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Super Important Building Discussion

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  • February 12, 2018

    SIBD, or the Super Important Building Discussion is mostly just a way for me to convey some new things that are happening, some new discussions or concepts that I'll be starting and some changes to established rules/systems. Basically, it's going to be my method for passing some stuff down, and I do want to stress that 'Super Important' is not an exaggeration of any kind. These discussions are kinda really useful if your a member of this group, and I'd recommend reading at least read anything that's bold because that kind of covers the most important part of each section.

    Archive Changes

    So, this is the first minor change but as of this week, there are going to be two changes to the Archives. The first is relatively simple. From now on, I'm going to change the rules to allow you up to four 'Character Build' tags. For a fair while, the rule has been that you can have 3 Playstyle (Character Build...) tags along with your Race, Rank and Mods tag. But to be honest, there are more and more builds that are coming out that I think could easily grab four tags, so I'm going to be altering the rules. It isn't required, you can still use 1, 2, 3 or 0 Playstyle Tags, but now you've also got 4 as an option.


    The second change is that I'm going to be adding a few new tags to the Archives. Two of them are going to be Playstyle Tags while the others are going to be something more along the lines of the Mods tag, and it's something that can be added to your build on top of the others. The tags in question are

    Character Build Staff

    Character Build Shield



    So the idea should be relatively simple. Character Build Staff and Shield are just new tags that are going to expand what you can tag your builds with. I am still debating the names, for example, Staff might change to 'Alternate Magic' to reflect Staves, Scrolls, Powers and anything else (other than Shouts) that relies on a different source of magic than spells. The shield might also change to Defender and include Blocking (in general), Wards and Shields.

    Ordinator and Roleplaying are two new tags that can be added to your build even if you've got 4 Playstyle tags. And the first is because I think by now it's clear that Ordinator has become large enough that we a) can have an archive for them, and b) people are actually coming here to find Ordinator builds. I will be considering the idea of adding other mods to this list, but at the moment I think the second most used mod would probably be something like Frostfall, and that's a huge leap between builds that rely on Ordinator and Frostfall. Roleplaying is simple, we've been getting builds that are more RP than Gameplay for years now, and this is just a method of showing off builds that are almost entirely RP based.

    Note: The Ordinator tag should probably replace the 'Mods' tag if your using it. I won't enforce it, but in terms of keeping your tags section a bit neater it might help.

    So, it's probably a more...ambiguous tag, and I think it's a shame that I can't narrow that down more, but to be honest it's just something you'll have to play by ear. My thought process is that if your build could work as a Roleplaying Profile, then this is the tag for it, but it's going to be up to the individual (though if your build clearly doesn't have RP, or is pretty limited I might chat with you about the tag).

    All builds can have 4 Playstyle tags, 1 Race tag, 1 SE Rank tag, and the Ordinator, Mods and/or Roleplaying tag

    If people want me to explain more, I'll go into more detail in the comments about anything here, don't want to write too much here and drown out other things.


    Build Features

    As a lot of people might know, I've been running a Weekly Poll for the last month or so, that aims at featuring some Legendary Builds as well as a Weekly Build Roundup to show off newly posted builds. Now the reaction to both has been insanely positive, with the Weekly Polls jumping up to 23 votes last week, which is absolutely awesome. So I wanted to implement a new feature that steps away from these smaller, less focused features and instead is a weekly feature that focuses on a single build in greater detail. 

    Something around 250-500 words examining a single build that will then get featured on the CB Main Page, most likely on Twitter, Facebook and if I can swing it right, the Main Page of the site as well (as a banner like the current CB Poll Winner). The problem there is, that I don't entirely have the time to write them on top of the other stuff. Yeah, pretty simple but it's also something that has traditionally been done by someone other than the Hosts, I did it for about two years (across both the Workshop and CB) and it's just a tradition I think should be followed.

    So I'm looking for anyone that would like to write this sort of weekly feature and has the time to do it. No experience required, and it's (in my opinion) a pretty great way to get involved with CB. As I said, did it for years so I'm always open to chat with you about it, can help with some artwork if you want a fancy picture, and so on. If you would like to work on these Features, either send a message or just drop something down below and I'll have a chat with you.

    I'll also end this section by saying, there will be no Weekly Poll this week, mostly just because I've been sick since last Tuesday (for a solid week now) and while I'm getting better I'm also just not feeling well enough to put a couple hours aside for searching through the Archives and then running the poll. Will get back to it full blast next week but for now, it's just On Hold for a week.

