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Flash Contest Build: The Silencer of Tongues

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    May 14, 2018

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    "An Assassin is his King's most trusted messenger..."

    “The political climate must be monitored, and, when necessary, adjusted”

    Race: Breton

    Gender: Male

    Stat Spread: 3 | 5 | 0

    Magicka is required for the Silencer of Tongue's extensive pre-battle setup, and health is required to compensate for a low armor rating. Stamina is relatively unimportant as power attacks should only be used in conjunction with sneak attacks

    Standing Stone: The Lord

    The Lord Stone is the best way to reduce damage from mages while also boosting The Silencer of Tongue’s low armor rating

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    The Silencers of Stormhaven are an enigmatic group. Little is known of them personally other than they are unswervingly loyal to their Lord, and will go to any extent to protect and serve him.

    Age: 32

    Major Skills: Alchemy, Alteration, Illusion, One-Handed, Sneak

    Level: 20



    Wayrest or the Jewel of the Bay is one of the eight major kingdoms in the province of High Rock and is the capital of the Menevia region and the Stormhaven region of High Rock. Wayrest is the metropolitan capital of the Iliac Bay and started as a humble fishing village on the Bjoulsae Estuary.


    The Invasion of Wayrest was a battle in 4E 188. The Invasion was the result of the King Barynia of Wayrest, who left the ports of Wayrest open to anyone to enter, even the Corsair ruffians of the Iliac Bay. Barynia's foolishness and shoddy leadership resulted in a contract made by the Dark Brotherhood of Wayrest. It was later revealed that Barynia opened the ports to have his enemies killed amidst the outbreak. Barynia's fate is unknown, he was either spared and fled Wayrest or was killed in his throne room in Castle Wayrest. The Corsairs besieged the city and was able to uncover the Dark Brotherhood Wayrest Sanctuary in the area. They infiltrated the lair and killed every single member of the brotherhood. Survivors had possibly escaped into Falkreath or Bravil.


    The Silencers of Stormhold are an elite order of agents in the service of the ruler of Wayrest, whoever that might be. Originally created by King Barynia as a symptom of his paranoia, The Silencers of Stormhold are a small group of informants, advisors, and even assassins who answer directly to the King. This group proved to be ineffective in stopping Barynia’s demise, however, when an entire fleet of corsairs sacked Wayrest. The group’s members were all slain defending him, save for one. This sole survivor prevented the Silencers’ dissolution and led the order for many years to come.



    Amaund Motierre sighed, idly tapping his fingers against the stone floor of the alcove in which he sat. Perhaps this “Black Sacrament” thing wasn’t going to work. The presence of the Dark Brotherhood had all but faded from Tamriel, and Skyrim was the last place their name was even mentioned. He picked up the book next to him, a copy of A Kiss, Sweet Mother, which described in gory detail the process of summoning the Dark Brotherhood. Each step had been completed to the letter. He tossed the book aside in disgust. If he had it his way, Motierre would not even be contacting the Dark Brotherhood for this job. But, with Wayrest’s destruction only a decade past, he hadn’t been able to contact his first choice.


    His ponderings were interrupted by a rhythmic pounding on the cairn’s door. “Rexus,” he said calmly His bodyguard nodded and drew his sword, standing a few feet back from the door, ready to kill any draugr that attempted to get through. With one final crack, the rotting wood barring the door shattered and the door burst open in a spray of dust and splinters. An imposing yet slim figure stood silently in the doorway. Clad only in black, the character stepped forward into the light and flipped back their hood, revealing an expressionless mask carved from marble. Motierre rushed past Rexus. If this wasn’t a representative from the Dark Brotherhood, he didn’t know who was. "By the almighty Divines,” he exclaimed. “You've come. You've actually come. This dreadful Black Sacrament thing... it worked."

    The figure said nothing, remaining stock still in a relaxed yet eerily threatening pose. Amaund, slightly unnerved, continued with his speech.

    "Right, then. You prefer to listen, is that it? Well, you must represent the Dark Brotherhood. I certainly wasn't expecting anyone else. So I'll cut to the chase. I would like to arrange a contract. Several, actually. I daresay, the most important workyour organization has had in, well... centuries."

    Motierre watched the assassin before him for any response. A cock of the head, a twitch in the fingers, an intake of breath. Nothing. He supposed that this was rather professional of the cutthroat, but he would be lying if he said it didn’t bother him.

    "As I said, I want you to kill several people. You'll find the targets, as well as their manners of elimination, quite varied. I'm sure someone of your disposition will probably even find it enjoyable. But you should know that these killings are but a means to an end. For they pave the way to the most important target. The real reason I'm speaking with a cutthroat in the bowels of this detestable crypt. For I seek the assassination of... ...the Emperor."

