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Character Build: Ashaka, Warrior of the Cursed Legion

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    May 17, 2018



    Ashaka, Warrior of the Cursed Legion


    This is the fourth installment in what will be a twenty-one part series. I have been working on this project for literally three years. The goal is to create twenty-one different builds for the twenty-one classes from the Elder Scrolls (TES) series. Albino put together a similar project that served as an inspiration, but I fleshed each class out into a full on character and have been tinkering with these builds over the course of three different consoles (PS3, PS4 and XB1). I have an extensive mod list that can be viewed here. Most of these builds have been directly inspired by other builds on the Tamriel Vault, and those builds will be cited below as well.

    I followed a number of self-imposed rules and restrictions when making these builds. Each has exactly seven skills, with at least one of them a crafting skill. Five of the seven skills must come from the pool of skills used by the class in past TES games, allowing each character two additional free skills. I used information from Daggerfall, Morrowind and Oblivion to determine the skill pool for each class. Each build must have at least three skills in their specialization (Magic, Combat or Stealth), and cannot have more than three skills from a single other specialization. Over all twenty-one builds, I incorporated every gender, race, skill, weapon class and faction at least once, if not more. The result is a literal cast of characters spanning every aspect of TES V: Skyrim. The fourth build I will present is my Warrior - Ashaka, Warrior of the Cursed Legion.

    Ashaka grew up in the Morkul stronghold of Wrothgar and can trace her lineage to the Cursed Legion, the legendary traveling militia of Orc warriors. Her father was the Morkul stronghold’s chief, and he trained her in the arts of war as soon as she was old enough to hold a weapon. When she came of age, Ashaka’s father reluctantly agreed to a proposal that would send her to marry the chief of the Murtag stronghold. Enraged, Ashaka rejected this agreement and left Wrothgar to see the world, seek her fortune and ultimately join the Imperial Legion in Solitude. Perhaps Ashaka’s father foresaw that she would do just this, as he knew the adventurous blood of the Cursed Legion flowed through her veins. Now a wandering warrior, Ashaka travels from stronghold to stronghold, aiding her Orc kin across Skyrim as she prepares to enlist in the Legion and fight in Skyrim's ongoing Civil War.


    Ashaka, on a rampage, is quite the terror.

    Age: 25 Gender: Female Race: Orc Class: Warrior Specialization: Combat (6 of 7 skills) Attributes: Endurance, Strength

    Spouse: none Follower: Lob or Ghorbash the Ironhand Deity: Malacath Home: Orc Longhouse AlignmentLawful Neutral

    Factions: Imperial Legion Magicka/Health/Stamina0 / 2 / 1 Standing Stone: The Warrior

    Major Skills

    One-Handed: Ashaka is a pure warrior, and consequently a master of all forms of weaponry. She has three preferences when it comes to melee weapons: swords, war axes and warhammers. How she wields them depends both on her mood and her enemy. At times she may wield a single sword in a flurry of bladesmanship, and other times she'll dual-wield war axes in a berserker rage. Other instances might call for her trusty warhammer. As a result, she is skilled in all three of these distinct weapon styles.

    One-Handed Mastery (2/2), Disciplined Fighter, Bleed Like a Lamb (3/3), Clash of Champions (3/3), Ravage (2/2), Cross Cut (2/2), Furious Strength, Mangle (2/2), Falling Sword, Overrun, Rogue's Parry, Shieldbiter, Man O'War, Windswept, Wolfstooth, Go for the Throat, Into the Dust, Thundering Blow, Apex Predator, Judgment, Unleash the Beast, Wandering Warrior (30 perks)

    Heavy Armor: As a descendant of the legendary Cursed Legion, Ashaka comes from a line of Orcs who swear by their heavy armor. 

    Heavy Armor Mastery (2/2), Battle Weary, Heavy Armor Fit, Defiance, Face of Death, Born to Fight, Revel in Battle, Bedrock, Break Upon Me, Never Kneel, Reap the Whirlwind, Out of the Inferno, Rise Above, Immortal, Sovereign, Face of the Mountain (17 perks)

    Two-Handed: In times of desperation, Ashaka will always rely on her favorite weapon - the warhammer.

    Two-Handed Mastery (2/2), Trained Fighter, Crushing Blows (3/3), Batter (2/2), Ferocious Strength, Avalanche, Trample, The Pendulum, Grand Slam, Deadfall, Slayer of a Thousand Sons (15 perks)

    Minor Skills 

    Archery: All skilled warriors learn at least the basics of the bow and arrow. While by no means an expert markswoman, Ashaka will use her bow on occasion and enjoys hunting game every now and then. 

