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Event Build: The Gilded Sorcerer-King

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    March 31, 2018

    Greetings everypony, to my last build for the Songs of the North Event. Combining Telekinesis, a great musical theme, and lots of Ayleidic superiority, welcome to…

    This Day and Never Again

    Hina va Merid-Nuna

    Yalte enel Aino ye Firya

    Child of Merid-Nuna

    Bridge between gods and mortals

    Long ago, during the days when the Wild Elves ruled the Heartlands, there lived one particularly audacious Sorcerer-King, who like Umaril, was a child of Meridia and a mortal, who went by Gailon, ruler of Stormhold. He was said to be a ravenous collector of mystic trinkets and treasures. Though having an adeptness for magecraft like his fellow Mer, it is said most of his power was derived from the artifacts he wielded and wore.\

    Skilled in magic and the arts of war, it is said the Gilded Sorcerer-King soon felt he was above the gods themselves. When Alessia sent out her bovine lover to break both the arrogant king and his city, Gailon took up a blessed axe forged by his city's greatest spellsmiths, and took the fight against Morihaus in a mighty duel. When the dust settled, Morihaus believed his foe slain.

    Through his mother's intervention, the Bull of Alessia was proven wrong. And if myths hold true, Gailon still roams Mundus….

    Build Overview

    Race: Altmer, as, going by what little we’ve seen of Ayleidic, they're the most similar, plus the +50 bonus to Magicka and Highborn, the once per day Magic Regen Racial Power are both damn useful. Plus, being the tallest playable race not only A. Gives them faster movement speed, but also B. Makes them intimidating as fuck if fully armored. Give him tanned skin, a thin beard, and Vingalmo’s hairstyle, blonde.

    Inspiration: Gilgamesh (Caster variant, Fate/Grand Order), and DIO (JoJo's Bizzare Adventure)

    Stat Spread: 1

    Standing Stone: The Warrior or Mage to start, then switch over to The Lord, for added armor rating and 25% Resist Magic

    Primary Skills: Two-Handed, Speech, Enchanting

    Secondary Skills: Destruction, Alteration

    Quests: Main Quest, Dawnguard, Dragonborn, Civil War (Imperials), Laid to Rest, Search and Seizure, The Dark Brotherhood, Break of Dawn

    Alignment: Chaotic Good


    Combat as Gailon is, until you grab both the Expert level Alteration spell Telekinesis, and the good old Marked for Death Shout will be a mixture of arcane enhanced barbarian, and a trap setting agile magus, using a mixture of Rune spells like the three basic elemental runes, to ones added by the DLC, Arcane Accessories Creation Club content, or any mods, alongside spells such as Chain Lightning and Ice Spear to deal with ranged enemies such as dragons and archers. Also, stockpile any found or bought Fortify Alteration potions

    With the arcane barbarian side, this will be your primary up close and personal fighting style. Simply pop on a Flesh Spell of your choice, optionally toss a Fire/Frost/Shock Cloak, equip Labrys, or any Battleaxe prior to forging Labrys, and smack those foolish mongrels down. Or if you're feeling extra prickish, toss on Marked for Death to further fuck over your enemies by draining their armor rating so your axe can deal further damage.

    On the magecraft side of things, you’ll be using a mixture of Runes on the ground, especially useful in tight hallways and doorways, AOE spells like Chain Lightning or Ice Storm, followed up by, dropping any weapons you’ve scavenged from your enemies, hit the mongrels with Marked for Death, and start using telekinesis and flinging those swords, Battleaxes, etc at your foes.

    Follower wise, I only stuck with one follower, someone my character could call his first, and only friend in the 4th Era. That eventually ended up being Vorstag. He’s a skilled poet, has a nice warrior skillset, and doesn't give a fuck what you do, and is willing to follow commands. Deck him out in Morag Tong and Stormcloak Officer armor, he’ll be a more Nordic Enkidu, he’s even broad and hairy like the epic figure. And if you want to go even further with the mythological connections, or some interpretations, have Gailon and Vorstag marry….

    Did you mongrels honestly thought you had a chance against me? Useless weakling!



    Tactics of the Gilded Sorcerer-King

    Weir of Stormhold-Reaching into the pocket of the Coloured Rooms Meridia gave to him to store his treasures, Gailon orders time around him to halt as he fires off his armory of weapons.

    (Drop scavenged weapons+Fortify Alteration potion+Slow Time+Dual Cast Telekinesis)

    Aureate Aegis-Summoning forth a Magna'Geian forged set of golden armor, Gailon temporarily becomes heavily resistant to outside damage.

    (Stability+Fortify Alteration potion+Dual Cast Ebonyflesh/Dragonflesh+Gilded Elven Armor)

    This day, and never again, shall Titus Mede reign as Emperor



    • Always speak with wisdom to those that you feel earn your respect, but when conversing with simple cutthroats and mongrels like Delphine, backtalk the shit out of them.

    • Never sell artifacts or rare items, display them in any houses you own/build.

    • Never harm any Khajiit or Sabre Cats unless you ABSOLUTELY must, as Gailon has a thing for felines….take that in any way you wish. Canines on the other hand, kill at your leisure.

    • Only help in quests if you personally feel like it, if it benefits you, or if the quest giver comes out stronger for it.

    • Always try and persuade or intimidate when possible


    Alrighty then, thanks to Valric for the amazing screenshots, and Lee Friskilis for the awesome Perk and Equipment spreads.

  • March 31, 2018

    I'll fix up the tags for you soon Chris, but the build has been fully transferred :) Uh, as usual, there was a single image I couldn't really move over properly, but uh, other than that, all good :D

    I really like this build Chris, I mean, you knew I probably would for the inspiration alone (well, not quite, but it helps) but I really love the way you translated Gilgamesh into this build, really good use of Lore as well IMO. Just yeah, good build mate, so a +1 from me.

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    March 31, 2018
    Thank you Deebs, yeah, I myself enjoy Caster Gilgy a BIT more than Archer Gilgy, as he's a far bit less dickish
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    April 1, 2018

    Nice lore woven into this, Chris! I can picture Mor and Gailon fighting on the steps of an Ayleid city, blood and fur coating the stone only to dilute with the puddles of rain before getting washed away. Peels of thunder almost drowning out the bellows of the enraged man-bull, lightning from the heavens refelcting off the blades of the combatants. Morihaus should have been more thorough! Unlike him to leave an enemy alive. Perhaps he was distracted by thoughts of what awaited him back at the camp :D Dude couldn't believe his luck.

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    April 1, 2018
    Now you make me want to make a fic out of that Paws, damn you! I can also picture Mori, panting as he stares at the burning city, then turning around, "Whelp, job's done. Time to go fuck my girlfriend!"
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    April 1, 2018
    Now you make me want to make a fic out of that Paws, damn you! I can also picture Mori, panting as he stares at the burning city, then turning around, "Whelp, job's done. Time to go fuck my girlfriend!"
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    April 1, 2018

    Chris said: Now you make me want to make a fic out of that Paws, damn you! I can also picture Mori, panting as he stares at the burning city, then turning around, "Whelp, job's done. Time to go fuck my girlfriend!"

    Do it! You put a fine point on it, but I concur. Moral of the story is to never go into battle with a full sack for you leave Saliache breathing. All that time he was preoccupied with thoughts of impaling the Paravant upon his horn.

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    April 1, 2018
    I mean, didn't Morihaus go into battle 9/10 times with a raging battle boner?
  • April 9, 2018

    So can we talk about this build's thumbnail on the home page?

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    April 9, 2018

    Loopdiss said:

    So can we talk about this build's thumbnail on the home page?

    Welcome to the internet, Loop :p