    His dramatic reveal had little effect on the cloaked individual, or so it seemed. Then, but a moment later, it spoke.


    “Really, Motierre, you don’t have to be dramatic,” A gloved hand reached up to its face and pulled the mask away, revealing a scarred yet soft face framed by dark hair swept back behind the ears. “We both know why you’re here. And I know why you want Titus Mede dead. You’re a court politician, through and through, you always were.” He smiled, but it was cold and empty of emotion. The corners of his mouth tugged upwards, but the motion did not reach the rest of his face.


    Amaund, taken aback, retreated several paces. “B-but I thought you were dead! All of you! How could you be here?”


    “Be still Motierre. Barynia is dead and the contract on you is therefore lifted. The new king wishes to aid your cause, and he does not trust the Dark Brotherhood to do so. As for our order dying… Let’s just say that we want the public to think that, and leave the issue there. We have much more important work to do…”




    The Silencer of Tongues would have little to say about himself. Born as an unremarkable child with unremarkable parents, his family was at the bottom of High Rock’s notorious caste system. His past is irrelevant. What is important is his history with The Silencers of Stormhaven. When Barynia sought to create an order of assassins, he looked not to mercenaries whom he could not trust, nor to the honorable knights of Stormhaven. Instead, he gathered talented peasants who were both loyal and nondescript.


    The Silencer of Tongues was collected at the age of sixteen by a man who called himself “Domino”. This man brought him and about a dozen other youths of similar ages to Castle Wayrest. The Silencer had never seen such beautiful architecture in person. He had seen the castle from far away, but he never imagined that it would be this big. Inside, rich velvet carpets and colorful tapestries lined the cobblestone floors and stone brick walls. Guided silently by Domino, the teenagers followed his tall, dark figure as he quickly navigated the twists and turns of the castle’s interior. Within a few minutes, they stepped out of the dimly lit passages into the throne room, a massive chamber with a scarlet carpet running down its center flanked by large braziers in which roaring fires burned. The last remnants of the daylight trickled through the stained glass windows which stretched all the way from the floor to the ceiling. The figures of the Breton pantheon in those windows refracted light in the most wonderful ways, throwing colorful shapes onto the floor of the room.


    A firm hand on his shoulder brought the boy back to reality. Domino guided him to line up with all the others before the mighty throne. Barynia, he thought. Our King, standing right here in front of me. Barynia had a look up and down at each of them before he spoke.


    “I understand you all may be confused as to why I have had Domino bring you here. I’ll be succinct. You have been chosen by the Throne to serve. Not as knights, as you might expect. No, you will be my Silencers. Your duties will be to gather intelligence, eliminate threats, and most importantly, protect me. Domino will be your teacher and your guide for the next two years. Then, you will become a fully fledged Silencer of Stormhaven!”


    The next three years past in a feverish blur to the Silencer of Tongues. Many firsts happened in this small fraction of his life.first mission. The first time he spilled human blood. His first jail sentence. All of that paled in comparison to what happened in the year 4E 188. King Barynia allowed corsairs to dock in Wayrest, seeking to eliminate the threat of a Dark Brotherhood contract on his head. This Fatal mistake ended with the Corsairs storming Castle Wayrest. The Silencers of Stormhold, though masters of stealth and single combat, were no match for a swarm of experienced cutthroats. As the last Silencers fell, the only thing that stood between Barynia and the corsairs was the young Silencer of Tongues. The boy cut down pirate after pirate, his arms and clothing growing heavy from fatigue and the blood soaking them.


    One last combatant, a dunmer mage, emerged from behind a carved statue. Clad head to toe in garish blue and red robes, he circled the Silencer of Tongues threateningly. He unfurled his fingers into claw shapes not unlike a huge cat, and flames flickered to life in his palms. Without further warning, he unleashed a mighty barrage upon the Silencer. The Silencer dodged and rolled, swaying in and out of the inferno released upon him. He inched ever so much closer to the mage as he zigzagged.


    He felt the ground shift beneath him. The toe of his leather boot had caught on the seam between two loose cobblestones, and he crashed ungracefully to the ground. Surely, this was the end of him. The dark elf smirked and pulled back his hand in an overly dramatic gesture. The Silencer of Tongues watched in horror as the ball of flame hurtled toward him from the mage’s hand.


    Then, something incredible happened. The inferno dissipated into flames, then into smoke, then into nothingness. The dunmer had consumed all of his magic. Without hesitating to think another thought, the Silencer of Tongues leaped from the ground, swinging his sword squarely at the mage’s face. The sharp blade flew upward, cutting a deadly arc across not the wizard’s throat, but his tongue. The flesh fell limply to the ground, leaving its owner screaming and shivering with pain. The Silencer took a stiletto dagger from his belt and pierced his heart in one swift motion. On that day, The Silencer of Tongues took up his infamous mantle.