    Archery Mastery (2/2), Clean Kill, Long Shot (3/3), Steady Hand (3/3), Ranger, Focus on the Prey, Quick Shot (12 perks) 

    Block: Ashaka relies more upon her heavy armor to deflect incoming damage, but will occasionally block her opponent's attacks with the shaft of her warhammer or attempt to parry their strikes with her sword.

    Block Mastery (2/2), Timed Block (2/2), Deflect Arrows, Poke the Dragon, Power Bash, Quick Reflexes, Skull Rattler, Mocking Blow (10 perks)

    Crafting Skills 

     Alchemy: As Murbul says, "orc poisons are to be feared". Ashaka is an apprentice alchemist, but brews both healing potions and poisons to harm her opponents. 

    Alchemy Mastery (2/2), Physician, Stimulants, Experimenter, Poisoner, Bottomless Cup, Crimson Haze, Alkahest, Green Thumb, Pure Mixture (11 perks) 

    Smithing: Ashaka is a master blacksmith who has embraced the Orcish traditions of metalcraft. 

    Smithing Mastery (2/2), Advanced Workshop, Meric Smithing (1/2) (choose Dwarven), Arcane Blacksmith, Recycle Materials, Expert Smithing (1/2) (choose Orcish). Sandstone Sheath, Smithing Specialization, Iron Lore (10 perks)

    This totals 105 perks. With 50% More Perk Points enabled, the build will be completed at level 70Note - due to the number of perks my builds seem to require, I have added two additional perk point mods - 20% More Perk Points and Perk Points at Skill Levels 50-75-100. If you add these, the build can be completed by ~ level 60.

    The Warrior's starting kit, as seen in Morrowind.

    Arsenal and Armory

    Ashaka is a pure warrior. She is skilled in all six trees of the warrior class, and as a result is proficient in swordwar axewarhammer and bow and arrow. She forgoes using a shield, and freely switches between different weapons. How you go about this is up to you - some days you can leave the warhammer and sword at home, and just go with your war axes. Some days you can use your bow, and switch to the warhammer. You want to hunt down both Volendrung and The Longhammer. I really like Visc, an Orcish shortsword that fits perfectly in her arsenal. Sometimes just going with a sword and blocking with it like a samurai is really fun. In the screenshot above you can see a war axe on her right hip and Visc on her left. Have fun mixing up your weapons and try different combinations out. You want to only use Orcish and just upgrade them to the highest possible level. No Ebony or Daedric for Ashaka. I also recently added Katana Crafting, which allows you to create a simple Orcish Katana.

    Ashaka might stumble upon an interesting enchantment, like Paralyze or Absorb Stamina, and will throw it on a war axe just for the added bonus. She is by no means an "enchanter" but she likes to give her weapons a touch of personalization. Possible names for her axes and swords are Chiefsbane, Scourgeborne, Soulcleaver, Anger’s Edge and Honor’s Call, while she might call her bow the Orcish Warbow, Spiteful Longbow or Warsong and her warhammer can be named Ancient Orcish Maul, War-Forged Greathammer or Warmonger. Keep Visc free of enchantments so you have something to use with Elemental Fury.

    Ashaka wears sturdy Orcish armor that she regularly repairs and improves. She wears a simple tunic under her gear, and tends to spend her time around her home in a more relaxed outfit, like the clothes, robes and tunics found in the Common Clothes mod. A true Orc whose faith is in Malacath, she doesn't pray at any shrines (other than the Shrine to Malacath in her home) or wear any Divines' amulets.

    Ashaka recognizes herself as Dragonborn, but uses her Shouts to supplement her aggressive fighting style. So, she only knows a handful: Battle Fury, Dismay, Elemental Fury, Unrelenting Force and Whirlwind Sprint. While she knows how to Shout and completes the main quest, Ashaka defines herself first and foremost as a descendant of the Cursed Legion. She harbors a suspicion that her abilities are actually a special boon granted by Malacath for shunning her old life in an effort to keep the warrior spirit of the Cursed Legion alive.

    As an Orc, Ashaka's racial ability is Berserk, which she learns by staggering 150 enemies with her Shockwave power. Additional lesser powers Ashaka will learn on her journey are Lover's Insight, Secret of Strength and Seeker of Might.

    Special Attacks

    Berserker Rage: Warhammer + Berserk + Trample + Shockwave. Ashaka is overcome with rage and launches herself at her opponents, sending many to the ground with a leaping shockwave after hitting the strongest foe with a vicious strike of her warhammer. Note - if you play Overwatch, picture this like Reinhardt's Earth Shatter + Fire Strike + Charge combination. That is exactly what I have in mind here.

    Berserker Flurry: Dual War Axe + Berserk + Poison + Man O' War or Unleash the Beast. Ashaka becomes a swirling whirlwind of razor sharp, poisoned axes, growing in strength as her rage increases.

