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We Will Be Your Bards For The Evening

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    December 4, 2016

    By Azura, Tenebrous! :D An Adoring Fan poem. I am speechless. I might have to riff off it :D

    Molicha, that was lovely! :) Very atmospheric and visual.

    Sotek, nice message there dude and well said too :) Skyrim Spring is gorgeous and so hopeful in tone.

    Bonelord! Magnificent, love it :)


  • December 4, 2016

    Thanks for the feedback.

    So, this is over then, the bards gather their instruments and departe for other foreign hearth corners to warm their rhymes...? I had good moments ready your verses, all. Very distracting between tow work sessions ! ;)


    Sotek, I'll do my best to keep this anthem in mind.

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    December 4, 2016

    A poem by salty ol Leris' to welcome my return to Signal Fire.

    This mask is so lovely
    How it perfectly adorns your bones
    Giving you a new face
    Of splendid silver
    ruby, emerald
         Sapphire eyes
    where your own should be
    Because of who you are
         the monstrosity of honesty
         the sediment of your own creation
    ignorantly lost beneath your own feet
    Betrayed out of your right
         of self
    by the zealous idealizations 
         of your own desperate creation
    Each blessing a shackle in disguise
         a removal of the eyes
    The final Reclamation of godhood
         by mortal kind
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    December 4, 2016

    Lots to think on Liege :) Very cool and very Leris.

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    December 5, 2016

    Had a lot of fun with reading everyone's poetry! And thanks to everyone that liked my Adoring Fan poem. Phil. feel free to use it, I really won't mind. And Sotek...


    Image for you. :D

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    December 5, 2016

    That pic looks fantastic.


    Well done everyone who took part and a big thank you to those who popped in to read our words of wisdom, silliness and Lore. (I know someone wrote Lore..... I can smell it!!!)

    A big reminder to all that took part. Poems and Lyrics here in this event count towards creativity Month. Don't forget to add your work there. (Link at start of this event).


    A new day dawns and all the drink is drunk.

    T’is time we made our way to our bunks.

    Alas the songs are now all done.

    Let rest those songs which are unsung.


    Phil joined in to which we cheer,

    Karver sang and others dear.

    Molicha new gave it a shout ,

    SpottedFawn and others with no doubt.


    I remind you all, all and one.

    Even though our Bard event is done.

    Creativity month runs throughout December,

    If you written here, add it so you’ll remember.


    You joined in with members and wrote.

    Threw off the dust of a blank page's quote

    You once stood proud, spoke words so free

    Singing along with the pack from TSC


    And so the Bards come to an end.

    No more lyrics for us to attend.

    Can I please ask the last to shout,

    Be sure to snuff the candle out.

    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine. Thank you one and all for making this event an enjoyable one. May Hircine take you all. 

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    December 13, 2016
    "Greetings everyone it is i Sheogoraths Scamp the world famous bard! You might of heard of me. I will sing a ballad of- What? You must be joking. You have to be. What do you mean the event is over? I will have you know i have been working on this song for ages! You dont care? Fine have it your way! May my uncle touch you in all the wrong places you filthy two headed, ground bound, dungbeetle! " And the scamp was never seen again.
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    December 16, 2016

    Congratulations Sotek your "will you be our Bards for an Evening" was a great success so well done, lets hope these cross Vault events catch on, it certainly brings out the best in people, and lets be honest, people are the foundations, walls and roof of the Vault, without them where would we be?.  Keep up the good work mate