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The Tribunal's Shade

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  • April 1, 2018

     The Tribunal's Shade.

    Astrid was walking through the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary when Nazir came up to her slightly angered and panicing, "Astrid!" Nazir exclaimed "We had a contract to kill Grelod the Kind, I just received word that she's been killed by a ghost in front of a group of kids! According to several reports, Grelod's throat just opened up like a blade had been dragged across it but there was no blade and no one holding a dagger either! What in the name of Sithis could've done this?" Astrid froze and just stared into the darkness. "Astrid?" Nazir spoke softly "Astrid are you alright?" Astrid looked up at him with a blank stare "Did I ever tell you about that contract I had in Morrowind several years ago?" A confused look crossed Nazir's face "What? What does that have to do with the Grelod contract?" Astrid just stared at him "Did I tell you?" Nazir sighed "Yes Astrid, you told me. You had to kill some High Priest and when you did we received two thousand gold for the assassination." Astrid bowed her head and let out a deep sigh, "I didn't kill him." Nazir jolted in shock "What? Of course you did, if he was alive we wouldn't have gotten paid." Astrid shook her head, "I didn't say that he wasn't dead, I just said that I didn't kill him." Concern creeped over Nazir's face, "Sit down Nazir" Astrid said "I have to tell you what really happened in Morrowind."

    Astrid sat down on the steps where Lis, Gabriella's spider, lives. Astrid's hands began to turn purple in her vice like grip, her eyes fixed on the glistening spider webs that Lis had just spun. "Astrid" Nazir spoke in a concerned voice, "what happened in Morrowind?" The grip on her hands loosened and she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, "I was on my way to the Temple where the priest was staying. I snuck in through the door keeping close to the wall so the light from the torches wouldn't hit me. I approached the entrance to the chapel room where the priest was going through a ritual of praise to the Tribunal. I quickly drank an invisibility potion and dashed behind a pillar. I kept my eyes on him and darted behind to another pillar. I drew my blade and coated the edge with some nightshade   " Astrid stopped and turned white and curled up in the fetal position.

    "Astrid?" Nazir said "Astrid what happened next?" Astrid put her chin on her knees and slowly rocked back and forth, "I turned the corner to slice his throat and there she was   " Astrid stopped again and gripped her blade tightly unsheathing it and slowly dragging the blade across the palm of her hand being careful not to draw blood. "Who was there Astrid?" Astrid stared at the webs, "I-I don't know; she was just there, shadows dripping off her armor . . . she had an ebony dagger going through the priest's head and another going through the back of his neck." Nazir was hanging onto every word that Astrid spoke, "I ducked behind the pillar and carefully peaked to see if she was still there. She had turned around and started walking away. I gripped my blade tightly and began sneaking up to kill her and her armor was immediately draped in shadow and she turned around but I had already hidden behind a wall. I went to peak around the corner to see if she was still searching but she was gone, that's when I felt a dagger pushed tightly against my throat and one at my lower back." Horror crossed over Nazir's face "W-w-what happened next?" he managed to ask. Astrid, still dragging the knife over her hand said "She-she whispered, 'Hello Astrid' My blood ran cold when she spoke my name, her voice was sweet and gentle and not something you would've expected to hear from an assassin." Astrid paused and bowed her head and looked at her hand which was now drenched in blood "Damn it!" Astrid exclaimed as she grabbed a piece of cloth and wrapped it around her hand. She looked back towards the webs "The blade at my lower back to poked through my armor and I could feel the tip of the cold ebony scrape against my skin."

    Astrid began to shutter "She whispered 'I could kill you right now Astrid, I slit your throat, sever your spine, or both. I suggest you leave, collect your two thousand gold, and never speak of me to anyone. Nod if you agree.' I didn't know what to do, I had never been so terrified in my life Nazir, she asked me again and I nodded, then she ripped off my hood and   " Astrid stopped again and placed her hand on the side of her neck where a small scar was "She kissed my neck. Her lips were colder than ice, then I felt her teeth bite down into my flesh and carving downward! Her mouth was clenched tightly over my neck, my blood pouring out, and then her tongue slipping into the cut lapping up more blood. I blacked out and when I awoke I had a fully healed scar on my neck and the priest's head had been severed and placed on the altar with a hand, painted in blood, on the front of it." Nazir's eyes were wide and his mouth slightly opened "Are you a   " Astrid cut him off "Vampire? No, I thought so and waited outside for the sun to rise but when it hit me I didn't feel anything. I went through every possible test before I returned here to make sure I wasn't a vampire."

