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Character Build: The Rogue Sellsword

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    February 14, 2018

    Frankly I got inspired by rewatching the entirety of Game of Thrones. There's so many badass Sellswords throughout the show that it struck me that I've never made a Mercenary in my favorite roleplaying game. So here I am three months later wanting to share this guy with the community.


    I. Backstory

    The Rogue Sellsword was born 4th era 177 in Wayrest of Highrock, the capital city of the Kingdom of Wayrest which rest along the Iliac Bay. He is the son of a young beggar woman. At a early age he worked for merchants in the city as a informant until he was a teen. He learned much in this line of work, but most of all he made enough to survive. He become a huge fan of the Breton Knights wielding spells and swords to defend the weak. He went on to survive the invasion of Wayrest and join the Pirates who attacked. He stayed with them for many years learning their ways. Eventually the life at sea grew boring for him, so he stole their loot and set their ship ablaze in the night. Taking the only boat they had left to Hammerfell. There he met a band of Mercenaries and fell in love with the trade. He worked alongside them for years until he found out they have been carving out a bigger slice of the cut than him. So he sliced their throats while they slept and took all the septems for himself. He then decided to travel west growing tired of the desert. He visited the beautiful Cyrodiil and by beautiful I mean a post war chaotic hell hole. The Swallowed however felt at home here. He traveled town to town making more money than he ever has. War is where the money is after all. As he sat at a inn in Chidingly he over hears of the Civil War in the Scrim. So he heads north to deepen his pockets. 


    II. Character and Skills 

    Race: Any race works with this build.

    Gender: Male is my preferred gender, but there are a few female            mercenaries in Skyrim.

    Stones: Lover stone till about level 40 then switch to the Lord stone for extra armor and magic resistance

    Stats: 1: Magicka 1: Health 1: Stamina. You want to always start with Magicka since you won't be wearing hoods or robes.

    One-handed: He prefers to be quick in open battle and in the shadows. He will use a one handed sword for face to face battles and a Dagger to sneak up on a enemy when they least expect it.

    Light Armor: He uses light armor to move around easier without detection. Plus being light on your feet can be a life saver.

    Sneak: His stealth is important to him, without it he'd constantly be out numbered in a fight. He uses it to increase his odds of survival taking out as many as he can before they find him. Using it to set off traps and distract his enemy's.

    Illusion: Early levels it's almost impossible to get off a sneak attack with a dagger. That's where muffle comes in, cast this spell and remain in shadows, they'll never see you coming. Later levels invisibility can help you against large groups of enemy's. The use of the other mind altering spells are too strong and should be avoided.

    Destruction: In a straight up fight especially in later levels he would be decimated without destruction spells. So pick your favorite element and light them up.

    Speech: In much later levels, you will find there's not that many useful perks to use so that where speech comes in. You'll be able to get yourself out of quite a few rough spots with your silver tongue.




    III. Equipment

    Apparel: He wears the Blackguard chest and hood with ancient shrouded grieves and boots. The Blackguard armor is a perfect fit for the Sellswords greedy side. Extra carrying capacity for all that extra loot he's collected and making extra coin for it all. The ancient shrouded armor coincides with his murderous cruelity. The gloves give you double sneak attack damage and the boots muffle you when you don't have time to cast a spell.

    Weapons: He wields a Scimitar he attaimed after slicing Kematu's throat at Whiterun stables. His dagger is famous in the Skyrim underworld, the blade of woe. These weapons fit his backstory as one who has traveled across Tamriel and one who isn't scared of getting his hands dirty.

    Spells: Alongside his Scimitar he always has a Destruction spell ready. I prefer Thunderbolt, but you can choose any element you like. With his dagger he uses Muffle early then switching to invisibility when you can. It should be noted cloak and rune spells are more than welcome to be used on occasions.


    IV. Gameplay

    Playstyle: This build uses two stances with different loadouts for various situations. The main focus I had was doing jobs the way they were meant to be done. So in order to do all my favorite quest in the game and do them right I needed to fit the Mage, Thief, and Warrior aspects. Each time you take a job do it in the way the quest giver told you to do it. Like when Aela asks you to sneak into the Silver hands hideout and steal their plans. You sneak in assassinate who you have too and take the plans with no one knowing the wiser. Simple as that, put a little more thought into the quest you're given.

    SpellSword Stance: While in Spellsword stance you wield your Scimitar and Destruction spell of choice. While traveling across Skyrim this will be your main stance. As the Rogue Sellsword is very squishy he is very observant to his surroundings. Yet even the most perceptive of people can be caught off guard. In the likely hood this happens you will be ready. He trys to keep a distance from his enemy's if outnumbered or facing a worthy opponent. Throwing spells at his enemy's till it is safe to rush in to cleave their head with his Sword.

