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We Will Be Your Bards For The Evening

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    December 2, 2016


    December the 1st is the start of Tamriel Vault’s Creativity Month. It’s an ideal time to finish those projects which have been sitting around gathering dust.


    As for The Story Corner, I thought it would be a perfect time to raise the bar along with the noise level and so without further ado....

                       Welcome to The Story Corner’s…...

    We Will Be Your Bards For The Evening

    We will be running this event over the whole weekend. The fires burning bright and the golden meads flowing free.


    Go have a wander throughout Tamriel Vault and pick out anything from the builds in Character Building, art pictures in the Art Group or venture into the depths of Hermaeus Mora and chose Lore. You could also visit the past and delve through Classics.

    The Bloodmoon rises… Run free and seek out what you will. Show us what you find by writing poems, lyrics and song about what you have discovered buried deep within Tamriel Vault. Or if it takes yoru fancy, sing a few lines of your experiences within the TES and Fallout worlds. 


    Remember; - Short event entries can be entered in the Creativity Month.


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    December 2, 2016

    I thought for a change that it would be nice if we stepped back and let a NPC from Skyrim start things off...

    Ok I'll be honest... Farkas is drunk and there's no stopping him. 


    Farkas's Ode to the Dragonslayers

    Part 01

    “On one cold, dark, moon filled night;

    Sotek led his pack to a fight.

    Across the plains to the mountainside,

    Where hovering above a beast did hide”.


    “A fireball struck; lighting up the sky.

    The dragon didn’t know that it was destined to die.

    Arrows tore in its side,

    Causing it with the ground to collide”.


    “The dragon roared, but he roared louder.

    His voice boomed like pure thunder.

    His axe did strike the final blow.

    Now the dragon’s bones are all that’s left to show”.


     Part 02

    “Up the track the Alpha’s tread,

    Aela followed where Sotek led”.


    “At the top all seemed clear,

    But no one knew what was really near.

    All of a sudden with an almighty crash!

    A dragon of dragons with intent to smash”.


    “Its target a lizard; seemingly easy prey.

    But he stared in its eyes and said ‘no way’.

    Without using any weapon he just thumped it on the nose.

    Aela shouted, ‘With your axe you fool that’s how it goes’”.


    “Arrows flew all as one,

    And the dragon erupted like a blazing sun.

    The dragon was a giant like none we ever saw.

    But its fate too was sealed just like the one before”.


    “So when out on the plains you tread

    Watch the sky’s above and ahead...

    And if you hear those beating wings in the sky

    Just remember this..... Even great dragons die”.

     Farkas's song from my story.

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    December 2, 2016

    Count me in. Been a while since one of these fell on a weekend off for me. So the theme is general inspiration from around the Vault? Good stuff, I'll go see what I can find.

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    December 2, 2016

    Sotek said:

    I thought for a change that it would be nice if we stepped back and let a NPC from Skyrim start things off...

    Ok I'll be honest... Farkas is drunk and there's no stopping him. 


    Farkas's Ode to the Dragonslayers

    Part 01

    “On one cold, dark, moon filled night;

    Just remember this..... Even great dragons die”.

     Farkas's song from my story.

    Oh, way to kick it off! Whack it on the nose :D


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    December 2, 2016

    This rhyme is not for the creativity month, neither is it based on anything in particular on-site, just a character of mine. It wasn't going to be posted at all but this has inspired me to finish it, so thanks Sotek. The tempo is fast, words are sloppy. But fun to write.

    Fire and lightning burst forth from one hand

    Volcanic and blazing, the heat could make glass out of sand

    In the other was a staff powered by a soul gem, grand

    And the battle was proceeding just as she'd planned

    Sorcerers verus a Sorceress, an enchantress against the souless and damned.

    Then there emerged from the undead horde

    A foul abomination, a draugr Deathlord

    Spewing ice from its maw as cold as a fjord

    She responded swiftly with a blue shimmering ward

    Her scintillating shield swallowing the magicka, absorbed.

    Retaliating quickly she drew out her sword

    A blade of midnight, ebony forged.

    Then moving with skill uncommon in a caster

    She dodged, weaved and struck like a blademaster

    And although her foes were quick, she proved faster

    Striking and spinning, a deadly dancer.

    One by one corpses fell as if burned by silver

    And with a whispered word she called in an avatar

    Of elemental storm, a sentient natural disaster.

    But then came words, oily and slick

    The Deathlord had shouted "Zun Haal Viik"

    As if coated in grease her sword slipped from her grip

    For her ward had died on her fingertips.

    A lesser warrior would have met their rest

    But she was a Nord and therefore the best

    Her face betraying no sign of distress

    No feelings of fear were visably expressed.

    She took from her back a honed battleaxe

    And dived back into to the frey with renewed attacks.

    Shouting her battlecry and her promise, her pledge

    With a conquering voice "fuck the undead!"

    And swung her weapon named Ashes Edge.

    Its crescent moon blade burned with magickal fire

    The draugr's second death and funeral pyre

    For nothing could escape this Nord's northern ire

    Ever brave even in circumstances dire.

    Her armour was battered, twisted and bent

    Her magickal energy consumed, emptied and spent

    But she did not know what defeat meant

    For she was the Moth Queen and Ada-sent.

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    December 2, 2016

    I remember this from the last one, I'll have to think up something today. Count me in!

  • December 2, 2016

    I'll see if I can come up with something. :D

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    December 2, 2016
    I'll take a shot at this, later. Need to practice poetry more.
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    December 2, 2016

    Haha  Phil, I like it!

    And you done a great job going through the various parts of the battle.

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    December 2, 2016

    Oh Valenwood

    Poem by a homesick Bosmer


    Oh Valenwood,

    My heart belongs to thee.

    From the sacred boughs of Elden Root

    To  Southpoint on the sea,
    I have walked a thousand steps

    Through whispered glade and meadowed lea.

    To see all that you have to offer,

    to know nature’s joy and woodland free.


    Oh Valenwood,

    You mean so much to me.

    From the Wild Court of Hollow Men

    To far-wandering Falinesti,

    With earth beneath and stars above

    In no other lands I’d rather be.

    I long for wild Woodhearth and shining Silvenar.

    These old Holds are so much colder than thee.


    Oh Valenwood,

    I hear you call to me.

    In every leaf and frond,

    In every flower, in every tree.


    Oh Valenwood,

    Wait for me.

    Someday I shall return

    I will leave behind this land of dragons and go back to the ferns

    Oh Valenwood,

    My heart belongs to thee.



    Fawn's contribution to the songs/poems! I rarely write poetry so this isn't the best, but I'm happy with it. xD Wandered through the lore archives for inspiration, misread "On Valenwood" as "Oh Valenwood" and this is what happened.