    Nazir gave Astrid a confused look "That's quite a story Astrid, but what does this have to do with the Grelod contract?" Astrid looked at him with fear in her eyes "The only person to slit the throat of an old hag in front of a group of kids without being seen is her! I know it's her Nazir, I can just feel it." Nazir nodded "Well then, I'll see if I can locate her. If she's here in Skyrim then it shouldn't be that difficult to find her." Three days later Nazir came running through the Sanctuary "Astrid! I found her, she's been hiding out in Morthal at Moorside Inn. She hasn't left that place for four days, want me to send someone to dispose of her?" Astrid looked up "What's her name?" Nazir looked down a paper he was holding "Umm . . . Nilyne T'rizul?" The color leapt from Astrid's face "We've had a contract on her for a while, she's killed 8 of our best Assassins . . . don't send anyone, I'll go and see if I can talk to her. Send her a letter first, have it say this . . ."

    A few hours later a courier arrived in Morthal and gave Nilyne the letter and walked away. She opened the letter and saw the Handprint and the writing below it, a smile crept over her face as she knew who it was from and she whispered "Astrid" then she licked her lips as though to taste the blood once more. Nilyne walked over to her bed and laid down to rest knowing that Astrid would come by and take her to that shack by the water. A few hours later she awoke and she saw Astrid and she smiled once more, but the smile faded away when she sensed that Astrid had spoken about what happened in Morrowind. She barely spoke to Astrid preferring to remain silent, she walked over to the victims tied down and she pulled out her dagger while at the same time getting ready to cast a paralysis spell. Nilyne whipped around and cast the spell at Astrid, she proceeded to pull out the Ebony Blade and cut Astrid down! She proceeded to feast on Astrid's still warm body and blood, Nilyne left the shack but not before slaughtering the coward, the mouthy whore, and the slimy Khajiit. She eventually found the Sanctuary and snuck in and proceeded to slaughter every member of the Dark Brotherhood without the others being alerted. All of them had been killed in their own house, except Babette who Nilyne had already devoured in the forests before she was taken to Helgen.

    2 weeks later: "I hear that the Dark Brotherhood was destroyed by The Tribunal's Shade" a Stormcloak whispered to her friend. "The what? What in Oblivion's that?" The Stormcloak scoffed "Seriously? You don't know what The Tribunal's Shade is?" "Nope." "By the Divines! Legend has it that once every six hundred years the religious leaders in Morrowind pick out thirteen young children who've been trained in the ways of murder and deceit and whoever Boethiah, Azura, and Mephala choose must fight the current Shade and whoever wins takes the title of the Shade." Surprise skipped across her friend's face "Wow!" The Stormcloak shook her head "That's not the best part. The current Shade has been the same person for two thousand years! She's apparently a vampire but that never made sense to me." Her friend looked at her with a confused look "Why not?" "Well" the Stormcloak started "Molag Bal and Boethiah are rivals, and the undead are highly fround upon in the Dunmer society, along with necromancy so it just doesn't make much sense. However, she was stripped of the title but that only lasted a decade or so, apparently she fell asleep and got her gear stolen AND someone cured her vampirism. She had just received the Daedric Artifacts and had only had them a week so the Tribunal leaders and Daedra were more than pissed when that happened. She got thrown into a prison but escaped a while back, she ended up going to Helgen but escaped with Ralof." Her friend chuckled "Oh now I know you're full of it," the Stormcloak replied "No I'm not, look" the Stormcloak pulled her collar down revealing a small scar on her neck "I got this from her back in Riften when I was 8 years old" Her friend just stared for a moment then shook her head "Oh come on you don't really expect me to belie   " the Stormcloak looked at her friend "Hey, what's wrong?" The friend fell down to the table and blood gushed out the back of his neck. "What the!" the Stormcloak sprung up and several soldiers woke up and looked around.