    Despite all of his heroics, he was unable to save King Barynia. While he fought off endless hordes of corsairs, the final Dark Brotherhood assassin snuck in and killed Barynia where he sat. The order of Silencers fell back into hiding to regroup, led now by The Silencer of Tongues. In the year 4E 201, the new King is uneasy with the fragility of the political climate, and so The Silencer of Tongues is sent on foot very discretely to Skyrim to "adjust" it.




    Alchemy is the single most valued skill of the Silencers of Stormhold. Silencers are well versed in the flora and fauna of all regions of Tamriel, and can use this knowledge to create helpful potions and debilitating poisons. (Alchemist 3/5, Physician, Poisoner)


    All Silencers are trained to cast simple flesh spells to protect themselves against melee opponents. (Novice Alteration, Apprentice Alteration)


    The Silencers’ illusion magic is simple, but elegant. Using a small selection of spells, Silencers are able to slip in unnoticed and lull their targets into peaceful state of non-resistance. (Novice Illusion, Apprentice Illusion, Illusion Dual Casting, Hypnotic Gaze)


    Whether with dagger or sword, Silencers are experts of small bladed weapons and can employ them from stealth or in open combat. (Armsman 3/5, Fighting Stance)


    An assassin without subterfuge skills is no assassin at all. Silencers are masters of being the unseen and unheard, and experts of eliminating foes from the shadows. (Stealth 3/5, Backstab)



    Otar- Found in the ancient Nord ruin of Ragnvald, Otar’s Mask is an invaluable tool against enemy mages, reducing elemental damage taken by 30%. Be warned, though, for Otar is an incredibly powerful dragon priest and will not be easy to kill at low levels.

    Thalmor Gloves & Thalmor Boots- Can be found at the Shrine of Talos near Riverwood. These are soft cloth garments that allow for quiet yet deft movement

    Necromancer Robes- In the possession of any number of necromancers throughout Skyrim. These magical vestments allow magicka to regenerate much more quickly.



    Ghostblade- This transparent blade is sharper than any physical weapon, and has the ability to deal additional damage that ignores armor. Taken from the crypt Ansilvund when dealing with Lu’ah Al-Skaven.

    Otar’s Staff- Magical staff taken from the dragon priest Otar. This is a powerful weapon against both advancing and retreating mages, as it creates swathes of damage-dealing lightning on any surface.


    [Mindmelt] Human Heart + Falmer Ear + Hanging Moss = Damage magicka/Damage magicka regen/Damage Health/Frenzy

    A favorite of the Silencers of Stormhaven, mindmelt toxin is a powerful aid against both magical and nonmagical targets. A properly brewed dose of mindmelt toxin will reduce even the most learned mage to a gibbering, idiotic madman. This poison is difficult to brew and its ingredients hard to come by, so its use should be saved for dire situations against powerful mages.


    [Bloodblight] Giant Lichen + Trama Root + Chaurus Eggs = Damage Magicka, Weakness to Poison, Weakness to Shock

    Bloodbite poison is an interesting concoction in that it does not physically harm the target. Rather, it attacks the immune system and neural functions so that the target is weaker to electrical stimuli and other toxins. In addition, it depletes the magicka reserves of the target. This toxin should be used first in order to amplify the effects of other poisons.


    [Neurovenom] Imp Stool + Nirnroot + Human Flesh = Damage Health, Paralysis

    Neurovenom is a deadly poison and should be handled with extreme care. In addition to being a powerful synaptic inhibitor that will paralyze most targets in seconds, it also eats away at surrounding tissue. This toxin’s ingredients are rare, so it should be used only for dangerous or powerful enemies.


    [Tonic of Invigoration] Bear Claws, Wheat, Rock Warbler Egg = Restore Health, Fortify Health, Fortify One-Handed

    A Tonic of Invigoration is an advanced mixture which stops blood loss and allows its user to shrug off more physical harm than is normally possible. In addition, it stimulates the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream, enhancing combat ability. This mixture is reduced and stored in easily accessible capsules for use during combat.


    [Mage’s Bane] Snowberries, Hawk Beak, Mudcrab Chitin = Resist Fire, Resist Frost, Resist Shock, Restore Stamina

    Mage’s Bane is the ultimate alchemical defense against magic users. Not only does this concoction provide resistance against all forms of elemental damage, it also helps to shake off sleep and exhaustion. This potion is typically employed when a Silencer cannot avoid taking damage from mages.


    [Catspaw] Abecean Longfin, Hawk Feathers, Canis Root = Fortify Sneak, Fortify One-Handed

    Catspaw is a unique infusion which heightens sensory and motor function in its imbiber. This potion is very common among Silencers, who will often consume a phial of it when in pursuit of a target.


