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Character Build: Illusionist

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    May 24, 2018

     Bandits beware, one foot into the open and he will descend all the pain in the world upon your worthless mortal being... 


    I give you... 

    The Illusionist

    Image result for mage fantasy art

    The Illusionist was just a boy, he walked home to his parents. They lived in a modest house with dark furnishing and soft beds. His father was an Illusionist and mother was the Alteration teacher at a local magic school which he attended. They lived in High Rock in the village of Johanna where he hated it, he longed for adventure and travel. As the years past he grew to enjoy his life, learning the skills of Alteration and Illusion from his parents and soon being able to perform more complex spells by heart. 

    One afternoon when he came home from an errand he found his parents packing. "Where are we going?"

    "To the land of Skyrim it is much better for us, business isn't going well and we need knew places to work."

    The Illusionist looked at his parents joy spreading through his body. He and his family were travelling.

    It took only a few long days to cross the western border into Skyrim where they headed for Markarth to settle. His father was to become an archaeologist and his mother a city mage.

    It had been years since they had moved to Markarth when one day the Illusionist came home to a horrific scene. His father lay on the floor, blood pouring out of a wound with a dagger through his head. He heard a scream and ran towards it hiding on walls. He peeked into the room seeing his mother kneeling before some bandits, whimpering almost screaming. Then it all stopped and a blade was plunged through her head and it was like the life was wrenched out of the Illusionist, he had lost everything. 

    Running out of the house he swore he would take revenge on all bandits he ever came across inflicting an infinite pain upon their pitiful bodies unitl they had all felt the pain he felt.


    Basic Information:

    Race: Breton - Roleplay reasons

    Mods: Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim, Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim, Imperious - Races of Skyrim, Andromeda - Unique Standing Stones of Skyrim and the Alternate start mod (Choose own a house option, Vlindred Hall Markarth)


    Till comfortable you won't run out of Magicka:

    3 Magicka2 Health1 Stamina

    End Game:

    1 Magicka, 1 Health, 0 Stamina

    Standing Stone: Mage Stone

    Shouts: Aura Whisper, Cyclone - (Worst Case Scenario), Unrelenting Force, 

    Major Skills: Illusion, Alteration, Speech

    Minor Skills: Enchanting

    Companions: Any warrior/archer, you can do mage but it makes the game a lot harder.


    • Main Story siding with the Blades
    • Dragonborn DLC
    • Dawnguard DLC (He thinks vampires and just as good as bandits so side with Dawnguard)
    • Any quests involving killing bandits
    • College of Winterhold - He wants to continue his education in the Alteration and Illusion schools of magic



    Apocalypse: Ocato's Recital, Hethoth's Grimoire, Wind Running, Tharn's Prison, Wither, Evil Twin, Pale Shadow, Malviser's Gauntlet, Mind Control, Figment of Pain, Thundering Hooves

    Vanilla: Ebonyflesh, Grand Healing, Paralyze, Rout, Pacify, Frenzy



    Related image

    Alteration: Some notable berks are: Throne of Nirn, after standing still for 5 seconds with a spell in hand this perk rises a pillar of stone from the ground elevating you out of melee range except of giants and buffs up your spell power by 20%. Geomancer: If wearing robes and no light or heavy armor, you take 30% less damage from attacks while charging or concentrating on a spell.

    • Alteration Mastery 2/2
    • Mage Armour 3/3
    • Distorted Shape
    • Geomancer
    • Throne of Nirn
    • Philosipher's Stone
    • Command Lock
    • Aurification
    • Alter Self Resistances (Frost + Shock)
    • Home Mythal
    • Emergency Teleport
    • Dimension Door
    • Alter Self Attributes (Magicka)
    • Nullifier
    • Wild Shrines
    • Welloc's Doormant Arcana (Armour/Water Walking/Movement Speed/ Spell Absorb)
    • Intuitive Magic 2/2
    • Arcane Thesis

    Related image

    Illusion: Notable Perks: Imposing Presence: You radiate an aura of charm that touches all within 40 feet. Any Illusion spell you cast on those affected is 25% more powerful and lasts 30% longer. The Reaper Comes: Activate any non-essential humanoid (only) under the effect of a Calm spell to send a wraith to slay the target within 15 seconds. Lamb to the Slaughter: Activate any humanoid (only) under the effect of a Fear spell to compel the target to stand motionless for 30 seconds. Your attacks against this target ignore armor.

