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What If Different Skyrim Characters Met?

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  • March 26, 2017

    Hi guys, I'm new here :)

    I originally posted this in the forums, but Bonelord suggested it would fit better in here... anyways here goes:

    I got this crazy idea of ''what if your different skyrim characters knew each other?''

    The idea came from a book-project I was working on and thought I would make it, some sort of a skyrim journal. 
    Then run a single time-line, so the Dragonborn-stuff only happens to one, simotaneously as the guy in Markarth is being framed and the girl in Winterhold blows up the town etc...

    They'll basically all hear about what's going on in the different areas of Skyrim and they're going to deal with it differently... So far I've set up about a month time-line for 3 characters and figured I needed a 4th guy, which i started today...

    The 3 first guys all escape Helgen with Ralof.

    The witch runs to Falkreath and meets up with her Witch Coven on the way to Markarth and does the Markarth drill, forsworn and dibella stuff before she runs to Morthal vamp stuff and College of Winterhold ends up with the Volkihar

    The hunter joins the companions, helps Sinding, kills witch's coven and then joins dawnguard. I was thinking of making this character taking more and more shady jobs and eventually join the thieves' guild / dark brotherhood, but i think it'll be a 4th character instead...


    The warrior runs sort of side-by-side with the hunter.. joins companions after warning the jarl, they both go after wuuthrad fragments and are offered wolf blood same night - yup it's a mess. However, he goes after the dragonstone after this and follows main quest and civil war after this.


    The 4th character so far is a bit of a mix between the hunter and the warrior, so far he's only joined the opposite side of the civil war of the warrior... my idea is that after the warrior leaves the war to save the world from dragons, this guy will take back everything he conquered in the war... but it's still iffy 


    My problem is though: how shoould I write it? 

    Option 1: I could write each character's journal out in one go?

    Option 2: I could write them inbetween each other?

    the benefit with option one is that every character's journal is seperated and probably less confusing to read. The downside could be that days might get mixed up a bit.

    The benefit of option 2 is that it will change character a lot, more varied read and more maybe more detailed. Downside could be confusing?

    What do you guys think? :)


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    March 29, 2017

    I actually have a similar idea for my characters. I have kind of a Tamrielic "multiverse", where the hero of one universe is completely different than the next. I justify this with a very obscure branch of magic, Shadow Magic. The introduction to my collection of short stories explains it best: Memoirs of Mundus: Preface. As for which option to go for... I can't really say. Do what you think best!