    Above all else, you must remember that The Silencer of Tongues is a professional. Killing people is not fun or satisfying for him, it is simply work. His motivation for killing people stems purely from loyalty to his King. The reason The Silencer of Tongues has been sent to Skyrim is because the very presence of the Stormcloaks is inflammatory to High Rock's delicate relationship with the Thalmor. The Bretons are solid allies of both the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion. By coming to Skyrim, The Silencer of Tongues seeks to eliminate chaos and protect the stability of the Empire. Therefore, he will eliminate threats to political stability like Luah Al-Skaven, bandits, vampires, and the like. In a difficult decision, The Silencer of Tongues will ask himself "What will benefit Wayrest the most in this scenario". Companions are not an option, and ideally he will remain in low contact with all factions and people in the country.

    Quests & Factions

    The Dark Brotherhood

    The current Emperor, Titus Mede II, has not been favorable to High Rock in his dealings with the Thalmor. Unfortunately, he poses a huge risk to the safety of the Breton Nobility and thus must be dealt with. Ignore most everything Astrid and the Night Mother tell you to do. They are a distraction, not a priority

    The Civil War [Imperials]

    The Stormcloaks are a lot of rabble rousing drunkards that threaten to throw the whole continent into war with the Aldmeri Dominion. Zeal aside, they must be dealt with as soon as possible or it could mean havoc.

    A Love Beyond Death

    Luah Al-Skaven, while unlikely to cause much trouble, cannot be allowed to raise an army of undead to destroy warring forces. 

    Search and Seizure

    While in Markarth, foster a positive relationship with the Thalmor by helping Ondolemar deal with rogue Talos worshippers. 

    Discover the Secrets of Ragnvald

    Ragnvald holds great power and danger. Your purpose here is twofold. One, destroy the Dragon Priest that may be causing trouble in the area. Two, obtain a powerful artifact that will be indispensable when dealing with enemy mages.


    Combat is fairly straightforward. Apply muffle and your flesh spell outside of combat, as well as any potions and poisons you wish to open combat with. Eliminate whatever targets you can from the shadows and use calm spells to thin their numbers. Calm can also be used to pacify your target, allowing for another sneak attack. In dire situations, rely on your alchemical suite (See above).


    Closing Notes:

    Hi All! Super fun build, but a super lot of work. Didn't have quite enough free time to make it turn out how I wanted, but that's okay


    Is the Backstory just way too long? 

    What did you think of the Motierre Narrative?

    How can I really spice my next build up? Does anything here feel bland?

    General feedback is always appreciated!


  • May 14, 2018

    This is just a really well presented build with no real flaws IMO, I like the longer backstories so the whole early section was really interesting to me. Uh, I really can't think of much to say, I liked the build, don't see any real areas that need improvement or anything so...yeah just a good build Xen, sorry I couldn't find any feedback to give.

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    May 15, 2018

    Great build Xenla I really enjoyed the back story. I just noticed one minor spelling mistake, under Search and Seizure quest. "Rouge" (French word for red) should be "Rogue" in this context i'm pretty sure you don't mean to deal with red Talos worshippers :P. And this is more of a personal preferance because I just don't like Right Alignment, but in the Quest section would that last picture fit still if used with left align or justify? I think it'd just look a bit nicer. 

    Any way great build, Great presentation and a truly awesome character with plenty of lore behind him you couldn't really ask for more :)

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    May 15, 2018

    Furrion 17 said:

    Great build Xenla I really enjoyed the back story. I just noticed one minor spelling mistake, under Search and Seizure quest. "Rouge" (French word for red) should be "Rogue" in this context i'm pretty sure you don't mean to deal with red Talos worshippers :P. And this is more of a personal preferance because I just don't like Right Alignment, but in the Quest section would that last picture fit still if used with left align or justify? I think it'd just look a bit nicer. 

    Any way great build, Great presentation and a truly awesome character with plenty of lore behind him you couldn't really ask for more :)

    Thanks, It's fixed now (Also fixed a spot where I said food instead of foot!)

    Dragonborn1921 said:

    This is just a really well presented build with no real flaws IMO, I like the longer backstories so the whole early section was really interesting to me. Uh, I really can't think of much to say, I liked the build, don't see any real areas that need improvement or anything so...yeah just a good build Xen, sorry I couldn't find any feedback to give.

    No apologies necessary, I appreciate the compliment.

  • May 15, 2018
    I think the backstory is good, and the Motierre story really intriguing. And this is from someone who finds the Dark Brotherhood questline in game to be tiresome as hell. But your character knowing Motierre made it cool.