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    September 28, 2016

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    We often talk about our chapters, poems and such once we have finished them and especially when they have been posted but we also talk about them in small groups when we are still writing them out. Often such conversations are on steam or Skype which leaves TSC festering in the cold dark corner of the blog...

    What I thought might be an idea is to collect these conversations in a single place where we can at leisure talk about what sections we are on and maybe we can help each other with encouragement when we suffer from writers block, (Which is a bane for some of us)  or from running wild with crazy ill conceived idea’s. Yes Sotek I’m referring to you here,  deny it all you want… We know!!

    Now one problem here is this. If we are discussing our stories then we are discussing plots and spoilers.



    What I want to ask from those who take part is this. Add a link to your TOC at the TOP of your comment and I will add it to the list in this discussion so those who don’t want to know the various spoilers we are discussing can see straight away what stories are likely to be involved.

    Warning: - This thread contains spoilers.

    Stories being discussed.

    U.O.T.W By Sotek

    Crossover By Will

    Straag Rod By Lissette Long-Chapper

    Agents of the Queen By Tenebrous

    I’ve no idea if this will kick off and become something or if it will die a death quicker than a wolf with Rockjoint but I thought I’d throw it to the wolves and see who bites.

    Sotek Loyal Hound of Hircine

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    September 28, 2016

    Spoilers ahoy for "Agents of the Queen"! Ye've been warned!


    The Campfire returns! Hooray! I've finally begun working on part 15 of "Agents of the Queen", where Ardolan's group tries to cure Elereth's vampirism. Thing is, I'm torn between three options as to where I can take this: a) Elereth gets cured in the end of the current part or the next, b) Elereth gets cured much later (when wrapping up the Auridon storyline), or c) Elereth doesn't get cured at all. Thoughts?

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    September 28, 2016

     Failure does add a sense of trepidation to the story so don’t cure quickly. I would go for the second option. Have the threat hang around for a while before the cure.

    Big spoiler alert for U.O.T.W.

    Aela will get bitten and catch the Vampiric Disease. (Yes it’s a disease not a gift).  It’s not something I deal with quickly and it does have lasting effects on her.

    It’s a big deal I feel for someone to catch something like this and not want it. You have lots of opportunities to play with fear, regret, and anger. Let it run.

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    September 29, 2016
    Aah, good point. Alright, thanks for the input! Also, quick question on your U.O.T.W: How will Aela be a vampire if she's already a werewolf? Unless she's been cured in your story? I'll admit I haven't really been reading many blog posts here, for which I apologize.
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    September 29, 2016

    Although Aela isn't your typical werewolf, she gets bitten by a Vampire Lord. In UOTW basic vampires don't have the ability to change a werewolf into a vampire but a vampire lord such as Harkon certainly can. In game he changes you if you want from a werewolf to a vampire. 

    The process of Aela changing into a vampire takes three days as in Morrowind. She has a different nightmare each night as the vampiric disease takes hold. During this time she also feels Red's soul slip away from her as the beast blood is slowly turned to that of a vampiric nature. 

    It's during this moment when she will actualy try to kill herself. She believes if she dies before becoming a full vampire that she could still enter the Hunting grounds and save Red. She knows if she fully turns into a vampire then red would be destroyed forever. Even if she is turned into a werewolf again, it wouldn't be Red. 

    Whether she turnes into a vampire and Red is destroyed or if Sotek manages to save both his mate and Red doesn't alter one fact.

    From the moment Aela is bitten by Harkon, things will never be the same again. 

    So looking forwards to this story line. It's a massive game changer for Aela. 

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    September 29, 2016
    *whistle* Morbid. I like.
  • September 29, 2016

    I like it too. Looking forward to both stories. I had missed Agents of the Queen!

    I handle Lycanthropy and vampirism differently. 

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    September 29, 2016

    Lissette, what would you say were the main differences with werewolves in Straag and UOTW? 

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    September 30, 2016

    Nice to see this back, I should really get around to reposting Crossover...

  • September 30, 2016

    Sotek said:

    Lissette, what would you say were the main differences with werewolves in Straag and UOTW? 

