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Gallery: Ral Zarek's Build Art Finds

Tags: #Broken Gallery 
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    November 28, 2012

    This is all just some pictures I thought could be interesting skyrim character builds, but seeing as I have neither the time or the skill to do it I figured I would take a page out of Narmis's book and share them with you guys and girls.  

    Two things to remember (yes I copied Narmis...)

    • I would appreciate it if you leave a comment below stating which pic you used. This way I know to check out your finished build and see just how you interpreted the image into a functional build.
    • Until your build is up, you technically don't "own" the artwork, meaning that even though you called "dibs" here, someone still has the potential to beat you to the punch using said image.

    Pic 1

    Pic 2

    Pic 3

    Pic 4

    Pic 5

    Pic 6

    Pic 7

    Pic 8

    Pic 9

    Pic 10

    Pic 11

    Pic 12

    Pic 13

    Pic 14

    Pic 15

    Hope you like it 

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    November 29, 2012

    Dibs on pic 1

  • November 29, 2012

    I think pic 5 is actually in a build One of Constantine's, if I'm correct.

  • November 29, 2012

    Yo Bum, read 'The Stuff To Remember'

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    November 29, 2012

    These all look awesome, but im afraid he is right

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    November 29, 2012

    So it is... one moment I will replace it

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    November 29, 2012

    Pic 11 is badass, might do something with that...

  • November 29, 2012

    Just saw the revised one, hmmm, think I prefer the new one anyway

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    December 2, 2012

    Sorry about that.

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    December 4, 2012

    Why can't Pic 7 be an actual armor set?