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Gallery: TwistedOrthrus Character Gallery

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  • February 16, 2013

    I just wanted to show off a few of my favorite Skyrim characters and give a little information about them.

    This is Orun, my main character. You might recognize him from my profile picture. He is Dovahkin, Harbinger and Stormblade.

    This is Marag, my Orsimer scout/mercenary. She is listener, nightingale and master hunter.

    This is Urtag, my Orsimer Dreadknight. Servant of Hircine and Dragonborn. (If you can't tell, Orcs are my favorite race)

    This is Numa, my Khajiit Witchhunter. She is champion of Alkosh and S'rendarr, and member of the dawnguard and college of winterhold.

    This is Hulgar, my Stalhrim Master. He is a veteran of the Great War, slayer of Miraak and friend of the Skaal.

    This is Heedal, the Scourge of Tamriel. He is a vampire lord and slayer of the weak.