    NightBlade Stance: In Nightblade stance you will have a Illusion spell and a dagger equipped while sneaking. This stance is best used inside, but can be used under the cold of night. Early game use the muffle spell till you learn invisibility. This is mainly used to thin out enemy's and steal from homes. This is also the stance I use to set off traps. I refuse to use destruction spells in this stance so I keep a torch on me to light up oil.


    V. Roleplay and Quest

    Rolelpay: The Rogue Sellsword only cares about two things Money and Women. These two things will fuel him through the entire game. When forced to pick sides you will always be a knight in shining armor, picking a fair lass over any big smelly nord. The only exception is if the big smelly nord happens to have a larger coin purse. When choosing dialogue go for the more sarcastic and rude response. Insulting people is one of his hobbies. When playing him I often imagine him saying something crude after killing someone or watching a event take place. He often complains if he gets a tedious job.

    Main Quest: You can do bleak falls barrow, but dont even pick up the dragonstone. You're not the dragonborn, You're a Mercenary. No shouts for this build.

    Companions: Do the entire quest, the Companions are a group of mercenaries you'll fit in well. You will however cure yourself of Lycanthropy. You think being a stinky werewolf gives away your position in Nightblade Stance.

    Dark Brotherhood: Kill the Emporer, do it all. He doesn't care about being the listener. He just wants to tell the girls at Windhelm he killed The Emporer of Cyrodil.

    Thieves Guild: Do it all, become the Master and get that sweet necklace to persuade Carlotta Valentia that you'd be a good dad for her kid. He totally won't though.

    Mages Guild: Just be a member, I didn't get to the point where the eye of magnus went bonkers and Arcano becomes all powerful. Just get to a point you can do the misc quest for the other students and can buy spells from all the masters.

    Dawnguard: He thinks Serana is spicey so he does the whole thing, sides with the Dawnguard because he doubts Harkons man servants get paid. He does ask Harkon for his daughters hand at the end of the quest. I bet Harkon regrets not saying yes now.

    Dragonborn: Didn't I just tell you he isn't the blasted dragonborn. Jeez.

    Civil War: Imperials, because they probably pay more.

    Daedric Aritifacts: The Wabajack is fun and getting the Sanguine Rose is even more fun with the Wabbajack.

    Cidna Mine: Kill the king in rags, maybe the Silver Bloods will pay you after.

    Thane of the Reach: You're going to live in Markarth because the Jarl hates Mercenaries.


    I'd really like to thank Dragonborn1921 for all the advice he gave me months ago on this project. :D

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    February 14, 2018

    I really like the build, probably couse I love GoT. I can't however think Whose its based on. I can tell you that the build would be even better if you've added the perk tree. We mostly put them in pictures. If you can't make it yourself, there are people you can talk to here that can do it for you.

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    February 14, 2018

    DeltaFox said:

    I really like the build, probably couse I love GoT. I can't however think Whose its based on. I can tell you that the build would be even better if you've added the perk tree. We mostly put them in pictures. If you can't make it yourself, there are people you can talk to here that can do it for you.

    Yeah I was thinking about doing that. I was more interested in finishing what I started last september I think it was. I will do that most likely. As far as who it's based on I took a little from Bron and a Little from Daario. 

  • February 14, 2018

    Urgh man, I gotta be honest I think it looked a bit better in the Workshop, dunno I think the change in pictures just looked better before. Other than that, generally speaking, it's all good. The build looks mostly good but more importantly, I think that the character itself is just interesting. The only suggestions I'd have is to add in a few tags, specifically the following

    SE Rank:Novice, Valric

    Also, you do have to change the build's title to 'Character Build: The Rogue Sellsword' and it does require a perk spread, which can be as simple as just posting a Skyrim Calculator link, writing out all of the perks (broken down by skill) or an image based spread. 

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    February 14, 2018

    Thanks Dragonborn! I've updated it, hopefully it's looking much better now.

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    February 16, 2018
    I like the backstory and character, very gritty and GoT :) Money and women, those are good priorities. He reminds me of Sir Bromley of the Blackwater, but I'm so behind on the series that he could be dead for all I know :D
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    February 17, 2018

    Thanks Paws! It's actually baised a bit on Bronn. 

  • February 24, 2018

    Valric said:

    Thanks Paws! It's actually baised a bit on Bronn. 

    Bronn is awesome.