    Main differences? I am less specific than you, and tend to keep things rather general. Well, I don't really touch on the Morrowind boons that you are using, nor do I use the percentages that you use cause you use mods, right? Yeah, lycanthropy is more generic in Straag and I describe it with more vague terms. It is a "magical" disease, like vampirism, where your form is the result of a pact with a Daedric prince, though Hircine's pact is more lax than Molag Bal's. Another werewolf will act as your forbear. 

    I do use the Totems of Hircine though. My werewolves are based more on Skyrim mechanics and Requiem ones. They are sensitive to silver and some the plants based on lore like Canis root and belladonna. Werewolves in Straag are also carnivores who are sensitive to to plant-based foods, though this is to varying degrees. Like some can enjoy a slice of apple pie with only minor stomach irritation whereas some cannot even tolerate the smell of applies. They tend to like food undercooked as well. They possess greater physical strength in human form and are exceptionally resistant to disease. I tend to limit their ability to cast as you have a gift from Hircine, you are already magical in essence. 

    Werewolves bear the mark of Hircine and therefore cannot take Aedric shrine blessings in Straag, nor can they enter temples without a measure of discomfort. I am very much a person who likes exchanges. Yes, you get a ton of power and physical prowess (The Companions of Jorrvaskr use this to their advantage, clearing vampire and large bandit dens with at most two Shield-Siblings, the lycanthropes Skjor and Kodlak being particular experienced with this) and a form that is extremely powerful, but there is cost. Werewolves in Straag also tend to burn bright, burn hot, and burn fast as transforming is a physical process. I've read several lycanthropy lore books, the body undergoes some pretty hefty changes. That, in my eyes, can result in body strain, so old werewolves like Kodlak are rare. Their eyes are more responsive to light and dark and werewolves possess light grey eyes. Better hearing, better smell, more sensitive taste and far less sensitivity to cold temperatures. They also tend to succumb more to temptation, tend to exibit rash behavior. They also have heavy desires to drink, thirst, and many turn to drink. Werewolves are prone to excess in emotion, but are ferociously loyal to friends. Each werewolf, however, is individual and may exibit less or more of these traits. I abandon Skyrim mechanics in that werewolves in Straag can have varying size, shape, and pelt color. Aela is a heavily ticked auburn. Kodlak is grey. Ear shape and muzzle shape may also vary with the individual and many carry over traits from their human form. Some, like Sinding, possess the gift of speech, others, like Aela are far more aware of what is going on when they're in Beast Form and even remember what they did when while they were in Beast Form. Some other werewolves, however, have complete blackouts after they transform, losing time. 

    Their transformation shreds clothing and can break armor, so the Companions of Jorrvaskr have armor specially fitted with poppable snaps so there is less damage to it when they transform. If a hunt is planned, they will strip. They are at their most vulnerable right after a transformation and it is limited to once a day, though the more experienced ones can increase the duration. They have to transform more frequently when new and the risk of New Born going feral is rather high in Straag. Feral werewolves exibit more canine behavior, marking, prefering all fours for travel, increased lust for the hunt, less control. As a werewolf gains experience, they are better able to control their transformations and some can go months without shifting. 

    When they die, they go to the Hunting Grounds, a lush land filled with many beasts. By day they hunt animals and are hunted in turn, but at night Hircine joins on the hunt with his pack of werwolf minions. The cycle repeats, but there is a tiny space in the Hunting Grounds where Hircine cannot go. A waterfall canyon where through a mist-like portal, those werewolves that were also members of Jorrvaskr, can see the Harbinger's blue flame at Ysgramor's tomb. A bubble between two planes. I do not go into the complexities of wolf spirits, though they are present, you are in your mortal form in the Hunting Grounds and can shift into a werewolf. Your soul belongs to Hircine at death and there are social dynamics at the Hunting Grounds; packs and hierarchies therein. If you die in the Hunting Grounds, you die permanently. 

    Lycanthropy is illegal in the provinces of Tamriel and there are large bounties for werewolves, usually 500 septims a head, or higher depending on the prowess of the werewolf. Straag Rod's resident priest was very good at hunting them. 

    Dunno, I'm sure others do it differently. I tried to make it interesting. Straag Rod does discuss Lycanthropy rather openly.