    Looking for assistance writing a detailed Weekly Feature for Builds, focusing on a single build each week at about 250-500 words (roughly)


    Final Messages

    Anyone that's made it thus far is probably praying to some form of Talos or Auri-El or Trinimac at this point, but yes it's nearly over. I just wanted to finish off with a few quick messages. First, I would like to remind people that liking and commenting on builds is sort of the lifeblood of the CB group, it's the best way to show support to builders, and for new builders it's a crucial step. Just dropping a like along with a simple comment can mean the world to people just starting out (trust me, I used to get pretty excited about a single comment and like, and celebrated when I hit 3 likes) so please do remember to leave a like and comment on builds that you've read.

    The other thing, is that I'd just like to thank everyone who's posted a build, read a build, liked a build, commented on a build, joined in on a discussion or just participated in anything within the group. We've had an absolutely amazing go at things for the last month, seen a pretty impressive surge in builds thanks to the lot of you, so thanks for giving this group support and for posting some really great stuff.

    That's all, thanks for reading. As I mentioned up above, if you have any questions regarding anything, please do ask. I could've spent another two hours writing this up and still not run out of stuff to say, but I'd much rather have some discussion down below.

  • February 12, 2018

    Quick thing, totally forgot to mention it. I'm debating the idea of changing the 'Mounted Combat' tag in the Archives to a more general 'Riding' tag because I think there's a bit of room for builds that don't fight on horseback but still use horses/dragon riding to a pretty large degree. Not sure if it'll be helpful (and I would go through changing all the tags) but it was something I was debating

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    February 12, 2018

    Yes! An Ordinator tag! :D

  • February 12, 2018

    Yes! An Ordinator tag! :D

    Yep, it's the easiest one to add in because we've already got an 'unofficial' Ordinator tag...I dunno does me recommending people to use it without it being in the archives count as official...Woah, I think it's just starting to hit me that I can make official changes :P 

    But yeah, thought it was about time that I add it in officially. 

  • February 13, 2018

    Not to nitpick, but isn't this exactly what the "Crucial Discussion" tag is for? 

    Ordinator tag is cool, and the ability to have 4 playstyle tags certainly adds some flexibility. I can't imagine it'll be used very often, but it's nice to have anyway. It'll be cool to see the return of HGS too, considering all the new material there is to work with. You might consider posting a thread calling for applicants. Unless this thread is due to be featured soon? I ask because it's clearly flown under the radar. 

    Also, this:

    I would like to remind people that liking and commenting on builds is sort of the lifeblood of the CB group, it's the best way to show support to builders, and for new builders it's a crucial step. 

    This should be bolded in size 50 font with a fireworks gif. I think it's the single most important point in this post, and it's hidden in the conclusion. 

  • February 13, 2018

    Not really, the Crucial Discussion tag is more for stuff that's always going to be important, everything in there at the moment is something that's always going to be crucial no matter how long you've been a member, but the SIBD's are probably going to be relevant for at most three months before the changes are know, normal...hopefully at least.

    Yeah, I doubt the four playstyle tags are something people are absolutely craving, I know it's something that came up a fair few times back in the day and I thought it'd be something that, in a few cases will be better than putting a hard limit on three. I was actually tempted to remove that restriction completely, but then I remember how terrible the mod categories is because most mods are put into all the categories which is terrible. 

    Thanks for dropping by Liege, definitely appreciate that you've been dropping by most of these sort of threads :)

  • February 13, 2018
    As far as the ordinator tag goes wouldn't it be better and easier for you to simply stick with the all encompassing 'mods' tag? I assume most Build authors are going to go over what specific mods they used in their builds anyway.
  • February 13, 2018

    As far as the ordinator tag goes wouldn't it be better and easier for you to simply stick with the all encompassing 'mods' tag? I assume most Build authors are going to go over what specific mods they used in their builds anyway.

    Fair point I suppose, but there were two things that ultimately swayed me to include the Ordinator tag as an official tag. First, is that we're starting to hit a point where it would qualify as a tag even though it's been unofficial. We currently have 12 builds using the tag, which is comparable to a few other categories (Bard has 18 and Supporter has between 20 and 30) and if the past couple months have shown me, it's likely that it'll probably hit 30+ by the end of the year. Adding in the tag now, before it gets to that point just makes it easier to get people used to the idea of including it.

    The second thing that swayed me, is that we're starting to see people specifically looking for Ordinator builds. It isn't a daily thing, but more and more often people are asking for builds using Ordinator, or asking how to modify builds for Ordinator, so it's clearly something that people are looking for, the tag makes it somewhat easier to say 'Hey, we've got Ordinator Builds so take a look.' There's also the fact that the mods tag can be pretty broad, it's definitely good if your looking for builds that use mods, but you've got everything from builds based off a weapon mod (usually a few to be fair) to things that are completely unplayable in Vanilla. 

    Mostly it's just that...if I were looking for Ordinator builds, I'd much rather have a tag with them all rather than needing to read through all of the modded builds.