    The room got dark and cold and each Stormcloak fell, one after the other 'till the only one that was left was the one telling the story. "N-n-no. Please" she dropped her sword and shield and curled up "PLEASE!" she screamed as the Shade emerged from the shadows with her yellow eyes piercing through the shadows of the Ebony Mail "By the Divines! NO! PLEASE! HAVE MERCY" The Stormcloak began crying and screaming as the Shade lifted up the Ebony Blade and brought it down sticking it into the stone floor. She grabbed the Stormcloak by her throat and ripped her collar off "What did I tell you Silla?" the Shade lip locked Silla sliding her tongue down deep into Silla's throat almost reaching her stomach. The Shade then turned Silla's head revealing her neck as her fangs slid down over her canines saying "Never kiss and tell sweetheart." Silla screamed "For the love of Mara! No!" the Shade bit down on Silla's neck and drained her of every drop of blood. Darkness soon left the room and the Shade was gone, and Silla's shriveled, bloodless, corpse lay there with her throat completely torn out.


    Level 95

    Race: Dark Elf (female)

    Stats:  2 Health, 2 Stamina, 1 Magic

    Stone: After she was imprisoned, The Tribunal's Shade lost a lot of her skills and relied on the Thief and Warrior stones to help her regain her skills. She relies more on stealth however should she have to fight, especially mages, she has the Atronach Stone to make her immune to magic and shouts.


    Major Skills:

    "A dagger is quick and clean and I can hit the main arteries where the blood flows most."

    Sneak- The Tribunal's Shade relies on stealth and daggers for most of her killing.

    "We were given a weapon and told to fight, I never liked those damned shields or flimsy swords."

    Two-Handed- As part of the training she experienced as a young child, The Tribunal's Shade was forced to learn combat and prefered a two-handed sword over an axe or the sword and shield technique.

    "Sometimes I just toy with my prey. Shoot them from here then circle around and slit their throats!"

    Archery- The Tribunal's Shade has excellent eyesight, even better with her vampiric powers, and can hit a running target 20+ yards away!

    "They always complain about Heavy Armor slowing you down and being too noisy when sneaking, apparently they've never had the proper training."

    Heavy Armor- The Tribunal's Shade is use to wearing heavy armor and, thanks to her training, can wear it in such a way that it weighs almost nothing and the metal doesn't clank to create noise while sneaking.


    Minor Skills:

    "I was never good with magic, but enchanting's been something I've had a nack for."

    Enchanting- The Shade uses enchanting to enhance her armor and skills for extra protection should she need it, and to give her some boosts.

    "Doors locked, windows bared, and several mercenaries guarding them . . . HA! Such poor protection, they obviously don't value their lives."

    Lockpicking- The Tribunal's Shade is a master lockpick as she's able to unlock the most difficult of doors and chests with ease.

    "I remember some of the warriors and assassins telling stories of the Briar Hear warriors of Skyrim and how they were nearly impossible to kill. I studied the warriors and learned that you could merely take their heart out and they'd die . . . far too simple.

    Pickpocket- The Tribunal's Shade learned the weakness of the Briar Heart Warriors and spent years honing her pickpocket skills just so she could steal their hearts . . . quite literally.

    "It doesn't take much to get men to submit to your every whim . . . come to think of it some women too."

    Speech- The Tribunal's Shade is seductive and uses her silver tongue to get people to do what she wants.

    "The crackle of burning flesh is very satisfying . . . a slight waste of blood but it's worth it."

    Destruction- The Tribunal's Shade learned some destruction magic should she need it, but she mainly uses her knowledge to enhance the power of the Ebony Blade



    Sneak: All.

    Two-Handed: Barbarian 5/5, Deep Wounds 3/3, Warmaster (and all the other perks required to get it).

    Archery: All.

    Heavy Armor: Juggernaut 5/5 and Conditioning (and all the other perks required to get it).

    Enchanting: Enchanter 5/5, Insightful Enchanter, Corpus Enchanter, and Extra Effect.

    Lockpicking: Wax Key, Unbreakable, and Master Locks (and all the other perks required to get them).

