnguard member
    Serion is a childhoodfriend of Eri. They grew up together, back in Anvil. Serion, too, was not much of a mage and preferred swords, which was what initially started their friendship. Serion was more politically inclined. Being a young Altmer and having grown up around mostly humans, he had no sympathy for the Thalmor whatsoever and even worked against them. He went as far as infiltrating. But one day they found out. During a patrol, they went to a shack that apparently had a Talos worshipper in there. When Serion knocked, one of his colleagues opened. He was left for dead.
    Thankfully, a young mage named Adrian Brunfaire had seen things happen from afar. Once the other elves were gone, he snuck in and healed Serion. 
    Serion then fled to Skyrim, where he tried to lay low for a while. That was where he got into the Dawnguard and took up vampire hunting.
    He is quite a serious fellow. Not unfriendly, not ridiculously quiet, but also not really someone you'd grab a pint with (though getting him drunk would likely be very funny). He cares more for the people around him than what might seem the case.

    Adrian Brunfaire, Breton mage and major nerd
    A young, somewhat pacifistic mage. Oh, he knows some destruction and can take down some wolves, but when it comes down to it, Adrian is just not that much of a fighter. Which is unfortunate, as he is extremely curious and has a drive for exploration. And exploration just isn't without danger. Ever.
    He's friendly, but a bit introverted and finds it difficult to open up. This is mostly due to the fact that in Skyrim mages are generally not appreciated all that much. So once you go get past his walls, he won't shut up about fascinating magics and things he's discovered like the nerd he is, but until then, he'll keep all that to himself, afraid of being cast out otherwise. 
    When not out traveling, he likes to just sit in the College's library and read whatever he can. 

    Reshora, Redguard, thief
    Born poor, grew up poor and never had much in the form of education. Reshora knows what she knows from the stories other thiefs told and one can wonder how much of that was historically accurate. She is hardened by the tough life she has lived so far and has seen the insides of many prisons. She's ruthless, doesn't have much of a consciousness left and lives in the moment.
    Over the years she became a very good pickpocket and thief, though she never really made much money; the constant struggle for food, warmth and a roof over her head made it hard to really get back on solid ground.
    This changed once she met Brynjolf in Riften. The Guild was perfect for her. Food, water, warm, dry beds; with all those worries out of the way, she could focus on actually making the Guild money, quickly rising in rank. She doesn't have a whole lot of faith in the whole thieves community idea, but as long as she can live there and sell her stolen goods to boot, she isn't complaining.

    Corin Darbon, Breton Battlemage
    You know, that dude I keep spamming pictures of. That one. 
    Corin was born into a wealthy yet corrupt family back in High Rock. That corruption, which came from his father's side, was what did them in. The majority of them were killed; his mother, a warrior at heart, died fighting, and some, like his father, fled. Eventually, Corin had no choice but to run as well; he had not had any time get some weapons or gear and their mansion was full of men that wanted his head on a pike.
    He got involved with some bandits, though they were more hunters, when it came down to it, aside from their fueds with other bandit groups. 
    They got arrested at some point, which was what got Corin into Skyrim. By that point he realized he was less and less driven by the drive to get back to High Rock and reclaim his position; the free life fit him so much better. 
    So once he had the funds and status to do something, he decided that it was pointless. He had made plenty of friends in Skyrim, he had a considerable castle to live in and the freedom to do as he pleased. Just a bit of a pity that apparently someone also kept sending assassins after him. It's rude, really.
    He has a bit of an ego and thoroughly enjoys the thrill of battle, but when it all comes down to it, Corin's heart is in the right place. He likes to tease those with a stick up their bum, yet is careful around obviously insecure people. 

    Faras Greendale, Bosmer thief
    Faras is a bit more ambitious than Reshora. He too came from nothing, but he worked his way up. Even becoming a Nightingale, though he's not all that pleased by that, as he doesn't really like the idea of being in the service of a Daedric Prince. But the perks of the job are nice.
    He's a thief, but not a monster. He lives for the thrill, the adrenaline, but he's not cruel. 
    He prefers stealth over a direct approach and rather saves his hide than being brave. Honour is all fun and games, until it gets your ass killed. 

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    April 3, 2016

    I'd like to show off a character as well

    Svenja Winter-Hearth, Nord, Shieldmaiden

    This is Svenja, she's the character I'm currently playing and writing a character profile on. Her face is very loosely based on Lagertha from the TV show 'Vikings' and the character idea is inspired by Edana's Breath of Kyne build and profile and the shieldmaiden or Skjaldmær from Norse mythology.

    Svenja was a hunter in Whiterun but decided to become a shieldmaiden after several events lead her to change her mind about the Empire and Thalmor and join the Stormcloaks. Her birth was overshadowed by a major event which is explained in this poem I wrote:

    Song of Winter-Hearth

    Born in winter cold

    And blessed by Divines’ kind heart

    Of hundred Winter newborn

    Only one stood bold


    She is named Svenja

    Of Winter’s fiery hearth

    Bards will raise poems

    As winters cold bite can’t do her any harm


    She’s a Winter blessing

    Given to the snowy land

    Protected and shielded

    By Kyne’s mighty hand

    -Song of the Winter-Hearth, unknown

  • April 9, 2016

    I don't know how but you made alice look very pretty.

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    May 12, 2016

    This is my new character The North Wolf, which is a new build I am working on. 

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    May 12, 2016

    This is my new Character and build the North Wolf. She is a Nord who was born in Solstheim, but has lived in Skyrim all her life. The North Wolf is my currently favorite character I have made and I am looking forward to playing around with it. 

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    June 17, 2016

    The Prince of Rags, my current WiP build. A master thief who never kills and exacts his revenge on the corrupt rich that never helped him when he lived on the streets by stealing from them and giving the money to the poor. Like Robin Hood