    • Illusion Mastery 2/2
    • Illusion Dual Casting
    • Imposing Presence
    • Nemesis
    • Blind Guardian
    • Wraith Walker
    • Wilting
    • Terror
    • Pandemonium
    • Nightfall
    • The Reaper Comes
    • Lamb to the Slaughter
    • Heavy Weights the Tapestry
    • Commanding Presence
    • Crown of the False King
    • Imperious Splendour
    • Protect your God
    • Dream Thief
    • Kindred Mage
    • Ficklefate
    • Master of the Mind
    • Dream Charm
    • Dream Geas

    Related image


    • Enchanting Mastery 2/2 
    • Gem Dust
    • Regalia
    • Twin Enchantments
    • Arcane Nexus                              
    • Miracle



    • Speech Master 2/2
    • Kinship
    • Business Relation
    • Salesman
    • Fence


     Image result for fine clothes skyrim


    Fine Clothes (Fortify Illusion + Fortify Alteration) 

    Fine Boots (Resist Shock + Resist Frost)

    Any Gloves (Fortify Magicka)

    Any Necklace (Fortify Illusion + Fortify Alteration + Fortify Health)

    Any Ring (Fortify Illusion + Fortify Alteration + Fortify Health)




    The elder scrolls v: skyrim dragons game wallpaper


    As every Skyrim player knows dragons can be a deadly and fun challenge, but for this build they can be deadly and kill you in almost one strike. To start you should ensure Ocato’s Recital activates, activating Ebonyflesh, Grand Healing and Thundering Hooves (Just in case you need a quick escape). Get your companions to engage first whilst you activate Hethoth’s Grimoire with Ice Storm so it is repeatedly fired where you are facing. Use the Dragon Rend shout and when that cools use the Fire Breath shout or Frost Breath shout depending on what dragon you are fighting.


    Image result for Skyrim bandits and forsworn


    When you come across bandits on the roads and they engage you Ocato’s Recital will activate providing Ebonyflesh and Grand Healing in case you take damage before you engage. Activate paralyze taking out multiple enemies before using pale shadow upon each of them making their ‘shadows’ attacking them while they are down, their 1 health irrelevant as the originals cannot attack back, also don’t forget to use other vanilla spells as you need like pacify and rout to control the battlefield.

    Also using Malviser’s Gauntlet you can make an opponent become a human shield to protect you from sword attacks, arrows and magic attacks.


    Related image


    You don’t want to come across these things at all but it is a similar to dragons.

    1. Ocato’s Recital
    2. Cyclone shout (1/3)
    3. Hethoth's Grimoire with Fireball
    4. Flame/Frost Breath


     Image result for mage fantasy art



    The Illusionist hates bandits and will do whatever it takes to excrutiatingly execute every single one of them in the land of Skyrim wherever they may be and anyone standing in his way immediately becomes a foe. Other than bandits always stay civilized, the Illusionist was brought up by honourable parents and will keep your cool when in a city and unless it is bandits or marauders don't attack unless a quest states so or your opponent engages first.


    Dead Bandit and a Cart

    Constructive criticism welcome!

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    May 25, 2018

    Hey Zalyius, You got the makings for a pretty cool build here!!

    Theres a few things I'd tidy up and elabaorate on though. What level is the Character? How did you spend atributes (Since this is a mage character i'm assuming it'd be somthing like 3 parts Magicka 1 part health and very little or nothing into stamina)? Theres a lot of white space around the perks section I'd consider making a perk spread or adding a few pictures that evoke the skill your describing. The skill pictures are good they're just not very eye catching on a white background is all. The first picture you have is of a woman which made me initially think that the intro had a typo in it because you refered to the character as a he. I'd find another that fits your character more I'll attach somthing below. You'll be able to find somthing better no doubt, but having a dude instead of a gal at the start would ease some confusion. I don't think dragonrend does much to giants other than stagger them a bit, I'd be inclined to use unrelenting force as it will send em flying at full power. you got a few spelling mistakes here and there as well nothing a quick check through word couldn't fix though. So yea there are a few minor things you can do to polish the build up a bit that I think will make a big difference in the presentation. Like I said at the start you got the makings of an awesome build you just need to put in a few finishing touces to get there :)



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    May 25, 2018

    Ahh damn I completely didn't realise the giant mistake with dragonrend and thanks for the pick I will use it I just couldn't find any cool ones of a guy but thanks that one's awesome. And I will allocate a stat spread and notable perks, thank you very much for your feedback. :D :D

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    May 25, 2018

    No problem mate happy to help :) Looking forward to the edits!!

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    May 25, 2018

    Max level is 62 to get the required perks but speech isn't required just RP.

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    May 25, 2018

    Thats looking much nicer man, you got some good looking pictures there. I'd centre align the dragon, forsworn and giant pictures to match the alignment of the last two. And pop in your perks title Level 62 Perks: And this is just personal preference but I think less blocky fonts read better, something like Book Antiqua or Times New Roman. But thats just my taste. Any way it's looking much nicer now good work :)


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    May 25, 2018

    62 is a tad bit high, most builds cap out somewhere in the 50's, with a scant few going higher without some sort of explanation

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    May 25, 2018
    True but this build does need all of these perks except speech