    Berserker Strike: Visc or Orcish Sword + Berserk + Seeker of Might + Thundering Blow. Ashaka slices through her enemies with a controlled rage, dismembering her opponents until she lands a thundering blow that would rend any foe asunder.


    Main Quest, Imperial Legion, Coated in Blood, The Cursed Tribe, Kolskeggr Mine, Sanuarach Mine, Skilled Apprenticeship, The White Phial, The Forsworn Conspiracy (take the side of the Silver-Bloods), Few and Far Between


    Ashaka is heavily inspired by another incredible build - Albino's Cursed Legionnaire. However, I wanted to implement two unique things - a jack-of-all-(warrior)-trades approach, and putting a young female Orc in this spot instead of the typical old, bearded, burly Orc chief. Ashaka is young and angry, but reveres her ancestors and ancient traditions. As Albino outlined, follow the Code of Malacath as much as possible. Ashaka is specififcally not Lawful Good, but Lawful Neutral - she acts as the Code of Malacath directs her, not by an internal feeling that drives her to do good or evil. She's emotionally immature to a degree, and follows the Code to guide her decisions when she is unsure of the correct course of action.

    Ashaka is, at heart, a Ronin. A wandering, masterless samurai. She left her stronghold due to the patriarchal rules, and wanders Skyrim only seeking to aid fellow Orcs as a penance of sorts as she feels her abandonment of her role as a traditional wife is in some way breaking the Code of Malacath. This wandering will lead her to the Imperial Legion, which further allows her to gain a sense of honor, duty and obligation. When the times comes, she will take the fight to Alduin as he poses a threat to Orcs everywhere.

    Ashaka can at times travel alone but can call on followers as well. If you use Alternate Start, you begin in the Orc Stronghold only a few feet from Ghorbash the Ironhand, who can be recruited as a follower for only ~60 gold. Ghorbash is also a heavy armor warrior, so he mimics Ashaka's style very well. Lob is a better follower who can be recruited after you complete the Cursed Tribe. He is a Ranger, so his combination of Archery and Light Armor is a much better compliment to Ashaka's style than Ghorbash. I equip him in some Ranger Armor, and craft him a powerful Orcish Bow. You can also throw a Soul Trap enchantment on the bow and use him to fill up the gems you need to keep Volendrung or any other enchanted weapons you have fully charged.

    Ashaka wants to help every Orc she can, so you want to travel to all the Strongholds and do all the quests possible. Take a look at the quest section in the Cursed Legionnaire as that outlines everything you'd need to do. 

    Overall, picture Ashaka as your typical Orcish Warrior but with a hint of wandering samurai thrown in. She is honorable, perseverant and strong but has a violent rage that can overtake her at times.

    Necessary Mods: Ordinator, Imperious, Andromeda,  and 50% More Perk Points - all by EnaiSiaion. Visc can be found in BillyRo's Weapons, Chapter 2. She lives in the Orc Longhouse, made by MsRae.

    Inspirations: The Cursed Legionnaire by Albino. He's made so many amazing builds but this one is really simple and to the point. Art is from TES: Legends and taken from The Elder Scrolls Wiki.

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    May 17, 2018

    I like it very straight forward, warrior build. With a dash of Alchemy to make things a bit different. Playing as an Orc with Imperious instaled is quite fun with that shock wave effect you get. I'm currently halfway through an Orc playtest, where I'll be using that skill a lot. 

    I really like the way you present your builds, it makes it an easy read. A well thought out charcater, I can't wait for the next one!!

  • May 17, 2018

    Pretty sweet build here Dean, I don't know if I've mentioned it but I enjoy the way you show off the inspirations for your builds, I just think it's a really good idea and more people need to do it. Other then that, presentation's good, build is good, the only thing I might possibly recommend is focusing more on the Ordinator Perks and explaining some of the combinations and unique abilities of the character.


    Oh and this has been featured on the Tamriel Vault Twitter Account

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    May 21, 2018

    Dragonborn1921 said:

    Pretty sweet build here Dean, I don't know if I've mentioned it but I enjoy the way you show off the inspirations for your builds, I just think it's a really good idea and more people need to do it. Other then that, presentation's good, build is good, the only thing I might possibly recommend is focusing more on the Ordinator Perks and explaining some of the combinations and unique abilities of the character.


    Oh and this has been featured on the Tamriel Vault Twitter Account


    That's awesome! Thank you very much. Yes I think I might do another line explainging key perk combinations after I list out all the perks in each section. That way I can really outline how exactly the build utilizes their perks in game.

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    May 28, 2018

    Just a quick update - I dropped BillyRo's mods and added in Katana Crafting. Check out the Orcish Katana here. Really fits Ashaka's Ronin-esque aesthetic in my opinion!!