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Event Build: The Northern Lion

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    March 9, 2018

    And no, my fellow Builders it is not based on THE Northernlion. Welcome to a build that cleaves together the ways of Old Atmora, of the Old Gods, of the Clever Craft, and a wise statesman and Emperor, welcome to the journey of….

    The Lion From The North

    Long ago my ancestors ruled Skyrim. Under our progenitor, the mighty Ysmir Wulfharth, we put the Alessia's dogs and their mongrel faith to the sword. But once that bastard Talos betrayed our great ancestor, my family hid in the shadows, ever seeking to reclaim the throne that was usurped.

    All my life I've been trained in both the arts of war and of court. My parents hoped I would be the one to reclaim the throne for the sons and daughters of Wulfharth, to cast down the bastardized Divines. With blade sheathed and armor on, I set off to reclaim our throne, and our family zweihander Kaan Vreugde….

    Build Overview

    Race: Nord

    Difficulty: Adept

    Inspiration: Charlemagne/Charles the Great (Real Life), Gustavus Adolphus (Real Life), Ysmir Wulfharth (ES Lore), Emperor Karl Franz (Warhammer Fantasy)

    Class: Mounted Knight/Commander Batlemage

    Standing Stone: The Warrior

    Stat Spread: 1/2/2 in Magicka, Health, and Stamina. Stop perking Magicka at 220 and Health at 250, this will allow you good survivability and a good amount of Magicka even without boosts.

    Primary Skills: Speech, Two-Handed, Enchanting,

    Secondary Skills: Lockpicking, Heavy Armor



    Combat with the Northern Lion is split into two halves, Mounted and On-Foot.

    Mounted Combat is, while a tad bit clunky, is quite fun. With your Greatsword unsheathed, simply use Battle Fury on your allies to boost their attack speed, pop a Courage spell on them, saddle up, and charge at your foes. While simple, there is a caveat as there may be arches or hills your faithful steed, which in my case was the wonderful Frost, might have some trouble maneuvering, well that, and you can't utilize horses outside of exterior cells.

    On foot the Northern Lion fights as a real one would, observing his enemy, before pouncing. Both as a show of honorable combative conduct, and to test his opponents’ metal, the Northern Lion will let his opponent have the first hit in before going on the offensive. After that, with the aid of Great Critical Charge, charge in with a swing, and back away, repeat. For Dragons, using spells like Ice Spear or Firebolt when they're aerial, or slamming them down with Dragonrend once you acquire it, followed by a mix of Runes and sword swinging will get them down in no time, alongside your follower, of course.

    When it came to the Dark Brotherhood, I played that as ol’ Karl Wulfharth's Master of Shadows, dealing out death to all seedy fellows across Skyrim, though when it came time to kill Gaius and Titus, I did the deed myself.

    The Northern Lion courageously charges into battle




    The Stormcrowned Kejsare


    From level 30 onwards, the Northern Lion is ready to kickstart the Fourth Empire of Man. At this point in the gameplay you'll want to focus on both the Main Quest, collecting dragon bones and scales (and skulls if you have a mod that allows it), as trophies, and the Civil War. Once all that was done, and once Miraak and Harkon were dead, I retired this character at level 52, the new High King, and soon to be Kejsare, or Emperor in Atmoran (and yes native speakers, I know it's actually Swedish, which fits the Gustavus Adolphus Magnus Inspiration).

    Reforging Kaan Vreugde

    Reforging the Northern Lion's ancestral zweihander is a major endpoint of this build, and requires a process to it.

    • Complete the Companion's Questline.

    • Forge yourself a Nord Hero Greatsword

    • When doing thus, it MUST be at night, and preferably raining.

    • Enchant with Grand Soul Gem

    Note, once you craft yourself your lovely Kwwn Vreugde (Kyne's Joy), do NOT sully it with poisons, for in doing so you desecrate a sanctified blade.



    • Main Quest-The World-Eater has strayed from his path and dares devour the honored dead of Sovngarde. As the champion of Shor, you cannot let this continue.

    • Dragonborn-An ancient Priest has reared his tentacled head back to try and conquer Nirn. Let him know your Thu'Um is superior

    • Dawnguard-A bunch of them Molag Balian bloodsuckers threaten the people of Skyrim, end them

    • The Dark Brotherhood-Having sent your Master of Shadows out to deal with less than scrupulous individuals across Skyrim, you eventually hear tell of the Emperor coming to Skyrim. Time to see if the former warlord can still world a blade.

    • The Companions-The heirs of Ysgrammor’s 500 companions come seeking new warriors, prove yourself.

    • The College of Winterhold-While not a pure magus, the Northern Lion is knowledgeable in the Clever Craft.

    • Trials of Kyne-An aging Kynarian Hunter has asked you to complete the Trials of Kyne in his stead, comply.


    • Never attack a sleeping/inactive (like most Draugr prior to them getting their embalmed asses out of their nooks/coffins.

    • Never retreat from a battle, however tactically repositioning yourself and your allies is acceptable.

    • Set fire to all Shrines or the Divines using a Flames Spell, and kill all priests, especially Talosian ones, ergo an excuse to gut ol’ Heimskr.

    • Never drink if you're going into battle.

    Recommended Mods


    Alrighty then, thanks to Valric for the wonderful screenshots, Deebs for the awesome Perk and Equipment Spreads, and you, my dear reader, for checking out my latest build.

    Only true badasses pose next to portraits of themselves. Gustavus you big-bearded bastard you….

  • March 9, 2018

    Hey Chris, I've seen the build and will copy it over when I can, just my internet's being a bit of a shit at the moment and it's taking me forever to load anything. Will get to it ASAP though, sorry for the wait :(

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    March 9, 2018
    Hey it's fine Deebs, take your time
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    March 9, 2018

    Dragonborn1921 said:

    Hey Chris, I've seen the build and will copy it over when I can, just my internet's being a bit of a shit at the moment and it's taking me forever to load anything. Will get to it ASAP though, sorry for the wait :(

    If you want / need a host assist - let me know...

  • March 9, 2018

    If you want / need a host assist - let me know...

    Thanks for the offer Motty, but internet's clearing up (think it's a weather thing, been worse the last week when we've had rain so...) so I can check out the new builds and fix this one up. But yeah, in the future feel free to help out if I haven't popped by yet, better for Chris that way :D

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    March 9, 2018
    Thanks you two
  • March 9, 2018

    Yeah looks pretty good overall Chris, might have a chat with Valric about getting the screenshots so I can edit them in (copying from GDocs always reduces the quality which totally sucks because these look awesome), but yeah this is a pretty interesting build. Honestly, I don't think we've had more than 1 or 2 builds this year that have used Mounted Combat, so that's kinda interesting.

    Dunno if you feel like you need to add it but I recently changed the Archives Rules so if you want you can have 4 Character Build tags instead of 3 (so you could add Battlemage or something). Let me know if there's one you want added and I'll throw it in for you :D

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    March 9, 2018
    Mayhaps add a MountedM/Rider tag
  • March 9, 2018

    Oh, you know I discovered this a month ago, but it turns out one of the previous Hosts took that tag out of the Archives. Got no idea when it happened, but I was going to change it (because it used to be Mounted Combat so I was going to change it to Rider) so yeah, we weirdly just don't have one anymore.

  • March 9, 2018
    Nice build guys! I'll have to listen to the song on wifi to get the full effect.