    Pickpocket: Light Fingers 5/5, Key Master, and Perfect Touch (and all the other perks required to get them).

    Speech: All.

    Destruction: Novice Destruction, Augmented Flames, and Intense Flames.





    Ebony Blade

    "The Ebony Blade, sharp enough to cut through the very life force of my enemies . . . I will never let it out of my sight."


    Blade of Woe

    "Oh Astrid . . . I wish you hadn't betrayed me."


    The Blade of Sacrifice

    "The moment I saw this dagger I knew it hungered for blood . . . and so I gave it some."

    (enchant with Soul Trap+Absorb Health)


    Dwarven Black Bow of Fate

    "I heard rumors of this bow and thought it was merely a myth, but now that I hold it in my hands I realize that the rumors of it's power were greatly understated."


    Shrouded Hood

    "That Dark Elf was very beautiful, and she had a marvelous fashion sense."


    Ebony Mail

    "It's been years since I've worn the Ebony Mail . . . still fits like my twin sister's skin did."


    Claws of Deceit

    "These gauntlets were forged in the blood of my dear Lydia . . . I can still smell her fear on it."

    (enchant with Two-Handed+Fortify Sneak)


    Boots of Shade

    "Shadows have been weaved into the very joints of these boots allowing me to sneak through Nirn and Oblivion."

    (enchant with Muffle+Fortify Sneak)


    Ring of Webs

    "By pulling on the right strings the entire web will unravel."

    (enchant with Fortify Archery+Fortify Pickpocket)


    The Tribunals Amulet

    "A stone for each of the Daedric Lords of the Tribunal . . . let their power enter through this amulet into me."

    (enchant with Water Breathing+Resist Magic)


    "I kill them in their sleep, I walk through the shadows, their souls all lost, and their bodies in rows. I devoured her heart, and slice his throat, and to the Tribunal, my life I devote."



    The Tribunal's Shade is a very evil peron, taking joy in the death and torment of others. She does not hesitate to kill someone that talks down to her or speaks ill of the Dunmer or the Daedra. Despite this she acts very kind towards people and will help them with any problems they have . . . but only if it benefits her in the end. If she completes a task for someone and they do not reward her in anyway she will stalk them and kill them when no one is around. Should she be caught killing someone or stealing something, she will slip into the shadows only to come out of them to kill the one who spotted her.

    As the Champion of the Tribunal, The Shade learned many secrets including the true nature of Azura. Millenia ago, Azura was curse by a group of Arkay's Priestests who turned her Star White and thus turning Azura into an essentially "good Daedra." One part of the spell caused Azura to be unable to darken her Star once more and thus only a disciple of her's could release her. The Shade learned of this and did not hesitate to help the Mistress of Dusk and Dawn. She enventually turns the Star black, returning Azura to her original state, after that she goes and slaughters the Priestest who wouldn't accept the fact of Azura's true nature.

    The Tribunal's Shade is very skilled and uses a variety of weapons and attacks when in combat. Should she find hostiles who are unawar of her presence she will slip into the shadows and pick them off one by one with her bow or daggers. She will also toy with her prey by taking their weapons and then entering combat laughing as they realize that they have no weapons to defend themselves. If she enters open combat she uses the Ebony Blade or dual wields her Daggers killing her enemies quickly.



    Main Questline: "First I'm chosen to be the Tribunal's Shade, and now I am a Dragonborn . . . looks like Mephala managed to pull the right strings to get me this power."

    Dark Brotherhood: "Astrid betrayed me. I told her not to speak of me to anyone and what did she do? I'll have to kill her little 'family' before they realize what's happened to her, then again they don't seem to know about that little vampire I killed in the woods."

    Boethiah's Calling: "Boethiah's shrine is somewhere in Windhelm, perhaps she might find favor with me once more and grant me the Ebony Mail."

    The Black Star: "My Lady Azura . . . I will free you if I can."



    "Come out come out wherever you are."

     Hide and Seek- Throw Voice Shout+The Black Bow

    "Blood, blood, and more blood!"

     Blood in Time- Slow Time Shout+Ebony Blade


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    February 25, 2019

    Awesome looking build. +1 from me. Just got one question. What other quests did you do to level up?