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Weekly Build Roundup - February 12th - February 19th

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  • February 16, 2018

    Yeah, yeah, I know it's not the 19th yet, but I'm getting this posted a little early. Will update it as more builds come in the next couple of days. The Build Roundup is a pretty simple idea, where on a weekly basis I'm going to be starting a discussion that links out to all the builds, either finished or works in progress posted that week. This is the third Weekly Build Roundup, and always remember that you can find the older Roundups by following the 'Build Roundup' tag to find out builds posted each week.

    Completed Builds

    The Rogue Sellsword by Valric 

    The Bloodletter by Tysoyaha

    The Corrupted by Tysoyaha

    The Moth Priestess by Paws

    The Black Hand by Loopdiss (First Posted Build)


    Completed Event Builds

    The Charlatan by Xenla 


    New WIP's

    Born of the North by Wulfhedinn

    The True Believer by Monica21 (First Build)

    The Lovely Flower of the Desert by Dragonborn1921

    The Vancian Wood Elf by ErnieDjinn (First Build)